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NFL Draft - Team Needs

The Gnat

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1) QB: blake has been blake. if theirs a potential franchise guy we can move off blake next year for like a 5million cap hit. 

2) OL:  Cam robinson seems to be a good young potential LT but coming off injury. Norwell hasnt shown to be worth the contract but hes not going anywhere. Linder has played good.  cann has played good but is a FA. Jeremy parnell has regressed and his potential replacement in house is a 4th round rookie whos been active for 1 game and i dont believe hes played any offensive snaps.  Tyler shatley and josh wells are our 2 main backups and are free agents.  i kinda expect multiple picks here. 

3) DL:  the jags dline on paper is fine however our cap situation might force us to make some changes and that will create needs.  Tavern Bryan was drafted in mind to replace one of jackson/campbell.  we have a 3rd round 2nd year guy but hes shown almost no pass rush ability and his 3rd on the depth chart at big end behind campbell and bryan.  we also have Marcel dareus who imo is either gonna have to take a paycut or be cut because hes making 11 million and hes a NT.  we have abry jones and eli anoku behind him at that spot but we could also look to move of from abry jones.  we also need some help at the edge rusher position with ngakoue due an extension and fowler likely walking for more money and bigger role will leave us needing a true outside edge threat. 

4) RB: Fournette seems very fragile and both of our backups(yeldon and grant) are both pending free agents. with grants injury he should be cheaper to resign but it was a linsfranc injury and those can be tricky. 

5) WR/TE: im putting these both together.  theres no real huge need but Moncrief is a FA at the end of the year so that will leave us with Westbrook, cole, lee, chark as our top 4.  we seem to not have a big wr option currently on the roster outside chark but he seems like a 1 trick pony.  at TE we have ASJ but hes only on a 2 year contract and our backups are nothing special with niles paul and JOS(he was a former chiefs and pats te and is more known for ST's then te work). 


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Ravens 2019 needs:

1) C - Matt Skura lacks power and is a large part of the reason for the Ravens' struggles in the running game
2) RB - Alex Collins is okay, but fumbles too much and doesn't seem to gain more yards than he's given by the OL very often
3) ILB - this assumes that CJ Mosley gets an offer for more than he's worth in FA.  If he stays with the Ravens then this isn't a need
4) FS - a true centrefielder would be nice, especially as Weddle is getting older
5) WR - 5 of the 6 WRs on the roster right now are contracted for next year, but if a true #1 prospect were available he'd be difficult to pass up
6) 5T - the Ravens lack an interior pass rushing presence.  Primarily run defending prospects need not apply

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2019 Washington Redskins Draft Needs

  1. OG - With Scherff and Lauvao out for the season, the Redskins are in dire need of a Guard or 2 now. Scherff should be the RG for years to come, but they still need an LG and some depth behind the starters.
  2. WR - Doctson has been a disappointment, Richardson is out for the season, Crowder has regressed...the WR situation in Washington is a disaster. However, I don't believe the Redskins have the ability to draft a good one early. They never have, they'll need to.
  3. EDGE - Ryan Kerrigan is good, but will eventually start to slow down. Preston Smith is frustrating because he has all the talent in the world but hasn't produced much so I doubt he'll get extended based on the contract he will want.
  4. CB - A need, but they have some young pieces in place to hopefully build on. Once Josh Norman is off the books, there will be a need for a starter CB alongside Quinton Dunbar and Fabian Moreau. Unless of course Danny Johnson/Greg Stroman/Adonis Alexander/Josh Holsey can improve mightily and take the job.
  5. MLB - Not an immediate need, but Mason Foster and Zach Brown aren't in the mold of a MLB in today's NFL. More thumpers than read/react MLBs with speed and versatility. 

    Also: OT - Trent Williams and Morgan Moses, when healthy, are great but haven't been healthy of late. Ty Nsekhe is a solid swing tackle, but is getting up there in age. Eventually, we'll need to backfill those position and Geron Christian is a bit of a project right now.

**One caveat is that the Redskins need a QB...Unless Alex Smith improves significantly, I can't see him playing past his initial guarantees. However, the Redskins are locked into his contract for at least 2.5 years and won't likely address that position until 2020.

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For the Vikings:

1a) UT - Resign Sheldon Richardson and this is no longer a need.

1b) OLB - Resign Anthony Barr and this is no longer a need.

*MN is very unlikely to be able to afford Richardson and Barr, they will have to choose one and draft the others replacement.

2) OG - Mike Remmers has struggled at RG and Tom Compton is a stop gap at LG. The Vikings don't have a viable long term option at Guard, let alone two. Remmers is likely a cap casualty.

3) S - Andrew Sendejo is likely a cap casualty in 2019 and Goerge Iloka and Anthony Harris are both free agents. Harris has come on strong in Sendejo's absence so he very well could look elsewhere for a starting job. Iloka probably returns as a cheaper stop gap option but a young player will need to be groomed for that spot.

4) WR3 - Laquon Treadwell has been a bust and more production could be had from this position. The Vikes will want a player who can play on the outside, allowing Thielen to feast in the slot in 3 WR sets. Someone who can stretch the field is likely preferred.

5) TE - There is a need for an athletic mismatch type player who can do more damage between the 20s, where Kyle Rudolph hasn't been a huge factor. Long term, there could be questions to Rudolph's future as the Vikings work to manage a tight salary cap.


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For the Bengals after 8 games:


OL  The right side of the offensive line is just that...offensive.  I would think we will be looking for a RT and possibly a RG, depending on how the trio of Redmond/Hopkins/Westerman play the rest of the season.  Many fans have tossed out keeping Hopkins at center and sliding first round pick Billy Price to guard, where he was an All American at Ohio State.  Glenn is under contract for two more years, but the other three OTs on the roster are wastes (Ogbuehi, Fisher, hart).  I think we take at least tackles in the draft.


LB  Can we EVER find an athletic guy to cover TEs and RBs out in space?  Throw in Burfict's annual missing of games, and I think we take at least two this next draft


CB  Always a premium position, it depends on if they keep Dennard on another deal or not.  If the right guy is there in the first, they might pounce.

WR  A sneaky need, but no one has really seized the #2 spot opposite Green on the outside.  Ross is an injured gimmick player (hated that pick, still do), and Josh Malone has yet to do much.  I still have hope for him, but the coaches don't share that view.  Sux for Josh.

QB  Dalton is entrenched, but it just might be time to start looking for a long term successor and a solid backup for now.  We either take one high or just roll with Driskel another year.

DL  In this draft, why not, even tho it isn't a huge need with everyone but Johnson signed at least another year (Atkins, Dunlap, Billings, Lawson, Willis, Washington, etc).  There is so much talent at the top end of this draft that I could see it, but in reality, I think the run on DL lets someone drop to us that otherwise would have been long gone.  It's our draft M.O anyway.

RB  I think we end up with five or six 6th round picks this year with comp picks and a trade last year with Dallas.  We need to find a reliable 4th guy for teams and spot duty.

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2018 Steelers - this is a crazy draft not to need a DL

CB or ILB as picks 1 and 2.  The 1st pick would be which ever has the best talent when they pick.  No problem taking 2 CBs in this draft.  These are positions that they need starters.

OG - I think Ramon Foster will not be resigned.  Would be a pick in the 4-6th round.  They already have his backup on the roster.

WR - depth

RB - depth

OLB - depth/starter - If a really good one falls to them, otherwise, depth.


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OL - Really, take your pick as to which spot at the OL. Even C Nick Martin has been less than average. I'm all but certain that Greg Little or Jonah Williams will be the Texans' 1st round pick this upcoming draft (if they're still on the board, that is). The Texans have three picks in the first two rounds, so don't be surprised to see two OL picked in the top 64. (LT/RT makes the most sense, as you can push Martinas Rankin to G, let Julie'n Davenport serve as a swing T and hold a three way competition for the other G spot with Zach Fulton, Senio Kelemete and Greg Mancz).

CB - Kevin Johnson has been a colossal bust, and a major injury concern to boot. Jonathan Joseph is really showing his age. Aaron Colvin has been disappointing as well as injured. Kareem Jackson has been great at S, so moving him to CB only weakens the S unit. Sharice Wright is the best CB on the team, which is telling of the unit. (It's bad). Early round CB is a need, there's no bonafide #1 CB on this team - a few low end #2s at most, and that's being generous. One of those three picks in two rounds will probably be allocated to this need. 

RB - Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue aren't getting the job done and D'Onta Foreman is probably an afterthought with his achilles injury. Even if he returns, it's doubtful he'll be the guy he flashed last season. Don't be too surprised if the Texans make a play for Le'Veon Bell this off-season, as there is cap space to be had. Tevin Coleman is also a possibility, as he has a similar skillset and lower miles (but is not as talented as Bell). Mark Ingram doesn't seem like a true fit, but has some good experience and skills to work some magic in the Texans' offense. TJ Yeldon would be a sneaky add, as he's showing he's a guy who can take on an every down role as both a runner and receiver. Realistically, your best bet for a RB is free agency. (Unless a guy like Bryce Love or Bennie Snell is available in the 4th/5th round. Even then, still might be better going the FA route).

DL - JJ Watt is JJ Watt again, but for how long? DJ Reader is a very good NT, but there's not much outside of those two. A starter opposite Watt and depth along the line would help keep Watt/Reader going strong. If a 1st round prospect slides into the 2nd round, this could be addressed earlier than anticipated. 

OLB - This will really be contingent on whether or not the Texans keep Jadevion Clowney. If so, you have good depth with Peter Kalambayi and Duke Ejiofor as well as a solid starter in Whitney Mercilius. If not, you've got a big need at OLB. (Only thing that should prevent the Texans from keeping Clowney is if someone puts him in that "highest paid defensive player" spot with an Aaron Donald/Khalil Mack type offer. Nobody should do that but somebody might do that).


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