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NFL Draft - Team Needs

The Gnat

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1. Defensive End: Tired of watching mediocre players like John Simon and a washed up Bennett trying to rush the QB. Want a premier pass rusher who can actually sack the QB. Really the only weakness we have on this team. 

2. Tight End: I fully believe the reason why Bill didn't draft a TE this year was because he had his eye on someone in this coming draft who he believes he can mold into the next big threat for the Pats. Might be able to get a steal in the second or third round on a guy with huge upside. 

3. Defensive Tackle: Adam Butler's doing a good and the D-Line has done better than I expected I thought we needed to upgrade on this but guess we're alright for now. Would still look to get a D Tackle in the second round next year.


Not really needs but hey...

4. Running Back: Not a huge need with the guys we got but man Sony Michel never seemed like a special back to me. We've never had a RB the level of Bell, Barkley, Elliot, or even Gordon in New England would be nice to get someone who's on that level. Not really a need with the kind of depth we have with Rex Burkhead, James White, and Sony Michel but man this is just a want, I've always wanted.

5. Kicker: We have to draft a Kicker in the later rounds Gostkowski is finished.

6. Strong Safety: Patrick Chung is great so not really a huge need but would be nice to get a versatile guy to groom who can do a bit more then Chung. 

7. Might want some better backups at the Offensive Line but if we're healthy then we're good here. 


This is how I'd use my top 3 picks in an ideal world.


2. DT

3. TE


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1) QB

2) LT

3) OG

4) DE (could move up depending on Griffen)

5) UT

6) CB (could move up depending on Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, Kearse)

7) S (could move up depending on Harris and Kearse)

8) WR (could move up if Diggs is traded, no depth regardless)

9) NT (Joseph isn’t getting any younger)


So many unknowns at this point. Lots of free agents, lots of big veteran contracts that will need to be gutted, what do they do with Cousins and Diggs?

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Seahawks [As of Week 7]

1. Edge - Weakest position right now, relying on Ziggy Ansah not getting it done. Rasheem Green seems more suited in a secondary, flex role than an every down edge. 2019 1st rounder Collier is slated for the 5 tech (behind Clowney + Jefferson). No depth here either.

2. Tackle - Ifedi and Fant are both FA. Duane Brown is 34 years old. 2018 draftee Jamarco Jones was getting reps exclusively at LT, but has played solidly at RG. Beyond that, there are no players at tackle. Seattle could really use some talent here, since I cant imagine they spend $ on Ifedi or Fant.

3. Defensive Tackle - Wholly dependent on Jarran Reeds contract. Poona Ford is a legit, disruptive NT. Even if Reed was resigned, it would be nice to add more talent to this position. Seattle has traditionally filled this position through FA (McDonald, McDaniels Stephens, Richardson, Rubin etc)

4. Strong Safety - Bradley McDougald is a very good player, but is a pending FA in 2021. Seattle has been drafting replacements a year ahead. Would be nice to bring in a player to compete with Lano Hill and T Thompson, and hopefully a complement to Marquis Blair moving forward. 

5. Tight End - With Dissly's ruptured Achilles, I think TE should be addressed in the draft. PCJS have drafted 2 TE in their entire tenure. I wish they would address this position, but they might rely on veteran FA and UDFA to fill this position. 

6. Guard - Fluker and Iuapti are older, and longterm solutions. Jamarco Jones has been playing G, but who knows if that is his long term plan. 2019 draftee Haynes has yet to dress (PUP). Getting more talent here would help a lot. 

7. Corner - Tre Flowers could use some competition. Probably wont happen though. 


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1) IOL - Pat Elflein hasn’t been good and has been bullied most of the year in pass protection.

2) CB - Zimmer puts a premium on shut down CBs and being four deep. Xavier Rhodes is old and mediocre at best and Trae Waynes is a free agent who I think will be too expensive to retain. Mackensie Alexander is a good slot CB but he too is a free agent. Former first round pick Mike Hughes has looked solid this year and he’s probably in line to take a starting spot. 

3) DE - Everson Griffen has an option in his contract that could allow him to test free agency. I am not sure if the Vikes will be able to afford Griffen and there’s isn’t a replacement on the roster. 

4) DT - Still haven’t found a long term solution at the starting 3T UT spot. 

5) LT - Riley Reiff has been pretty good this year but he has a $13 million cap hit in 2020. The Vikes need to start looking for alternatives to develop at the position as I don’t see a second contract coming unless it’s a cap reduction related move. There’s a possibility Reiff could be moved to LG or released, making LT a top priority. 

Safety could move up the list of needs depending upon what happens with Anthony Harris in free agency. 

I am assuming that there isn’t a QB worth taking but the Vikes need to be open to that possibility given that Cousins will be in his final year under contract. He’s not earned a new deal yet in my opinion but there’s still plenty of season left to prove otherwise. 

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the draft will hinge on whether soon-to-be free agents ILB Blake Martinez and RT Bryan Bulaga are retained. If Martinez takes a contract elesewhere ILB is a must early, and if Bulaga is allowed to go, RT is even more critical. Because of the thinness of these positions I'm guessing the Packers pay them both, which, given that they will have to fork over big bucks to keep NT Kenny Clark as well (they are almost certain to be re-signing him), it will not leave much cap wiggle room. Even with these two being kept, they still need depth there. Packers needs (most urgent first) are RT, ILB, WR, DL, TE, RB.

Using the old Fanspeak generator (yeah, I know it's too early for the boards to be even fairly accurate) I went with 1) WR Laviska Shenault, 2) RT Prince Tega Wanogho (he sits behind Bulaga for a couple of years and could sub in earlier, if Bulaga is injured) , 3) S Kyle Dugger (a value pick), 4) ILB Monty Rice (Georgia), 5) RB Trey Sermon (Oklahoma).

It would have been nice to get an ILB earlier but you have to go by the board you are given (I struggled to make a choice from the prospects available in round 3, for example). The WR pick needs to be in the first two rounds or not at all - because the Packers have plenty of 3rd/4th/5th WRs, but lack a true no.2. Having re-signed Bulaga, I have the luxury of allowing RT Wanogho time to develop, he has the tools you want to see but isn't ready for the bright lights yet. I wouldn't have minded a decent DT that can spell Kenny Clark (either a mid rounder run-stopper, or an early pick as partner up front with Clark), but I didn't find one this time.


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On 10/15/2019 at 8:33 PM, kingseanjohn said:

Chiefs top 6 needs imo:

1a. Center

1b. Left Guard

3. LB

4. LB

5. DL

6. RB (mostly because this looks to be a real good RB class and we could upgrade)

I wouldn't be mad at taking an OT as a future successor to Fisher or Schwartz.

No CB?

all depends on who we re-sign, but there’s only 2 signed through next season

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My views on Denver Broncos needs:

LT - Bowles has too many penalties and doesn't see/admit what he does wrong.

IOL - Either RG or C

WR2 - Need a fast WR2 to compliment rising star Sutton and stretch field for Lock

ILB - Johnson has been a find but we still need more speed sideline-to-sideline

CB - Hopeful we resign Harris and get Calahan back but quality depth is still needed

  Beyond that depth at OL, DL depending on who resigns, S and perhaps a quality RB since it's a deep position


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