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Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

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1 hour ago, Nabbs4u said:

No. It's  amazing how if Foles loses tomorrow,  all this talk goes away. If he Wins another SB, then holy smitt, that's a deal breaker?

So Foles is only worth keeping and trading Wentz if he wins again? He's only better for the Eagles if he wins again? Either he is the Better QB now and for the next 10-15 years or he's not, Peroid. That's the only singular  question that needs to be asked and answered.

People keep acting like Everything the Eagles are doing is because of Foles? As though he alone has carried this team the past 5-6 weeks. Not the improved OL play, DL play, Secondary play , Foles!!

Never mind the additions of Sproles, Tate, Peters, Jernnigan, Hicks, 1/2 dozen UDFA CB starting 8 games, rather then being thrown into the fire 2 months ago with no experience hasn't drastically improved the overall team/Defense?

Sorry any Wentz trade talk is absurd to me. No matter what transpires tomorrow  or a month from now.


Again it's team building. If you can add a top flight corner, 2 1sts, and extend this roster's championship window with a quarterback who excels in this offense, why would you not do it?

Wentz is 26 not 21. With his injury history I'd be surprised if he lasts 10-15 more years. 

All I'm seeing is a dude balling in the post season. Granted I think Wentz is still better, but I don't think this is an easy cut and dry answer like you're making it out to be.

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8 hours ago, Art_Vandalay said:

If Foles can consecutive Super Bowls, imagine how many Wentz could win!!!

-Delusional Eagles fan logic

If Philly loses this week, then Nick is gone no question. I'd still disagree with the move but I'd understand it. My adamant defense of BDN is making me come across as a guy who hates Wentz. I don't. I'm just skeptical of his longterm health and I get irritated at the notion that winning a Super Bowl isn't all that difficult.

I heard an interesting take on Foles vs Wentz. Foles' success is baffling people but when you talk about the GOAT, Brady and Montana are 1a and 1b, right (I'm not suggesting in any way Foles is in the same stratosphere). The people who are limited physically tend to be more detailed, study harder, and live and die by the gameplan. Whereas people who are gifted physically have the mindset that they can go off script and make the plays needed to win. I hear a lot of, "Doug puts together a better gameplan for Foles. He needs to do the same for Wentz." Foles frankly just trusts Doug and does what he's practiced and studied all week. Wentz has a tendency to rely on his physical abilities which can result in an exciting play, but way too often results in a negative play. We get way too caught up in the excitement of the improvisational plays and don't appreciate boring, cerebral performances.

If Foles goes elsewhere, I think he'd be an above average QB. There's a trust between him and Doug and a certain confidence he has with Philly that's rare. I'll take that over the occasional "wow" plays you'll get from Wentz.

I don't know if foles would do as well elsewhere, but he makes plays within the system and executes philly's offense well. 

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