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Difference between a winning QB and a Franchise QB?

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Looking at that tweet and listening to him talk or ramble depending on your view, what are your thoughts?

What is the difference between a winning QB and a franchise QB?

Which would you rather have?

This isn't a total Marcus conversation but it does apply somewhat. 

Marcus has QB'd three staight winning seasons for us and playoff contention in each. But we all agree, right now he isn't THE MAN. As far as being able to carry the team alone. 

Interesting to me. 

Y'all thoughts. 

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I think the idea franchise QBs is a media invention a winning QB is it.   And if I had to define what I think of when I say franchise QB I think of a QB who can win with ANY team. Not just successful do to certain circumstances of the situation 

like say a back up who comes in plays great yet will struggle if he is asked to start and play every day.  Or say any one of a couple of the NE backups who stepped into the well run machine that Brady is a part of and had awesome years yet couldn’t just make it on their own later


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