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Way to early mock

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So here we are.
Our year started with us trading away DPOY and future HOF'r Khalil Mack to the Bears for 2 first round picks, 4 days before the start of the season. Then at the deadline we trade Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for a first round pick. Meaning we are going to have 3 first round picks this offseason

As far as our rookies go. Kolton and Parker look like they could be the pieces that complete the OL we will see how a full NFL offseason with the diet and weight training that comes with it. They could both develop into long term above average starters. I think Hurst and Hall will be welcome additions to Justin Ellis in the middle of the DL. Hurst looks like a steal of the draft. Key looks like he could develop into a solid situational pass rush guy. 7-9 sacks a year a guy of he isn't the focal point as the primary pass rusher.

I would like to resign Cook, Worley and Richard. I would like to release Penn. Putting us with around 90Mil in Cap Space for free agency.

I think we need new starters at RB, WR1, DE, SLB, CB1, FS, SS. Wether they come from Free Agency or the draft, we need them.

I in Free Agency I would target:
Lev Bell (3y46m fully guaranteed)
Landon Collins (4y42m 27 guaranteed)
DeMarcus Lawrence (5y72m 42 guaranteed)
Ronald Darby (4y56m 45 guaranteed)
Tyrell Willams (3y27m 17 guaranteed)
Anthony Barr (4y48M 29 guaranteed)

My Big Board at 4 would be Bosa, Allen, Williams or Oliver. Assuming Oliver will be the pick.
With 24 i would target Deionte Thompson, FS from Alabama.
With 27 I would target K'Neal Henry, WR from ASU.
With 35 I would targrt Germaine Pratt, MLB from NC State.
With 66 I would target Trayvon Mullen, CB from Clemson.

QB - Carr
RB - Bell - Richard - Warren
TE - Cook
WR1 - Williams
WR2 - Neal - Ateman
Slot - Nelson
LT- Miller
LG - Osemele
C - Hudson
RG - Jackson
RT - ParkersĀ 

(Pass Rush DL)
Rush End - Lawerence
UT - Hurst - Hall
NT - Ellis (Oliver)
Base End - Oliver (Key)
SLB - Barr - Lee
MLB - Pratt - Carinba
WLB - Whitehead - Morrow
CB1 - Darby - Nelson
FS - Thompson - Joseph
SS - Collins - Joseph
CB2 - Conely - Mullen
Nickle Back - Worley

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Very idealistic. I mean it would be great, but williams will be coveted. As will bell, collins, lawrence, and barr. Getting half these guys would be an insane haul.

Plus in the draft, these guys will go earlier. Especially mullen. Pratt I'm not a fan of as he's undersized. I'd rather take devin bush in the 2nd/late 1st.

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