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13 hours ago, DreamKid said:

Any tender predictions for our RFAs?

- Before the season who would've thought Peanut's stock would be this up, and Alex Collins' would be this down?

- If we give Pierce a 2nd Round Tender, there's a big chance we actually end up with a 2nd Round Pick. Dude is force against the run and an ascending disrupter against the pass. Michael just turned 26. High Character. High Motor. Superb athlete for his size. A top 5 talent on our Defense/Team. A 2nd Rounder for him is no skin off a Club's back. Vita Vea just went 12th overall in the last draft and he's only 2 years younger than Pierce. 

I’ll raise my hand on that one. That’s why I was clamoring for Nick Chubb.😆 

But yeah, Peanut’s transformation has been huge. I’m honestly convinced enough to offer him an extension early. See if we can get him for a cheap rate.

With Pierce, he’s been a stud, but he also seems to be hurt regularly. It doesn’t have him miss games, like Mosley, but just something for us to look out for when/if we offer him an extension. So if we did get only a second rounder, it might not be the as big a loss as it might seem. Then again, we suck with 2nd round picks, so yeah it probably would be a huge loss.

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