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The Cap Report

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The Cap Report

2019: 20.2 million
2020: 50 million [Projected 200 Million Cap] *Could be higher with new CBA


Obviously things are tight. The Bears can get to 30 million [Sims/Acho] pretty easily, but after that there are no obvious deletions that save the Bears money. The Parkey situation is probably going to cost them an additional 1.1 million. The Bears are going to have to be very conservative this offseason in terms of money spent.

The conservative approach is going to be further compounded by the lack of draft picks who come with cheap rookie contracts. The Bears obviously need to add depth in a number of spots and deal with starters at RT, S and NB, but a limited draft pool does not give them guaranteed cost controlled replacements.

There are going to be some young guys [also read that as cheap] like Coward and Bush that are going to get legit chances to start for the Bears.

The real issue is pushing money into 2020, which could be the most critical cap year the Bears have had in years.


This year is a huge year. Probably the most critical cap year the Bears have faced since the 2006 Super Bowl, and even that won't really compare.

Everything in 2020 is further screwed up by the fact that there will be a CBA negotiation and we have no idea what impact that will have on the cap in 2021. The last time the CBA was up 2010 this happened,

2009: 123 million
2010: Uncapped
2011: 120 million

There was actually a reduction in the cap the year after the new CBA went into effect. The Bears will not know how much money can be pushed into 2021.

The list of players is intimidating

Cody Whitehair [Free Agent]

Danny Trevathan [Free Agent]

Jordan Howard [No chance he is back]

RRH [RFA: 4 million]

Leonard Floyd [5th year option 8 million cap bump]

Mitch Trubisky [5th year option needs to be picked up which could really crush 2021]

Eddie Jackson [Extension eligible]

Tarik Cohen [Extension eligible]

What needs to happen

1. Get extensions done with Floyd, who we do not want to pay the 5th year option money to, and with Whitehair, who we can use his final year at 1.3 million to spread out the cap hits.

2. Push as little money as possible into 2020.

3. Sign a ton of 1 year deals to maximize 2020 financial flexibility.

4. Cross your fingers the cap gets a healthy boost again next year and that the CBA negotiations do not drag on.

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