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The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

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Ehh. I like the trade down for Miami IF Kyler Murray is gone, but the picks are all bad. We're not picking all offense with those first four picks. 

Rather take 

1. QB Drew Lock 

2a. DT Dexter Lawerence 

2b. DB Chauncey Gardner

3. OT Mitch Hyatt

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Horrible pick AND horrible trade for the Browns. You don't move down 11 spots in the 2nd to move up 20 spots in the 4th/5th, it just makes absolutely no sense. There has to be a future pick there to make it make any sense at all.

Devin Bush isn't going to be a 1st rounder and isn't what the Browns FO looks for in the 1st anyway. With who you have on the board that pick is an OT (Ford/Cajuste/Risner/etc.), a DT (Wilkins, Lawrence), or (what I think is most likely) Jachai Polite.

Willis isn't a bad pick in the 2nd, but again the trade down is awful. Positions they'd look at 2nd/3rd would be WR, DT, DE, OT, CB.

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