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Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC


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Not trying to negative here, in fact I’ve probably been one of the more positive guys with the coach signing despite it not being my first choice, however not with Trumaine. He was not misused under Bowles. Bowles’ defenses didn’t fail because of Bowles they failed because we don’t have enough good players. Trumaine is one them. He is not magically going to be a stud in Williams’ defense because it’s Williams. This guys speed is so diminished and his ability to press and tackle also really declined. Bowles has no choice but to play this guy off the balm. I think they also kept him out a week or two longer because they realized this early on and if healthy they had to play their 75 million dollar investment. They know they got clowned and we’re wrong on him. He’s pretty much just a below average corner at this point. 

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If the Jets complete this hire I was half right.  I wanted a McCarthy/Gregg Williams combo.   We'll see how the Adam Gase/ Gregg Williams combo works.   Expect the Jets to be run more 4 -6 formations.  Leonard Williams may actually perform better in this formation.   I am feeling better about this team already.   Lets see what personnel move Maccagnan makes to help these coaches.   

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I love it...get LW playing in an attacking scheme and watch his numbers blow up. Think Lee and Adams will excel with Williams at the helm too. Glad we will play with that nasty edge as after watching hard knocks I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Gregg! 

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