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Chuck Pagano Hired as DC


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10 minutes ago, Madmike90 said:

Via Biggs and a ton of other sources...

Have to say if Nagy is looking is looking for someone to run that side of the ball on their own there was no one better out there.

Very happy about this. Not sure how aggressive he will be, but I have faith given the talent we have he will do great here.

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After losing Fangio this was probably the best option for the Bears besides Bowles.

Easy choice would have been to just hire Donatell but I commend Pace and Nagy for not just settling for the more convenient choice due to continuity. 

Donatell is a fine coach but Pagano was part of a Super Bowl winning team in the Ravens and has also had success in the playoffs as a head coach with the Colts. Love this hire.  Let's just hope he sticks around for more than a year.


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RT @wiltfongjr: Will there be a drop off in production from the 2018 #Bears defense to the 2019 version? It's possible, but it's not a given. 

A Thread ⬇️

In 2010 the Ravens defense was ranked 6th in DVOA, and in 2011 Chuck Pagano took over as defensive coordinator and it improved to 1st.

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RT @wiltfongjr: In 2010 the Ravens’ defense allowed 16.9 ppg, and in 2011 with Pagano as the new defensive coordinator they allowed 16.6. 


If you take away the 3 return TDs and the 2 defensive TDs they allowed from the total points, then Pagano’s defense only gave up 14.8 ppg! #Bears

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