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5 hours ago, Fureys49ers said:


- Deebo Samuel not as good of athlete as people thought anymore sort of confuses me. I’m not sure what kind of athlete people thought he was but I watch his tape and see a guy who destroyed Clemson the last game of the regular season, can take kick offs back for TD and for being able to run away from defenders and not get caught from behind he seems to not mind lowering his shoulder pads or throwing a block. 

Deebo is a fantastic athlete, his mouth moves even faster than he does however. Some people like that, I personally think it's kind of dumb to trash talk your opposing corner before your biggest game in years that is a pre season all american but hey, what do I know? He might have looked smart had he done something but he got blanked or the next thing to it.

Lol, not the biggest deebo fan. But if we get him I'll cheer for him.

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