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Preseason Game #3: vs Dallas


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On 25/08/2017 at 2:20 AM, S&B Bleeder said:

I want to see Obi used as a TE when we're in the red zone.  I mean he's 6'4", has very long arms and we know how high he can jump from his combine stats.  He could appear to be a blocker, at least the first time and could be covered by a LB. 

:o really? 

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Can we stop the run.

How the rookies looking.

Does the Defense improve after what we saw last week

Conner or EJ 

Penn looking good or old and coming off an injury. No new money but after 6 games maybe an extension if looking good but it won't be for top money, just job security if he wants it. 

Lynch and Carr's side conversations. Especially Lynch commenting on Carr's 'wrist action' when throwing the ball and how Lynch thinks he developed it. xD

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