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Pre Combine MOCK (use all avenues)

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20 minutes ago, Shanedorf said:

Last year we learned: Pettine likes to play with 3 DL more often than other teams
Pettine believes in keeping his DL fresh through rotation and the DL coach Montgomery ( who was retained) talked about that in his presser
And as you noted, its a deep class. And GB has higher picks than usual, which is where the DL fly off the board.

Exactly.  Play to the strengths of the draft.  Pettine may have more input based on what he needed to put on the field after Wilkerson Clark and daniels went down.

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17 hours ago, squire12 said:

Added a OG in FA, drafted a OT in the early second

Added a WR in FA and 1 in the draft

Added a safety in FA and 2 in the draft.

Traded for Brate to help solidify the TE

I understand the leaving a hole, but it might be hard to fill the visible and invisible holes in the roster in 1 offseason.  

Drafting 2 during a year of strength in this draft class is adding talent and depth in preparation for the future.  

As I noted, adding this mix of positions/players allows Pettine to run a defense based on what the talent allows vs force fitting to something.


OG- AJ Cann- Graded as OG 45 on PFF. (60.6) He isn't really that good and we'd probably want another upgarde

WR-  Beasly is a solid slot guy. Not really a difference maker.... plus another 6th round wr to go along with a second year 4th, 5th, 6th, and Kumerow.... There is a good chance none of those guys ever are startable and we end up in the same thin area we are in now.

S- Amos would be an upgrade. Still, we'd have Josh Jones/4th rounder starting (major hole})

Brate- one year deal, might not be on the team.


I get you want to add talent at strong position groups, but our DL is already good. In our D you need 5 guys that can play, and most of these guys are young. Per PFF 

Clark DI 9 90.5 (elite)

Lancaster DI  32 (77.5) (above average)

Lowry 45 (73.8) (above average)

Daniels 60 (71.2) (above average)

Monty U/R 69.3 (average with upside)

I'm cool drafting a development guy in round 3 (or if an absolute beast falls earlier), but assuming we resign one of Lowry/Daniels, we really we are pretty set for like 3 years with above average guys. We might need a stop gap minute guy. 


Rounds 1-2 you draft guys that can play and make an impact since the lifecyle of an average player is 4-5 years. We legitimately might have the worst LB core/edge play in the league, outside Adams our skilled position players are terrible, and we have a black hole at guard. Your solutions are a stop gap FA G, Cole Beasly, a solid not special FA in Preston, and mid round picks...





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I'd pass on Beasley as well. I think we could find a good slot WR in the draft if we have to address that need. Like the trade with Jax, but I don't think we will be trading with Jax specifically. I see that trade happening though. I don't think Amos leaves Chicago, but if he did I'd still address the Safety position early. Given that the DL and EDGE classes are very deep as well as the OL class, we should be looking to move down a couple spots at some point and gaining a couple early Day 3 picks if possible.

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On 1/15/2019 at 11:14 PM, squire12 said:


--Bashaud Breeland -- 3 years, $18M with $7.5M SB-- 2019 cap hit $4.5M ($39M)

--AJ Cann OG Jax -- 4 years, $22M, with $9.0M SB -- 2019 cap hit $4.5M ($34.5M)

--Cole Beasley WR DAL -- 3 years $12M with $4.5M SB -- 2019 cap hit $3.5M ($31M)

--Adrian Amos FS CHI -- 4 years, $36M with $16M SB -- 2019 cap hit $7.0M ($26M

--Preston Smith EDGE WAS -- 5 years, $60M with $20M SB -- 2019 cap hit $9.0M ($17M)

Holy crap....this one is getting closer to reality!!!!

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