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🦅🤠 NFC East 🤷‍♂️🆘: A winner with no name

Who wins the East in 2019?  

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  1. 1. Who will be the fairest of them all in 2019?

    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • New York Giants
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2 minutes ago, BAConrad said:

How about we just stop this nonsensical argument because you're a troll and you make me almost not want to come into my own teams forum. You're that awkward kid that nobody knew in school but shows up at every party and sucks. 

Yes. That is me. You nailed it. 

You seriously take no responsibility for starting this whole argument when all I did is show the two are very similar through 6 games? Don't answer, just think about what youve done. 

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11 hours ago, Matts4313 said:

Literally I said "not to start a flame war". And I was simply addressing the repeated notion on here that Dak is in a slump. Lastly - im not sure I "went out of my way". I saw the tweet on another site, thought it was interesting, and shared it since you all keep pressing the issue that Dak has regressed. 

Untangle your knickers. 

Not to start a flame war but I hope Dak gets a huge contract from the Cowboys and is tied to them for a long time because I think he benefits from Zeke and the OL and Dez.

Disclaimer: By saying "not to start a flame war", it means that I reserve the right to accuse you of having your knickers tangled if you respond. I also reserve the right to say "I didn't start it" if you argue back. Thank you.

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Carson Wentz has a better arm IMO. Not real close either.


I think Carson is still slower to diagnose defenses and as a result holds the ball way to long. That may not be the exact reason he is holding on the ball to long, but he's definitely holding it to long sometimes.


The Next Gen stats above prove that they have near identical time in the pocket. A difference of 6 hundredths of a second. Yet Carson has been sacked 19 times to Daks 7.  Only an idiot would think that's due to a time difference that resembles a blink of the eye. Go ahead... blink your eyes.  The time it took you to do that is the "extra" time Dak has to throw.

The Average Intended Air Yards stat further demonstrates that Carson is willing to hold out for the big shot while Dak is okay checking it down. Carson takes more sacks as he waits for the big shot but he also takes more shots down field. Dak has a better completion % as a result.  It's not drastically better though. But your completion % doesn't drop when you take a sack. It does when you throw it away.  Clearly Dak is okay with doing that while Carson trys to make every play.

I think Dak is the less risky QB.


I'm not trying to dog your baby boy either. Just that Eagles fans need to know(and accept) that there are certain aspects where Dak is better. Cowboys fans need to know(and accept) that there are certain areas where Wentz is better.

Wentz looks like he was created in a lab specifically to be the best QB in the NFL. But he played for a real small school and had relatively few starts and limited experience in college.


Dak was an experienced decorated salty leader of team that played in the most competitive conference in all of college football. But he's built like Tim Tebow. 


Both of these guys could have been flops because of this, but neither are.  Both of them are doing best case scenario. Carson looks like he has a laser rocket arm and is better at throwing the ball than Dak. Dak looks like the ultimate leader and is better at certain aspects of the chess game than Carson. I believe the gap between both guys will narrow as the years go by and ultimately end up with two of the best QBs in the game.


Bottom line: Eagles fans need to quit thinking Dak will bust any day now and Cowboys fans don't need discredit what Wentz is doing right now.  Neither of these QBs are going anywhere anytime soon.  And IMO it's to late for either to "bust."






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@DaBoys You actually raise a good point. I dont even know if we have a checkdown in our offense anymore. Once Sproles got hurt we dont have RBs catching passes. Naturally Carson is being asked to go through full progressions or make the pre snap reads that need to be made. We are NOT a short passing team.

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Guys, Jason Witten isn't a surefire HoF TE. He was a really good TE, but he had other really good TEs who played at the same time as him so it hurts his chances. He played at the same time as Gonzalez, Gates, and Gronk. Those guys were all better than him at some point in time so it really hurts his chances of ever getting in the HoF. Yeah, he has incredible numbers and his lasting success is insanely rare, but it is basically a coinflip on whether or not he gets in the HoF.


Yeah, after typing this argument out it actually somehow feels even dumber. @Matts4313 your posting game needs work buddy.



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1 hour ago, AZ_Eaglesfan said:

So according to Matts Peters apparently isn't a surefire HoF LT? Man, what am I even reading at this point.

I think he does get in, but he isn't a sure-fire guy IMO.

If he does get in, it'll be a number of years.

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