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1 minute ago, EaglesPeteC said:



Dan Snyder failing his way to a giant pay day. That organization can’t be any worse at their jobs.

Suppose it could be an easy reason for new ownership to change it. 

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How in the world could they go with the name change last year, the rebranding "WITHOUT " already knowing of this? 

Was this Snyder saying, IDGAF I'm a billionaire,  it's mine? Or did this entire Organization from top to bottom involved in the rebranding actually miss this?

That's absurd!

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Whoever has the rights was probably one of those guys that trademarked every connotation of a possible team name. He’d be a dummy not to strike a deal within reason. If I were him, I’d just say give me a small percentage of all merchandise sales or something. See if they go for it. If he tries to ballbust, they’ll probably just move on and name change again. 

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Per Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop, appearing on Seattle’s ESPN radio affiliate, the Eagles had a deal with the Seattle Seahawks for Russell Wilson that Wilson nixed before the deal that eventually sent Wilson to the Denver Broncos for players and a flurry of draft picks.

Quarterback coach Jake Heaps, who has worked with Wilson for years, brought this up back in 2022 on Denver station KOA, after the Broncos deal happened.

“The reason why this [deal] happened so quickly and progressed quickly is because, one, Denver was working on this behind the scenes for a while now,” Heaps said back then. “The other reason is because the Seahawks were limited, guys. There’s not real leverage if there’s only a certain amount of teams that Russell Wilson’s actually interested in or be willing to waive his no-trade clause for.

He turned down the Washington [Commanders] offer. He turned down an offer from Philly during the Combine. 


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