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🦅🤠 NFC East 🤷‍♂️🆘 | Celebrating the Cowboys' 28 Years of Sadness


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@Kiltman When are the Giants NOT a division wildcard :P You never know what kind of Eli you're gonna get from year to year.

@MKnight82 You make some good points. It seems the other teams in the division sort of need last year's Dallas to be a one-year overachiever. I still wonder if Dallas is the most talented team in the division if all players are healthy and not suspended or some other reason.


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T.O.'s two cents:


"I think hands down that'll probably be Dallas," Owens told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Schefter's podcast. "I don't think Philadelphia has made enough moves. I don't think the nucleus and the core is there. I think they've had too much going on the last few years that they really haven't had the nucleus of guys and they're going to be able to jell together enough to come all together at one time to really compete for that NFC East. It's going to be probably the Giants or the Cowboys to come out of the NFC East."


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7 minutes ago, Nabbs4u said:

Not only does Dallas have to over come the NFCE back to back streak but their own 20 year span of not having back to back winning seasons. 


They suck. It's a 3 team Race.B|

Hard to imagine the Redskins can actually operate a team when their President can't remember the name of their starting QB. xD

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2 hours ago, Phire said:

We need Matts in here to tell us the players on his team are misunderstood and not bad people.

A misunderstood star child that Ezekiel 

(at this I'm pulled in too many directions for jokes because of all the way he's proven to be a garbage person since he got in the league)

or maybe im getting him totally wrong 

send us on the right path Dallas fans..to know the true truth 

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