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Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?


Is Can't Guard Mike A Tier 1 Wide Receiver?  

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  1. 1. Is Can't Guard Mike A Tier 1 Wide Receiver?

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So it would seem I've been an argument with some idiot over on Reddit for the better part of a month about Can't Guard Mike and whether or not he's a "Tier 1" Wide Receiver. Or should I say, I've dropped it but just about once a week I seem to get tagged in a "told you so" post whenever Thomas earns an accolade or does well. However, regardless of how much I disagree with the guy, Thomas' emergence and elite game last week do legitimately lead to beg the question... Is he a "Tier 1" Wide Receiver.


So then, I guess to actually be able to answer this question, one would need to (a) Identify how many receivers are in "Tier 1", (b) Identify who they quantify as a "Tier 1" receiver, and then (c) determine if Mike Thomas is of the same quality of those receivers.


So, what are your thoughts?


FYI, I call the guy an idiot, not because I disagree with his opinion. Rather because of the incessant tagging me in the "I told you so" manner

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I don't know how you argue that he is not one of the games best right now. AB, Julio, Hopkins, OBJ, I can't think of a way you cannot include Thomas with these names. He is an absolute beast of a WR. I think he is Top 5 in the NFL, arguably a Top 3. Granted I may be a bit biased, but Thomas to me is easily a legit Tier 1 WR as you say.

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I've been saying for quite some time he is a legit top 5 WR. I still stand by that. Might be hard to argue Thomas over guys like AB, Julio, Odell, or Hopkins, but at this point, he seems to be well on his way to be mentioned in the same class as them if he keeps this high level of play up.

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5 minutes ago, patriotsheatyan said:

Career high 1405 yards while playing in a Dome with Brees. Never finished top five in yards or touchdowns once.

He’d put up a 1000 yards per season on most teams.

The only reason this is being discussed is because of his teams success, his QB, and because he’s coming off a great game.

Or he's statistically had one of the better first 3 years to start a career for WR in NFL history. Most catches by a WR in NFL history through their first 3 seasons (321 catches- 2nd best is 288 catches). Also joined Randy Moss and Odell Beckham as the only WR's to surpass 1,100 receiving yards in each of their first 3 NFL seasons.



He has also played brilliantly in the playoffs the past 2 years, and had a crazy catch rate of 85% this year, which if I'm not mistaken led the NFL.

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I'd say no. He's an elite possession guy who can dominate the short-intermediate areas, but isn't a legitimate deep threat. If you're going to be a ranked as a 1A, you need to do it all. He puts up 1A numbers, but hugely benefits from the offense he plays in, and the quarterback he plays with. 

He's like Mohamed Sanu on steroids.

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define tier one wr. Hes not hopkins, julio, ab or obj and i dont see an argument for him to even be in that class. Hes in the same category as allen, theilen and juju. All 4 of those guys have ADOTs under 10 and thomas' is particularly low at 7.8. Not saying those 4 guys arent very good wr and prob all are inside the top 10, however the truly elite guys jobs are just a touch harder. Its why i value guys like evans and green more than them too.

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4 hours ago, SmittyBacall said:

He puts up 1A numbers, but hugely benefits from the offense he plays in, and the quarterback he plays with. 

How does he benefit from the offense when the Saints #2 and #3 WRs for most of the season were fresh off the practice squad and they have no viable threat at TE? It's not like this dude is getting single coverage or free reign because the other team is worried about Keith Kirkwood and Austin Carr. Teams double cover or roll coverages to him basically every single snap.

Hard to say somebody who averages 107 catches a season through the first 3 years of his career is not a top WR no matter if his yardage numbers are on the lower side. I could easily make the argument that 10 catches and 180 yards and 2 touchdowns is more valuable than 3 catches for 180 yards and 3 touchdowns, because time of possession is still a thing in the NFL (as we saw in the Eagles-Saints game this past weekend). Would you rather your WR have a higher YPC average? Or would you rather control the clock and therefore control the tempo of the game?



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I would say very close i think he's almost up there with the likes of Julio, AB, OBJ, and Nuke.

Although if i had to be super picky and do a legit tier 1 of only pure elites i would narrow it to Julio, AB, Nuke, and OBJ.    Then tier 2 would be Green, Allen, Thomas, Evans, Hill, and JuJu.

Might be missing 1 or 2 on tier 2 but im ok with those i listed i think.

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