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We Are Awesome! (2018 Thanks and Review Thread)


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Just FYI from Webby.


Total forum traffic was up 25% this season over last season.  

Here are the most popular forums by visitors - 

  1. NFL General (up 34%)
  2. Packers (122%)
  3. NFL News (40%)
  4. Browns (63%)
  5. Vikings (17%)
  6. Raiders (87%)
  7. Titans (40%)
  8. TAST (22%)
  9. Bears (6%)
  10. Cowboys (30%)

Other forums that took a huge leap - 

  • Redskins (up 65%)
  • 49ers (44%)
  • Jets (55%)
  • Bucs (131%)
  • Ravens (95%)

Great work everyone!  

You may now laud and praise our collective greatness.

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Packers are ahead of us?? Ok, guys, we stole half their front office and poached players and assistant coaches, what can we do to convert their forum posters over to the good side, short of luring them into our vans with cheese curds and kidnapping them?

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