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2018 defensive breakdown

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13 minutes ago, Dcash4 said:

As always War, I appreciate your back and forth - specifically on defense. 

But let me ask this way - because I understand intent and benefit. 

If I have Watt and Tuitt on one side, and Hilton rushes, does that additional rusher benefit Watt and Tuitt getting to the QB? 

If that answe is no, because of design or what have you, then my desire for those numbers is erroneous. 

But im basically just wondering - does additional pressure up the middle increase my chances of guys up the middle winning, and does additional pressure off the edge help my edge guys win. 

I know that’s super simplistic, but I was just assuming that with that basic data, you might be able to pull why we saw a dip on the interior and a rise on the exterior. 

It benefits the extra guy you are sending.  Always.  It's why I linked the SD article.  If Watt and Tuitt do what they are intended to, Hilton gets the benefit of a free rush or HB on him.  Like the Browns clip, the fact the RB had to stay to block Haden is a win for me.  They kept 6 in to block 5.  Meaning they had 4 on routes and I had 6 defenders.

If I blitz up the middle, and do it right, Williams will always benefit from a free rush or a HB trying to block him.  Just like the CB blitz situation, if I forced them to keep in 6, then I got 6 defending 4 routes.


To really know the benefactors and all of that, we would need to see the plays.  But most likely its to get the extra guy coming an advantage.

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