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2019 NFL Draft

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On 2/20/2019 at 8:40 PM, GSUeagles14 said:

yes, they are but OT is likely out as its extremely unlikely we take the cap hit to cut schraeder this year. I dont think Quinn, or any coach for that matter, is taking a player in the mid first without them having a path to play year 1. Outside of QB of course.  If theres a run on DL guys and its either a tier one corner or tier two de, i want the corner. Right now we have Trufant who we should be able to count on, a fairly green 2nd year corner who had a few different injuries last year and then a guy who was a really good safety. Knock on wood if allen or neal miss some games its fair to think kazee goes back to safety. Even then, thats three deep, and a fairly thin three at that. We need more there. This wasnt you but for too long some falcons fans wanted to keep corners (or a certain corner) cause they were "good tacklers" while ignoring how awful they were in coverage.

I just don't think corner in the 1st round is likely. The 2nd sure. But the Falcons taking a 1st round corner doesn't make sense. Not with the OL, DL and EDGE talent that should be there at 14. Even if Greedy is there, I don't see it as a great pick.

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