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Extension talks


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I like extending all three.....

I would also like to see an extension for Joe Scho in the works....

And the way he played last year when healthy......we got a steal with Terrance Mitchell for another two years at a BARGAIN rate. Great Dorsey Signing.

Robinson a 3-4 year deal.....he's still super young and if he develops we would have a starting LT on the cheap for 4-5 years (franchise tag and draft his replacement in 1rst if another extension cant be worked out at the end of this initial 3-4 year deal)

Higgins a 4 year

Perriman a 2 year with the ability to get out of it after 1 (just in case he just got hot at the right time....)

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I think all three can be core players for a couple of seasons at least.

Sometimes all it takes is the right circumstance. I think this is the case with Greg Robinson. He has admitted that he feels comfortable here and wants to stay. I doubt he lives up to his original draft status, but if he continues to progress like he did last year, he can become a very serviceable piece on the offensive line. At the very least, he can prevent us from having to enter "crisis management" mode and draft a LT at our first available opportunity - no matter who is available.

One of the core components to a successful QB/WR relationship is trust. Breshad came to us as an in season pickup with a history of the dropsies. At best that was a shotgun marriage. But Breshad and Baker chose to be adults and worked together. Then the results came, and Perriman became a bonafide weapon that could be counted on to take the top off of defenses. Like to see that continue.

Baker was the QB that made Higgins blossom. Once they hit the field after week 3, even a blind man could see their bond from training camp. Let's see how this progresses - but could we be talking about a Brees to Thomas type connection?

These are the right moves boys and girls.

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My boy Higgins better get another 4 more years. Give the man a 2nd term.

Robinson I feel like is a good stop gap. I was really saddened to see Harrison not show enough to keep starting especially since I am not a fan of Hubbard and wanted Robinson to start at RT

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