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Totally Homer 2019 Mock Draft...

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So, here is a 20% joking 2019 Mock Draft that I got ready for these doldrums that we got going on right now.  Keep in mind, this is my totally homer version, being a HUGE UGA fan.


TRADE--AB to San Fransisco for rd 2, rd 3 and ILB/OLB Dekota Watson

Rd 1--DeAndre Baker, CB UGA  5'11" 185

Biggest need on the team, bar none.  Comes in day one and make the CB room better.  May not be the best ATHLETE at the CB spot, but built himself up from a lowly 3 star to the Thorpe winner.

Rd 2 (SF)--Riley Ridley, WR UGA  6'2" 200

The first AB pick here.  Big outside reciever that is a killer blocker and great route runner.  Great on the ball, and a true deep threat.

Rd 2 (Pitt)--De'Andre Walker, Edge UGA 6'3" 245

Difference maker on the edge.  Can get after the passer, and is great against the run.  Plenty of motor.  Can push Chick immediatley, and Dupree longer term.

Rd 3 (SF)--Mecole Hardman, WR UGA  5'11" 183

True slot and mismatch weapon.  True 4.4 speed, and great route runner and blocker.  Not afraid of big tough catches and vertical shots.  Can upgrade the slot options here, and even work into the return game.

Rd 3 (Pit)--Isaac Nauta, TE UGA  6'4" 240

Kicks Grimble off the 53.  Bigger slot option and great inline blocker to boot.  Can be a weapon like McDonald as a bigger pass catcher, and puller and kicker in the run game.

Rd 4 (Pit)--Elijah Holyfield, RB UGA 5'11" 215

For those of you that want a true powerback, I give you Mr. Holyfield.  The Thunder to De'Andre Swift's Lightening, Holyfield is a true North/South between the tackles runner.  Punisher and will hurt those that stand on the train tracks.

Rd 6 (Oak)--Jonathan Ledbetter, DL UGA 6'4" 280

Highly active and productive DL that can work on any tech along the line.  Plays some of the 1, 3 and 5 at UGA.  Can be a wrecking ball at times.  Kicks Walton, and works on Alualu or who else is at DE behind Tuitt and Heyward.

Rd 6 (Pit)--Lamont Gaillard, IOL UGA  6'2" 308

5 star DL in HS, came to UGA and in his sophomore year, flipped over and became the anchor of the OL.  Almost came out last year, but went back to help out the real young OL of UGA.  Great pass setter and road grader, he makes the calls and holds it all down.  Also a legit taller and bigger C that will not get pushed around.  Eddie O at LSU said he was the best center he has seen on film in years when they played.  Performed well at the Shrine Game.  Can be insurance for Finney/Foster situation.

Rd 7  (Pit)--Terry Godwin, WR UGA 5'11" 185

yes, I realize that he is a compliment to Hardman.  But, Godwin is a more polished version of a slot reciever.  In no way would I suggest taking both he and Hardman, but if you want a better route runner, Godwin is the man.


Da'Quan Hawkins-Muckle, NG 6'4" 300--True nose to push Shade Tree

Juwan Taylor, MLB 6'1" 218--Underrated player who was always in the right spot

Nick Moore, LS 6'3" 250--HUGE LS who can push Canady.  Covers like an OLB on punts

Natrez Patrick, MLB 6'3" 242--HUGE plugger ala VWill... blows up ISO runs


Now, understand this is for entertainment only.  Not enough Defensive picks, and some redundant ones.  Just trying to get some love and feedback for my boys!!!

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I like the first 3 picks, and Nauta. I dont like the rest, or Dekota Watson. Way too many WRs

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Too many WRs....too many offensive players....too many DeAndre's.

Seriously though, dont know a ton about the players, but not a big fan of the positions picked.    I could see it happening, though.

Also, the AB trade is just awful.  Watson offers us absolutely nothing.     I find it hard to believe we cant find a better deal than that.    They need to be doing everything possible to make things right with AB, just in case they dont get an offer they are looking for.  

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That's actually not bad considering they're all from 1 school.  Need an ILB, but if you got one in FA, I could actually live with that.  

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