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Andrew Luck vs Trevor Lawrence

Who was the better prospect   

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3 minutes ago, Teen Girl Squad said:

I'm less worried about the "gimmicky system" and more concerned with "he's on a stacked team thats better across the board than everyone he plays, maybe even Alabama included."We've seen that be a recipe for underwhelming NFL success. Again, I'm high on Lawrence like most but I am not interested in the generational talent talk that is going on.

It's not like Stanford was completely devoid of talent in Luck's years there, but yeah...i think that talent advantage is kinda wrapped up in the "gimmicky system" element.  I'm absolutely sky high on Lawrence like everybody else, and heck...as a Jaguars fan, i'd draft him 1st overall this year if i could.  I think there's a strong argument to be made that Lawrence even has the "higher upside" as a prospect.  Take that "risk" every day.  It's just not quite the same situation as Luck where the guy looked like an NFL QB playing college games for fun though.  Not yet at least.

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Trevor Lawerence is a great player and prospect but he might not even be the first quarterback taken in 2021. Justin Fields honestly might be a better long-term prospect. 

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On 2019-01-28 at 9:16 PM, Ozzy said:

Not sure what you were watching but in no way was Ryan Leaf a better prospect than Peyton Manning.  Leaf had the big arm but his pocket fundamentals were nothing compared to Manning, much less the consistency Manning showed Leaf did not show over his entire career.  Manning was better in almost every single way, not to mention leadership, to me Manning was the clear #1 QB and as a prospect is pretty close to prototype as you can get.  Mind you I did not see Elway and those other guys play in college, that was before my time but since I have been watching Manning is it in terms of prototype QBs.

There was legit debate about Leaf vs Manning. There was people saying at the time that if Peyton didn't have the last name Manning and wasn't the Son of Archer, he would be middle round pick

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