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4 hours ago, Roninho said:

That makes sense. 

WIth it being hard to find 1 hostcity it actually might make sense to rotate locations in combination with the international series. So be the home team in all the games in 2019 in the international series (what is that, 3 in UK & 1 in Mexico), and fill the other 4 dates at ''random' stadiums in the US. It is hard to find a stadium available for 8 games in 2019, but 2 stadiums for 4 games somewhere in the west should not be an issue. Heck, i'm certain that if we offer to have a 'home' game vs. the Cowboys in Cowboys Stadium we'd get a big check from Jones on the spot i imagine. 

It doesnt make sense from a sporting perspective, but logistical and financial probably does to just rotate locations where you play, while you train at 1 location.

What you're suggesting might be more logistically difficult. 

If I had to guess, I'd say the team is overwhelmingly likely to play in one of these places next year: Oakland, SF, SD, Arizona, UK. Oakland for obvious reasons. SF, SD for obvious logisitical ease. UK also for the same reason. Even though playing overseas is a tricky thing, keep in mind that A) the NFL would love it to happen B) other NFL owners have NFL quality stadium connections in London, through soccer franchises. 

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On 1/15/2019 at 5:48 AM, SBXISBXVSBXVIII said:

Has there been any talk about 16 road games? The Raiders could be the home team in the stadiums they are visiting. All money for parking, concessions, tickets would belong to the Raiders. Any chance this could occur?

I could see one issue with this and that would be the teams we don't play a home game in their stadium would want strength of schedule adjusted for this. Being the home team or not playing in someone's stadium is clearly to their advantage.

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1 hour ago, SimonGruber said:

So is the panoramic window going into the stadium ? I mean at night with the strip and the Luxor light shining into the sky how dope is that

Don't forget a giant chrome torch to blocking your view lol.... But yes, would look awesome. And maybe that torch will look cool from the strip lit up? 

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