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What would you take for Calais Campbell?

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With your team being in the hole in cap space in 2019, if Campbell can't reach a deal, what would you take for him?  What's fair market value for him and don't say a 1st round pick.  You have teams out there like the Colts that has the space and the picks.

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I just wouldn't trade him.  We have no real reason to do it...especially to a division rival we're trying to beat next year.  Unless someone offered something stupid huge for him, it's just not worth it.

Calais is still a Pro Bowl caliber player who is hugely important to our defense not only because he's versatile and we only have one other guy who can play the edge and doesn't suck, but because Calais is a bigtime leader on our defense which is going to be critical if they're going to bounce back this year.  His contract is primed for restructuring and he's publicly said he's open to working with them on that, and chose Jacksonville as a FA in the first place.  I'd be surprised if they can't find a way to rework things to get the cap number down at least a little bit.


Our cap situation really isn't quite as dire as it's often been made out to be either.  It's going to be really tight, especially if they want to bring in a big ticket FA QB...but cutting one of Malik Jackson/Dareus, swallowing Bortles contract for some savings (and hoping a team gives us even more help in that with offsets), plus a few more trimmings around the edges of overpaid non-starters like Hyde, Seferian-Jenkins, Parnell, etc., and with a restructure or two and a bit of rollover, we should be able to survive next year.


Like, at this point...Calais should be the last resort option for making cap space by gutting the DLine, and we have enough other options that it should never get to that.  He's far better and more important than Jackson, Dareus, or Abry Jones...who all carry significant money and are more likely to be cut before they try to unload Calais.  The interior guys, we at least sort of have some depth.  We need another quality edge rusher to replace Fowler in the rotation anyway...but trading Calais would make that an even more HUGE need, in that we'd need a legit starting DE opposite Ngakoue - which is prohibitively expensive on the market, and comes at a major premium in the draft where we have plenty of other needs on offense already.


In short:  Not interested.  Trading Calais probably makes a hole bigger than we could patch with the cap space/picks it'd bring in, and would be a huge blow to the leadership group of this defense.  They'll make cap space some other way.

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