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Brian Cushing back on the Texans...

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17 minutes ago, ET80 said:

...as a strength and conditioning coach:


Yeah. The guy who was popped twice for PEDs is now part of the strength and conditioning staff here...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Maaannnn... I almost spit my drink on the screen when I saw this on rotoworld.  Then I spent the next 3 minutes with my head in my hands saying "Why? But why tho?"

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Utter embarrassment.  I hear lots of good things about the guy as a person and he seems to have some defensive knowledge and fire to share in a special assistant/LBs role, but to attach "strength and conditioning" to a guy who has been a known steroid abuser since high school is like hiring Ray Rice to coach Kareem Hunt or Snoop Dogg to coach Josh Gordon.  Cushing achieved his NFL body by shortcuts and cheating and beyond the ethical concerns, his manner of bulk over flexibility (roids are antithetical to tendons and ligaments) is a step back into the Jersey Jughead mode where blowing out pecs, biceps, and triceps and trashing knees impressing bros by squatting stacks takes players off the field for seasons at a time with non contact injuries which notably didn't happen when Luke Richesson was brought in last offseasons and embraced being "healthy" (aka nutrition, stretching, clean living, etc).

If we owe anyone a token "be around football" job it's Fido who got thoroughly screwed by this org, not Cushing who got a steroid aided $52 mill contract he never came close to playing up to including his final season where he burned 10 games of his $10 million salary again unavailable to help this team because he couldn't prepare for a season without seeing his pharmaceutical rep in the parking lot behind the Bergen County Gold's Gym.  Cal is his daddy's son tho - Cush "supports the troops," so it's all good. 

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