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2019 NFL Combine


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6 hours ago, BayRaider said:

No chance Brown goes in the 1st. Honestly he’s always been overrated and he’s always been my 9th-10th ranked WR. 

What? That's ridiculous. The dude is electric. He'll be a top 25 pick when it's all said and done regardless of how little he weighs. Tape matters and this dude's tape is spectacular.

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1 hour ago, SBLIII said:

34 reps for Barnes, RB, Kansas State is pretty incredible.

Yeah looking back that is the 2nd best bench total for a RB since 2006.  Only one that beat him was in 2013 Tommy Bohanon had 36.  Had him as a fringe 7th rounder but more likely a UDFA but showing strength like that might get him drafted because he did show tons of improvement as a runner from this year compared to last season.   Just looking at Alex Barnes would have not thought he would have strength like that, he looks strong but not like Saquon Barkley strong.  See if he can do some other impressive things or not.    

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2 hours ago, Jeezla said:

Yodney Cajuste 34" arms  32 reps. Very nice. 6'5" 312 lbs is good size too. Looking forward to his field drills.

He’s my 4th LT prospect. I think if he can stay healthy and put in a solid year or two he’ll be a solid LT.

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After watching Gruden and Mayock’s combine interviews I can’t tell exactly how confident they are in Derek Carr. They both referred to him as a “franchise quaterback” but really didn’t express any glowing praise or excitement talking about him. I wouldn’t rule out the Kansas City routine of drafting Haskins/Murray at 4 and sitting them for the year before trading Carr.

Also, I think Metcalf is now a real possibility at 4. They had a lot of good things to say about him.

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4 hours ago, jrry32 said:

Good to see people obsessing over insignificant things. It truly is Combine season. xD

I honestly don’t know why I even come in here. 

Players rising and dropping down rounds based on the combine. 

It definitely gives the media something to do. And somehow someway the nfl more money. 

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