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2019 NFL Combine

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2 minutes ago, PossibleCabbage said:

Metcalf has to be the favorite for "first non-QB, non-Edge" off the board right?

Greedy could run 4.2, and it still won't be enough to overtake Metcalf

Andre Dillard might be the only guy with a chance if a team thinks he can be the next Joe Thomas.

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Just now, ttitansfan4life said:

Not his fault Murray can’t answer a simple question.

I mean, the dynamics here are more complex.  Writer wanted him to say "baseball", knowing he was coached not to talk about how much he likes baseball, so he could start something about questioning whether Murray is really committed to football.  Murray struggled with this, but it was a ridiculous question to ask anyway.

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1 hour ago, The LBC said:

If he hits the mid-to-low 4.4's, he's got an athletic comp of Andre Johnson.  Note, "athletic" comp.  His route-running isn't near where AJ's was as a prospect.

I think this has now been upgraded to Julio? 

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Just now, Counselor said:

Let’s see the 3 cone but he has surpassed Julio numbers so far too

Yeah, there's a few more drills to go, and that 3 cone will be very important, but Julio was the most comparable I could find from a H / W / time standpoint (Megatron was closer in speed, but those 2 extra inches in height kind of make a huge difference in my opinion) 

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1 minute ago, rob_shadows said:

He's knocking on the door of Calvin status in his numbers at this point... Although not as big obviously.

Haha, I made my post at the same time as this and mentioned Megatron as well, and agree. 

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