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Tom Flores


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He's a hell of an answer to a trivia question along with Ditka but lets look at his coaching record.

2 Super Bowls is great. No one can deny that.

8-3 in the playoffs is great

His run in with the Raiders lasted 9 years.

  • He was 83-53 
  • The guy before him was 103-32-7 in his 9 years and also won a Super Bowl
    • That was during the Steelers and Dolphins dynasties of the '70s
  • Flores had 3 years coaching the Seahawks to 2-14, 6-10, and 6-10
  • Does a 9-year head coach need to be in the Hall of Fame over other deserving candidates?
    • Does he get credit for doing a horrible job in Seattle so now he gets in after 12 years?

I am not saying he should never get in the Hall, but its not a travesty that he is not in yet.

Polishing your 4 Super Bowl rings is one way to deal with the wait, I guess.

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