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9 hours ago, IrishHooligan00 said:

Now 1st things first. Whose everyone's top Resign candidates and Who should be cut or traded?

As far as players we'd like to resign...

Vaccaro - this one is almost too obvious.  S market was a little muted last season, should be able to sign for a good amount.  Would be ok to keep him and Cyp, but would need to restructure Cyp to keep both.

Tye Smith - As good as it comes at that point in the depth chart.  Should be cheap

Trawick and Palmer - Excellent STs players.  Palmer was IRed last year so he's been forgotten... but he was our ST's ace for a couple of seasons prior.  Both should be cheap and both should be brough back.   I know others have mentioned Compton, but Palmer is the better option... more athletic and physical... for a cheaper price.


As for who should be cut/traded...

Cyp if we sign Vaccaro and we can't lower Cyp's cap hit/contract.

Kline could be an option if we need the cap space and are able to find a cheaper replacement.  Can't cut him until we have the 2 G's in place (Spain should be gone, and no one on the depth chart is a viable replacement at either G positions at this point... depth only)

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10 hours ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Main one I see is Jack Conklin at RT. Also I see another cut candidate in DaQuan Jones. Him and Austin Johnson are essentially the same player and the Titans need a better pass-rusher/better overall player opposite of Casey.

Naw Austin sucks in run defense he can’t anchor DaQuon is just solid at eating blocks & stopping the run. DaQuon is like a C+ player were Johnson is a Str8 D 😩🤣

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I'd be down to help out with this. I've had a lot of fun with TCMD over the last few years. Everybody else pretty much nailed our needs and people we should resign already. Pass Rush, Interior DLine, OLine, and an upgraded backup QB/potential competition for Marcus should be the priorities.

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