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Post Superb Owl Mock .... Hoot Hoot

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I dislike the following

-Not landing a stud edge

-Spending on bell

- there are already reports we are retaining Grahm

Picks 1b-3rd are fine. I'd personally rather see us trade up for another impact player at a value spot in the teens/20s over drafting a TE in round 1 but its fine

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22 hours ago, Joe said:

Um...isn't Graham coming back? Thought I read a report about it somewhere. Big reach on White in the 1st and I too want nothing to do with Bell. He's going to go to the Jets to be the Albert Haynesworth of RB's and be cut two years from now...

I do like the picks from Hockenson through Omenihu though.

Yes, I thought I heard/read that somewhere too.  I do like the TE taken at #30 in this mock.

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22 hours ago, BayBubbPackFan said:

Like most of the draft, but I do not see Gute going after that many high price FAs. Maybe two, at most with a couple of low tier guys. We need money to re-up Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, and maybe David Bak.


Didn't Bak just sign an extension in 2016 for 4 years?  Perhaps we can get another re-up in 2020?

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I don't believe any of the contracts for the UFAs are realistic.  The Fowler, Bell and Tate numbers are extreamly low IMO. 

Don't believe the trade for mutiple seconds is all that realistic but would love to see something like it come to premonition.  That's where my favorite value is in this class.

Hate the value of the first pick but really like the draft after that.  Hockenson, Adderly, Omenihu and Thompson are some of my favorite players in this draft at their positions.   


Even having a destain for Leveon Bell, not liking that first pick and wanting more of an investment into OLB, If the offseason layed out exactly like this I wouldn't be opposed to it.  It's not at all realistic though.    

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On 2/5/2019 at 9:35 AM, GWH87 said:
Perry (saves 3.3) cut Jun 1st
Time has come and past for him to produce, hasn’t been effective since his contract season
Graham (saves 5.3)
Rumors he may stay but I find it hard to see how he’s utilized in what LaFleur’s offense will look like, small cap savings to bring in a TE that fits, carry some dead cap but move the team forward. If not done then scrub this and the Stocker signing it a wash out, but Graham only used in certain packages due to no blocking skill or effort.
50m cap
Breelund 3yr 21m
Seems to have carved out a place in the secondary, pseudo leader that has made some plays. Give him a shot to keep our depth at a better than Davon House level.
Bulaga add 1yr + 5M to current deal (make remaining contract 6.5 per yr)
Some think he will be asked to bump inside, I think his level of play would be back to his standard if he can have a line mate to his left that is worth a damn. Drafting a G day 2 will help Bulaga get back to form and maybe even push him if Spriggs makes strides this off season
45m cap

It's already came out that the Packers are keeping Jimmy Graham next year, not much is really going to change that.  Don't really like the idea of re-signing Breeland.  He wasn't that good this year, just kind of a bright spot in an otherwise bland secondary.  Think he's going to be a mistake signing.  And not sure why we are adding an extra year to Bulaga's contract.  Let him play out his contract and if he plays well, then extend him.

On 2/5/2019 at 9:35 AM, GWH87 said:
Dante Fowler 3yr 24m 
Twitchy edge, seems to have found something since the playoffs started. Whether its he found it or wants his pay day. Either way we targeted him before the trade deadline, offered for him but the Rams won out. Gute gets his guy now that helps spearhead the edge rotation.
Le’veon 3yr 39m (20m guaranteed)
Here’s where the boo birds come out, I am as big a fan of Jones as the rest of you. However the fact is that his MCL can’t be trusted so we bring in a piece that insures our backfield is fully stocked. Bell will be asked to do a lot of things but in the end the guys behind him will make sure he’s fresh for our playoff run.
Adrian Amos 3yr 24m
Consistent under the radar piece every secondary needs. May not make all the splash plays, but he however does tackle, leads the team when needed with effort and brings some steady hands to our back line unit
Luke Stocker 2yr 6m
Gadget TE that is brought in to block, provide Hockenson with the ropes of the system and line up as an H back at times. Not sexy but a good piece to bring in as we transition to the new offense due to his history of running it.
Golden Tate 2yr 12m
Let’s hear it boo birds?!! The why behind this pick is, blocking from the slot for our new run game, a heady veteran that knows how to play the game right. Clutch guy on 3rd down for 12 to find and move the chains. Has the tenacity and edge the coaching staff is looking for and will team with Tae to lead this young group of guys to better performances.
7m cap (sub 3m for rookies left over cap is 4m)

Fowler is going to get more than $8M/year, probably going to get $10M+ IMO.  Le'Veon Bell is a waste of money and capital utilization.  And Golden Tate is going to get more than 2 years, $12M.

On 2/5/2019 at 9:35 AM, GWH87 said:
**Draft Trade 2(12) + Future 2nd to Indy for 2(2) & 2(26)

1(12) Devin White LB LSU

Our crown jewel of this draft, if he lasts till here he is the pick. I get ILB isn’t premium anymore, but White is more than that, he will shut down the over the middle pieces that consistently kill this team, he’s a terror in the run game and has the ability to blitz from anywhere at anytime with speed to make your eyes bleed. Pettine can’t stop smiling for good reason, he’s always wanted this type of player to scheme for. **All-Pro Caliber**
1(30) TJ Hockenson TE Iowa
Our offensive weapon of choice and investment needed. Blocks better than most NFL TEs which is a lost art, can come out of the backfield if needed as an H back. Great extended catch radius, seam destroyer and overall dominant TE. Keep in mind he’s a Soph doing all this, will be George Kittle but better which we’ve needed for far too long. **Pro-Bowl Caliber**
**2(2) Nasir Adderly S Deleware
Flyer on the back end we need so we trade up to get him, will be our backend cornerstone for a long time. Nick Collins 2.0, motor always runs hot, special teams ACE, former CB so can play slot assignments as needed. Great ball hawking ability which is what LaFleur & Pettine both want. **Pro-Bowl Alternate Caliber**
**2(26) Michael Deiter OL Wisconsin
Our OL of the future for the next decade, has phenomenal mobility and is a blocking bully in the second level. Great at setting, getting out to and reading how screens are developing which is a big part of our new scheme. Will continue the long line of All-Pro performers on OL from Whiskey. **10yrs of no worries**
3(11) Charles Omenihu Edge/DL Texas
Freak that will play similar to Julius Peppers in Pettine’s defense, can stand up and be a force, nasty first step, length makes him a beast vs the run. Depending on alignment will be hand in dirt or stand up as needed. Either way he will dominate and is the piece Pettine has needed up front. Our football Giannis! **Feast or famine type but used for his strengths / rotational depth**
4(12) Jalen Jelks Edge Oregon
Lighting twitch guy off the edge that really steadied his stock with his SR Bowl performance. Long and lanky with the ability to make him self small against the run to shut it down and slip blocks. Bends well through the edge, will take some development with his hands and adding some strength but great rotational guy **building our edge streaky type needed**
4(20) Keelan Doss WR UC Davis
Mini Tae in training here, he will learn from the best and show out similar to MVS this past season giving our WR group and coaches some competition to bread the success needed. Great with contested catches and yac which fits perfectly into the mold we need. Great WR body that will be physical enough to win matchups needed. Drew great reviews from SR Bowl. **could be a surprise with right coaching watch out MVS**
5(12) Darwin Thompson RB Utah St
This draft pick is insurance for Jones, that MCL is on thin ice and as much as we all love him this new scheme will ask more of him. Thompson is a cheat code and has some of the best running balance I’ve seen in recent memory, speed and agility are top notch. This guy might rise up boards but hoping we can snag him here, otherwise earlier in the draft would work. **3-4yr spark for offense when needed & KR/PR**
6(12) Ryan Bates OL Penn St
Swiss Army knife for the line and can blend in where needed outside of LT. Active feet needed with great hand usage, will need a year or so to add some strength to his anchor but will be an eventual starter at G by season 2 or 3. **depth challenger**
6(20) Maxx Crosby Edge Eastern Michigan
Making sure we have one edge rusher still that has long flowing locks. Will be a big play on special teams first but great guy for 5-10 snaps a game to bring fresh legs and get to the QB as he learns what’s needed in the league. Will always be a situational guy but a good one for what we need. Length, strong against the run and good leader. **depth needed to keep other legs fresh one of last roster spots**
7(12) Jordan Brown CB S Dakota St
Small school flyer on a PS guy that may get a crack to make the roster for Special teams. Size lines up well with league trends, held his own at the SR Bowl and with a year or two of development can become a functioning part of our secondary depth. (taking a flyer)

First off, that trade is awful.  You won't find a team whose willing to do that deal.  You're not trading up AND getting another SRP for a future SRP.  Change that to a FRP and you're probably closer.

You start with two non-premium positions, which is an issue.  I don't mind the Adderly selection.  No EDGE until Round 3, no corners at all, and no WRs.  Pretty bad draft.

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Appreciate the feedback and some of my thoughts around topics brought up in opposition.

Graham, this "report" that surfaced was nothing factual but speculation from a beat reporter. Until GB comes out and states it themselves I don't buy it. I don't see how Matt works with Jimmy in his offense, it's predicated off an effective run game something which Jimmy wants no part or nor is he good at. TE's outside of blocking aren't utilized that much in Matt's offense, although he'd scheme to get them open and some action they are used as cogs to keep the ball moving IE run blocking or outlet passing. Stocker does both, as does Hockenson, TJ happens to add the dimension of great pass catcher like Graham used to be.

Premium Positions - I get everyone wants the sexy Edge, QB, DB, OT with high picks because if they pan out its great. I don't see a premium position falling/slotting to us at 12 in this draft. Devin White regardless of being a ILB is a premium pick for Pettine, his defense is built on pressure from all spots and all angles. White can and will do that, Pettine also doesn't place a premium on Edge rushers like years past, so I went with filling up the rotation vs 1 high end guy. Similar to the Eagles model last year, interior line penetration mixed with fresh rotational edge guys get to the QB.

Draft, there is a DB taken @ 30 and also in round 6. Adderly can drop to play slot if needed, multi position flexibility is best. Then dropping another safety in the back end like we already schemed this season. Additionally there was a WR taken in the 4th round, one I feel challenges MVS. @CWood21

The capital being spent has to go somewhere, there isn't going to be a premium edge guy to invest it in, they will all get tagged. So where do you plan on spending this season? Anthony Barr? No thanks, Fowler will get in the ball park of where I have him priced as will Tate. Neither has performed well recently outside of a few bright spots in the playoffs for Fowler. Take a look at Tate's current contract, considering he aging as well I think the price is close. Adam Humphries however might be a better slot for us, this mock I chose Tate.

That trade I made in the draft came out close in point and if we need to throw another late round pick in or future considerations so be it, I don't care if the exact numbers aren't there for it, not my expertise. Packers front office will handle that, I did that trade because it's where I value the talent level in the draft and it stocks our team with the needed talent.

I also inked Breelund with the thought of Vet leadership as it seems he made an impact there this off season if you listen to some of the interviews the young guys did. Tramon wasn't really mentioned but I'm ok either way. 

Finally Bell, I'm not a fan of the dude myself. He however is a talent this offense needs, I don't believe our new coaching tree is happy with one healthy RB going into the off season. Drafting a 4th round back is done as an insurance plan, not a make a difference on the field immediately. The Bell signing could have on out like Graham after yr 2 but has the potential boom in season 1 that puts this offense back to being fear. He performs great in cold weather and outdoors seems to be his best work. 

Again, appreciate the feedback as it helps to shape next thoughts. All the best!

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Unlike some other people I don't mind White at 12 at all.  I think he can be a great player in this league and lead the defense for 10 seasons.  That's worth the 12th pick to me.  Of course I could be completely wrong and he could flame out in 2 years, the guessing is what makes the draft fun!


Bell on the other hand isn't a guess at all.  He turned down just over 20 million guaranteed last year from the Steelers (Not the 10 that was originally reported), and was willing to sit out a whole season because of it.  What makes you think he'll sign for less this year?  To be fair I don't think he'll get his 15 million a year like he wants, but I see a team like the Jets throwing a lot of guaranteed money at him.  And he showed last year he cares about the money, not the love of the game.


I like the other free agent signings, I'm a fan of Fowler and I don't think he'll get huge money.  Just want to know where you got your cap space numbers from?  I normally look at overthecap and they have us at 33 mill right now.  Am I missing something?  Honest question there as I'm working on my own mock and I want it to be accurate.  Thanks

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@Bleed G&G if you follow what I did with cuts of Perry and Graham then use over the cap (starts around $35m in space) to trim out some of the lower end roster fat that won't be making it the number gets to the upper $40's for space. I used that as the barometer for starting cap space because most if not all those bodies will be gone. 

I think an offseason of Bell sitting will have changed his tune a bit, I don't like the all for the money aspect or personality either. I was putting the signing into the offseason based on a 2yr shot of getting his talent on the field with 12. Some sort of impact splash or two is needed this offseason if we are going to take ourselves seriously as a contender going into 2019 season.

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