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February Mock Offseason

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Starting Cap Space: 10.6 million 
2020 Cap Space: 45 million [assuming 200 million cap]

Obviously, this is not a lot of money and it looks like even less when you consider the Bears only have 30 something players under contract. The Bears are going to have to be pretty responsible with their money, but they should have more than enough for a functional offseason and can create more with a couple of moves that push money back into 2020 and 2021 where a new CBA should give them additional breathing room.

Released/Not Re-Signed [8.1 Million Saved]

TE Dion Sims [6 million]

This may be the easiest cut of them all and the final turd from the disastrous 2017 free agency period. Sims is awful at everything and makes way too much money. Not cutting him last season was a mistake as the Bears could have rolled that money forward and used it this offseason or in the Mack and Goldman extensions to lessen later years cap hits.

OLB Sam Acho [2.1 million]

Good guy, good locker room guy, but I do not think he is as good as Isiaih Irving, he is hurt and he makes 4x as much money as the current backups.

K Cody Parkey [2020: 1.5 million saved]

There is simply no way that he can ever set foot in Soldier Field again. It was a horrendous signing that already cost the Bears a playoff game, he cannot be allowed to cost the Bears anymore.

S Adrian Amos

The Bears obviously want him back, but I have a feeling his market is going to be stronger than we think. There are already reports that they are far apart on money, and all it takes is one team that needs a consistent backend player to over pay Amos into the 8-9 a season range and the Bears have to step back.

OLB Aaron Lynch 

I would love to have Lynch back as I thought he was a very good option as the 3rd OLB, but guys who played at the level he did this year are looking at deals with 5 million/season. The Bears simply cannot afford to invest that in that position with what they pay and will be paying the top 2 guys.

P Pat O'Donnell 

He is too inconsistent for the Bears to invest real money into. He was having a great playoff game before he shanked the most important punt of the season. The Bears can pay an UDFA or 7th round pick 1/5th of what O'Donnell will command and at worse get someone at his level.

OG Eric Kush

Lost his starting job, then lost his backup job, so I cannot see him back with the Bears who need to start using this roster spot to develop a long term replacement for Kyle Long.

RB Benny Cunningham

I know he plays special teams, a unit that underperformed all season, but he brings nothing to offense and he is the least dynamic RB on the team. The Bears need some speed and potential in this spot.

Cap Space: 18.7 million

Restructure [5 million saved, 2020 1 million spent]

OLB Khalil Mack convert 6 million to signing bonus. Saving 5 million and adding 1 million to the cap of the following 5 years.

Cap Space: 23.7 million

Extensions [4 Million Spent]

The Bears need to use the remaining years on some deals to spread the cap hit out and make the deal easier to handle in later years. It also provides them with leverage as the players risks injury/ineffectiveness in 2019.

-There is simply no way that they are going to let Whitehair leave, he is very good and he happens to be close with Trubisky. The C and the QB have to work together to make checks and calls and I see no reason to break up the partnership.

-I want to keep Floyd, but I do not want to pay him at a clip of 13 million on his 5th year option in 2020. That is too much considering the other deals that the Bears need to get done. The Bears should pick up the option and work on an extension for Floyd that wipes out the option and gives him more truly guaranteed money. Right now he has 5 million guaranteed and 13 million option guaranteed for only serious injury. The new deal he has 23 million in actual guarantees and doesn't have to take 2 years of risk to get to a real pay day.

C Cody Whitehair

Remaining: 1 year 1.3 million/0 guaranteed
New Money: 4 years 38 million/25 guaranteed/10 SB [Brandon Linder]
Total Contract: 5 years 39.3 million/25 guaranteed

Year 1: 2 guaranteed salary/2 SB [4] 
Year 2: 4 guaranteed salary/2 SB [6]
Year 3: 6 guaranteed salary/2 SB/1 roster bonus [9]
Year 4: 6.3 salary/2 SB/1 roster bonus [9.3]
Year 5: 8 salary/2 SB/1 roster bonus [11]

OLB Leonard Floyd

Remaining: 1 year 5.1 million/0 guaranteed + 5th year option [13 million]
New Money: 4 years 37 million/23 guaranteed/10 SB [Jabaal Sheard +]
Total Contract: 5 years 42.1 million/20.1 guaranteed

Year 1: 3.1 guaranteed salary/2 SB [5.1] 
Year 2: 5 guaranteed salary/2 SB [7] *saves the bears 6 million in the big cap year
Year 3: 4/2 SB/3 roster bonus [9]
Year 4: 6/2 SB/2 roster bonus [10]
Year 5: 10/2 SB [12]

Cap Space: 19.7 million

Re-Signed [15.5 Million Spent]

OT Bobbie Massie 5 years 40 million/15.8 guaranteed

Based on the OT market and the deal that Massie signed this was a huge win for the Bears and keeps the OL together and does not open up a weak spot. The low year 1 cap hit, the low guarantees and the 5 year length of the deal are a steal based on how Massie played in 2018.

Year 1: 3.8 
Year 2: 8.3

CB Bryce Callahan 3 years 18 million/8 guaranteed

There are a couple of reasons I think this can get done. Callahan's injury history should reduce his market a little. He is a scheme specific player who does not really have the size to thrive on the outside and he knows he fits this defense. With Prince's money more than likely coming off the books it is one big year of CB spending.

Year 1: 2 guaranteed salary/1 SB/1 roster bonus [4]
Year 2: 4 salary/1 SB/1 roster bonus [6]
Year 3: 6 salary/1 SB/1 roster bonus [8]

OG Bryan Witzmann 1 year 1.5 million/1 guaranteed [1.5]

He started slow, but he started to play really well in a reserve role before Kyle Long came back. He looked like a clear upgrade over what the Bears were getting from Kush. I think keeping an experienced backup is important with Long's health and 1.5-2.5 seems to be the rate for an experienced backup OLmen.

WR Josh Bellamy 2 years 2.75 million/1.5 guaranteed [1.5]

I have not been a fan of Bellamy, but this season he had enough moments on offense and special teams that I think he is worth keeping. In the past my issue with him was that he could not catch and he did not add anything to offense, but that changed and good for Bellamy.

LS Patrick Scales 1 year 1 million/250k guaranteed [1]

I had no issues with Scales this season outside of the fact that he was snapping to an inconsistent punter and a kicker who sucks.

RFA [Orginial Round 2.2 million]

TE Ben Braunecker [non tender] 1 year 950k/500k guaranteed [.95]

I am not interested in keeping Braunecker at 2.2 million, but at less than that I am interested in seeing his role expand. He made some nice catches down the stretch and seemed entrenched in the #3 TE role. 1.2 million doubles his pay and keeps it at a more reasonable cap hit. The Bears did the same thing with Bellamy this season.

S DeAndre Houston-Carson [non tender] 1 year 950k/500k guaranteed [.95]

Again, DHC is not a player I am interested in paying 2.2 million, but he is a key special teamer and a part time defensive player and I think a pay raise is deserved.

ERFA [1.8]

DE Roy Robertson-Harris 1 year 620k

There will be some debate for RRH whether he is an ERFA or a RFA. He spent his rookie year on the non-football injury list which technically does not count as a year of service. Recently, McCarron won his grievance against the Bengals about a similar situation, so to avoid that I would be fine with the Bears meeting RRH in the middle of the ERFA [620K] and 2nd round RFA [3.9 million] and giving him 2 million for the season.

OT Rashard Coward 1 year 620k

Coward can backup at RT and possibly start at RG in 2020

OLB Isaiah Irving 1 year 620k

A decent number of flashes this season that make keeping Irving as a possible #3 OLB well worth it considering he is so cheap. There is some pass rush spark here that the Bears need to continue to see what happens.

Top 51 Cash Return: 8 million
Cap Space: 12.2 million

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Free Agents [6.75 million Spent]

OLB Shane Ray [Denver] 1 years 2.5 million/1 guaranteed *100K/game active bonus [2.5]

The Bears should use the 3rd OLB spot as a place where they can take a shot at someone who needs a change of scenery. Aaron Lynch had a nice season in that role and probably gets himself some money this offseason. Ray is another talented guy who because of injuries and depth chart was never really what the Broncos drafted. Ray can come in and rebound his value in the #3 role and the Bears get a potential signing that out plays his contract.


RB Spencer Ware [KC] 2 years 3.6 million/1.5 guaranteed [1.5]

The Bears are clearly going to make moves at RB. I expect that a veteran like Ware is signed who knows the system and can start until a draft pick or a suspended player is ready to go. This is the Bears insurance policy while the rest of the depth chart gets sorted out.


RB Kareem Hunt [KC] 2 years 3 million/500k guaranteed [1]

Based on football and financials this move should happen, it makes way too much sense, and is probably the Bears best way to take a major step forward without having significant resources. The PR side of it would need to be dealt with, but with the number of test balloons they have sent up they have already started the process.


WR Corey Coleman [NYG] 1 year 1.25 million/250k guaranteed *50k/game active bonus [1.25]

The Bears have a 6th WR spot that is vacant and they probably will not need the player, but why not use that spot to take a shot at someone who has 1st round ability, but who has never really lived up to it. Coleman has talent, he can get deep, but his career path has been a mess, partly because he was drafted by the Browns. Lets see what Nagy and Furrey can do with him.


*Trade: The Chicago Bears trade 5[2020] to the Baltimore Ravens for P/K Kaare Vedvick.

P/K Kaare Vedvick  [Baltimore] 500k

He has a huge leg, he can punt, kickoff, and kick field goals, but he is stuck on the depth chart in Baltimore. The Bears need someone who can punt and do kick offs so he fits that bill, but how nice would it be to have a 2nd kicker active on game days? Maybe he just kicks the super long field goals, maybe you turn to him if you kicker is struggling. Vedvick is a unique player and the Bears should explore this trade.


Cap Room: 5.5 million

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3[87] S Amani Hooker [Iowa] 6' 210lbs.

If Amos leaves the Bears have a hole at SS and they need someone who can compete with Bush and maybe even replace him if he does not step up in the role. Hooker would give them a little more in coverage than Bush. He had 4 INTs and 7 PD this season and flashes more range than I think the Bears saw from Amos. Hooker was used as a dime LB as well to cover backs and TEs and in a defense that blitzs more having that diverse skill set is important. Jackson playing deep middle, Hooker on the TE, and Callahan and Roquan blitzing is how I see him being used.


4. OG Erik McCoy [Texas A&M] 6'4" 310lbs.

The Bears are going to need a starting RG in 2020. They cannot afford to pay Kyle Long what he will be making with the physical abuse he has been through. The Bears need to start developing options so that they can save money at that spot and not spend money to replace Long. McCoy is a physical and versatile interior player who has the movement ability for the screens and pull blocks. McCoy made 36 starts in college at OG and C and has the experience that should make his learning curve a little less steep. McCoy can backup in 2019, or be inactive, and developed for 2020. If Long gets injured again he can enter the competition to replace him. Watch the Senior Bowl, you will fall in love with McCoy.


*Trade: The Bears trade RB Jordan Howard to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a 5th round pick in 2019.

5. RB Bruce Anderson [North Dakota St] 5'10" 210lbs.

The Bears need options at RB and they clearly want more home run ability from the position. Anderson has the size to survive the carries we do not want to give to Cohen and he has the home run ability the Bears want. Anderson, all be it at a lower level of comp, has runs of 26, 27, 30, 32, 41, 42, and 85. He has catches of 14, 18, 25, and 75 on the season. He can come in and compete with Ware and if Hunt can keep his life together he can be the primary backup to Hunt and the Bears can release Ware in 2020.


5. TE Dax Raymond [Utah St] 6'5" 250lbs.

The Bears need a pass catching option at TE that can backup Burton and who can compete with Shaheen for the rest of the targets. Due to injury Shaheen has simply not developed the way you would like a former 2nd round pick to develop. The Bears cannot allow a Burton injury to have the trickle down effect it did in the playoff loss. Raymond has good size and athletic ability and can be a pass catching threat in the offense.


7. DE Armon Watts [Arkansas] 6'5" 309lbs.

The Bears have a 6th DL spot that is open and that player is not really required to play a lot, so they should use that spot to develop a young player for the rotation. Watts has the size and length the Bears like. He flashes on tape from time to time, but there is not a lot of consistency and he plays to high at times. These are all things that Jay Rodgers, arguably the Bears best position coach, can work out in 2019. RRH and Bullard are free agents in 2020, so having some developing backups is key.


7. CB Jamal Peters [Mississippi St] 6'2" 215lbs.

A huge physical CB that has the tools, but not the production that you would like to see to get drafted higher. Peters immediately can step in on special teams and give Chris Tabor and athletic specimen on the kick coverage units. This makes it easier to keep him and see what happens at CB. As a CB this is a home run swing to see if they can find a Prince replacement in a competition between Peters and Tolliver. If neither takes the next step they simply draft one high the next year.



K Matt Gay [Utah] 6' 230lbs.

The Bears should add another young kicker to compete with Redford Jones, who was not great in college, and by adding Gray they have another option that fits within the budget. I would not be opposed to the loser of the competition being added to the PR so they have a break glass in case of emergency guy in the building. In 2018, he was an 84% kicker with a long of 55 and in 2017, he was an 88% kicker with a long of 56 yards. He has a big leg and he has been consistent in a kicking environment that is not ideal. Between Gay, Jones, and Vidveck, the Bears have to have someone who can make kicks.


P Zach Sinor [OK St] 6'1" 210lbs.

The Bears need to have constant competition at both kicking spots and by adding Vidveck you have what you expect to be your starting punter, but might as well see what another guy has as well. The punting game simply was not good enough last season. The Bears can no longer live with such inconsistency.


2019 Cap Space: 2.75
2020 Cap Space Spent: 32.65 Million

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Depth Chart

QB: Trubisky, Daniel
RB: Ware, Cohen, Anderon, Mizzell/Hunt
WR: Robinson, Gabriel, Miller, Bellamy, Wims, Coleman
TE: Burton, Shaheen, Raymond, Braunecker
LT: Leno, Sowell
LG: Daniels, McCoy
C: Whitehair
RG: Long, Witzmann
RT: Massie, Coward 

RE: RRH, Bullard
NT: Goldman, Nichols
LE: Hicks, Watt
OLB: Floyd, Ray
ILB: Trevathan, Kwiatowski
ILB: Smith, Iggy
OLB: Mack, Irving, Fitts
CB: Fuller, Prince, Callahan, Tolliver, McManis, Peters
FS: Jackson, DHC
SS: Bush/Hooker

K: Gay 
P: Vedvick
LS: Scales

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If they keep Amos and lose Callahan,

S Adrian Amos 4 years 28 million/14 guaranteed

Durability and reliability are huge pluses for Amos and he has steadily made more plays as he has gone along. Amos is a nice fit for Jackson as a partner, because while he lacks Jackson's big play flair and range, he is a solid tackler and is rarely gambling or out of position. Amos sounds like he will test the market and the Bears have to hope the offers stay at the 7/year range.

3[87] CB Jimmy Moreland [James Madison] 5'11" 188lbs.

If the Bears bring Amos back they are more than likely saying goodbye to Bryce Callahan and they will need a slot CB, as McManis was good, not great. Moreland could be a game changing slot CB. Undersized, but not tiny, for the outside, he is a sticky man cover CB that has the quickness to match up in the slot. Moreland has 18 career interceptions, 5 career TDs and is a playmaker that would fit in nicely with the Bears defense.


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