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TAET: This Ain't Eagles Talk | RIP Jlash


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26 minutes ago, Phire said:

LP was my JAM in middle school, this sucks.

If you couldn't get up for LP, you didnt have a soul. 

Reminds me of walking in the locker room getting ready for practice, that was almost always playing. That dude could sing. 

Always liked Mike Shinoda to. 

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Just now, Bednarik60 said:

Any of you savages a left foot breaker? I just watched a bunch of videos on left foot braking, always thought it was like the cardinal sin of driving lol. 

Isn't that considered dangerous? 

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1 minute ago, Phire said:

@Bednarik60 Interesting, didn't even know that was a thing.

Me either until the other night when i was listening to this car podcast with some drivers and they were talking about driving on the street to and they go "you a left or right foot breaker?" and the entire room split lol... 

The thinking is your never moving your foot off the accelerator and if you need your breaks you instantly are on them. 

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