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FOLES WATCH: Eagles picked up option; Foles opts out

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I honestly don’t think you should be scared to deal within the division. Just know whoever’s asking is going to pay an up charge. We’ve traded with Dallas, Wash recently. It happens. 

There has been some recent development where Nick can actually dispute a tag and trade because there’s some language in the tag rules that says the team should be tagging with an honest intent to retain the services. And if not met, the player has a right to file a grievance become a free agent. Now, every union law is usually picked apart and interpreted and there’s some gray area we can wiggle around. Example, we could offer Nick a 3 year, 15 million deal to be a backup and then we can say we tried to resign him and he rejected the deal. And so, we wanted to keep him and then decided to trade him because we couldn’t agree to terms because Nick wants to start and get starter money. 

Deadline to tag is March 6th. And the deadline to get a new deal done is July 16th. So, I’d imagine that the Eagles would issue the non-exclusive tag where Nick can negotiate with other teams and if he finds a deal and the Eagles decline to match, the other team would send two 1sts or whatever they agree upon, I’d imagine, to acquire Nick. So, I would think Howie is already looking for suitors and if/when we tag Nick, he’ll be moved relatively fast. But either way, Nick won’t be on this team come July 16th. 

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On 2/7/2019 at 11:39 AM, nlesthought said:

All speculation is Jax...but who knows they really thought Bortles turned the corner with that playoff run two seasons ago. 

I'm hoping it's Jax. We might be able to get a few extra picks out of them. 3rd this year and maybe a 3rd next year too. 

Go Birds, 

Master "The Haul" Cheddaar

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