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Rank these QB's performances in the Super Bowl


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These are are all of the noticeably poor performances since the turn of the century.

Kerry Collins, 35

Rich Gannon, 37

Ben Roethlisberger, 40

Rex Grossman, 41

Peyton Manning, 48

Cam Newton, 50

Peyton Manning, 50

Jared Goff, 53

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In the end, context matters.   All of those QBs had bad games.  

An example is Peyton Manning.   

In 2013, Peyton set the TD and yards record.  He was lights out all season, and had a great divisional and conference title game performance.  In the Super Bowl, he looked shell shocked from the opening snap and never recovered.  He threw multiple picks.  While his defense never picked him up much, they held Seattle to field goals from his turnovers and deep field punts.  He couldn't put up points or drive the ball much.  When he finally was, he threw a pick 6, sealing the game.   He put up a ton of garbage time yards, making his performance seem better than it was.  He only lead 1 scoring drive though as the MVP.


In comparison, 2015 Peyton played as poorly, but he was a shell of himself that year so I would rank the SB 48 performance as the worse of the 2.

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I'd be lying if i said i could remember any of these except for Goff's.  So it would just a box score scouting exercise.

That being said - i don't think Goff was particularly awful.  What i saw was a defense that knew what the offense was doing before they did it.  And they got good pressure on Goff to boot.  He never stood a chance.

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