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2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

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Some more transfer information.



*Tommy Stevens former Penn State QB/RB/WR is moving on to Mississippi State as a transfer and has a chance to potentially start I feel.  Has a connection with the coach Joe Moorhead and hopefully he gets his chance to shine, only has one year left.  I thought he showed flashes at times at Penn State just needed a chance to play and needs to stay healthy as well.  Is a possible position change and is a long shot for the NFL but might be an interesting enough athlete to pay attention to.


*Tavien Feaster is in the transfer portal, kind of a surprise but he could be a stud with another program, big physical back who is strong and had a good season last year and this will be his last season.  Will see what he decides to do.


*Sihiem King is in the transfer portal as well, surprising because with Snell gone he could be the man on Kentucky, is a good quick back that showed some flashes at times and might be an opportunity somewhere else.


*Mark Allen former Penn State RB, never did much but flashed in spring games and is a decent athlete, he has transferred to Duquesne.


*JD King former Ok State RB who was a SOPH this past year transferred to Georgia Southern but will have to sit out a year before playing but I think he has two years left to play.  Similar to Hill and was thought to be the next up there at OK State but was passed on the depth chart by Hubbard last year.  Should get a nice chance to shine with the Georgia Southern program either at RB or as a wild cat QB possibly.


*Zech McPhearson former Penn State CB, decent athlete and potential transferred to Texas Tech and can play right away.  Was a RS SOPH last year on Penn State, curious position to land, but should get a chance to start right away potentially.


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Deondre Francois former RS JR Florida State QB is transferring to FAU as a walk on graduate transfer.  Decent landing spot for him to play but with his baggage would be surprised to see him be a high pick.  As a RS FR I thought he had tons of potential but the injury his second year hurt a ton and the off the field trouble he got in and then being kicked off the team.  Will see if he can show that strong arm and poise in the pocket despite getting crushed back there, but clearly he was just overly developed as a freshman but did not progress as a passer much since he has been in college when one would assume he would.  Should be able to do well at a lower competition level in a unique offense, still is probably a late round pick though.


Also potential draft pick next year, JR DE Bobby Roundtree out of Illinois suffered a severe spinal injury from a swimming accident.  Really awful and clearly he might never play again, hopefully he can.  Kid has potential and I think he could have easily been a mid round pick if not higher, had a fine SOPH season last year and has a great build for a DE. 



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Florida State: 
Made some changes on defense, they have moved Hamsah Nasirildeen to linebacker from safety, will see if he sticks there I thought he showed some promise as a safety but might be a little slow.  The change is brought on by Jaiden Lars-Woodbey who would fill in as the safety last year as a freshman and could do some nice things this year, but he might end up as the LB and Nasirildeen might move back to safety will see.  Decent corners in Asante Samuel Jr I like and Stanford Samuel III is ok and has some some flashes.  Really interesting will be Levonta Taylor who apparently has moved to safety as well according to the depth chart.  That will be interesting, he flashed as a corner but has never been consistent and last year was just simply bad.  FSU has a decent DL if Wilson, Robinson and Kaindoh play well, and they will need the group to be much improved over last season if they want to improve as a team


They might have one of deepest RB core in the nation if you are talking pure bodies at the position with proven ability.  They are Mohamed Ibrahim, Rodney Smith, Shannon Brooks, Bryce Williams and even maybe Seth Green as a Wild cat type QB runner.  Two thousand yard rushers in two different seasons and Brooks had over 700 yards his freshman year but injuries have slowed him and same with Rodney Smith.  And Bryce Williams had over 500 last season and again Seth Green was dynamic around the goal line in the wild cat running the football.   Super deep group and leading the way is the biggest offensive lineman in college in Daniel Faalele a player who I thought had a great freshman season and has pro potential no question, kid is a mover out there and was a huge part of their late season success.  Also Dunlap looks to become a consistent starter as well on the OL and has potential, so that run game in Minnesota should be one to watch out for no question.
Miami FL:
Will have something special this year at linebacker, so rare to have starting LB experience who have almost started their entire careers together and stayed all the way till their SR year.  With Quarterman, Pinckney and McCloud it is a crazy impressive LB core, and ahead of them is a talented group of potential pass rushers as well.  If they can get some help in the secondary they could be something, Bandy is decent at CB but safety is a question, hopefully Romeo Finely can fill in there but apparently he might be more a nickle LB potentially.  If Martell can finally move that offense and put up some points, they could have something no doubt.  And Travis Homer declared early for the draft for what?  To be a 6th round pick, they could do some things this year, and DeeJay Dallas will now get the chance at RB along with some other new faces.  The defense will carry them and lead them, will see if Quarterman can finally have that elite level season in terms of production and playmaking in big games.  
Ohio State:
Defense has a ton of returning proven talent on the unit.  Sure not all are super stars like Chase Young and the DL needs to improve in terms of the DT and opposite DE position to Young.  But at LB they have a ton of depth with Harrison, Borland and Browning and Werner who I expect to be the starter sooner rather than later.  Then at DB they are more than solid with Wade who could be a star, Okudah who has a lot of game and Arnette who is experienced.  They they got White at safety who came on strong last year and Fuller.  So more likely than not the defense will not the such an issue as it was last season.  Will see who from that group can take the next step and become an elite level talent.
Oddly enough they have a very solid OL returning.  Starting with Jon Runyan who had a good season last year and is poised to do it again, and a fine guard in Ben Bredeson who could be a mid round draft pick.  Then they have Ruiz at center, Onwenu at the other guard and Stueber at tackle who has showed some promise.  And they have Spanellis and Greg Robinson as backups.  Depth is one thing but if they can all play together as a unit they got a lot of returning talent that is for sure, and they will need it without Evans most likely or Higdon to run the ball.  
On the DL will be strong again, they lost Dean in the secondary which is huge for the defense and a few solid LBs as well.  But Derrick Brown in the middle is a legit top 15 pick, and Coe is a strong pass rushing DE and Davidson is not half bad either on the other side and could play DT if asked also.  Again overall the D might not be as strong but hard to not be impressed with those three solid starters they have on the DL.  
Notre Dame:
On the OL in terms of consistent starting experience, they might have the best OL in the nation.  Eichenberg is a solid player and so is Hainsey at the other OT spot.  Banks has potential at guard and Kraemer shows a lot of promise as well to be a very good player.  If Patterson can hang at center they should clearly be the #1 OL in the nation I feel.  Only one who could compete with them might be Alabama but Deonte Brown is suspended for the start of the season and Womack still has some things to prove as a OT not to mention the new starting center.  
Interesting pair of pass rushers for Syracuse, rarely does a team have two defensive ends come back that each on 10 sacks the season before.  Alton Robinson is super athletic and long and Kendall Coleman is simply productive, could be an interesting defense for the Cuse no question especially with the centerfield star in Andre Cisco back at safety and a promising young CB in Trill Williams.
Wake Forest:
Odd to say but they could have a decent offense this year.  Sam Hartman showed some things at QB last year and if he does not work out Jamie Newman is extremely talented as well and proved a lot late last season also, he is a big strong kid.  Then at RB Cade Carney had a great season last year and could be even better this season.  At WR they have depth with Scotty Washington who I expect to break out this season, Sage Surratt and Kendall Hinton former QB.  Too bad Greg Dortch declared early and went undrafted, if he would have returned they would of had a damn impressive offensive with his depth threat speed.  
A few other prospects to watch this year:
Manny Bowen SR LB Utah:
Penn State transfer who could have a dominating season on Utah I feel.  They are such a talented group with solid prospects in the secondary, very good DL talent and have a need for good LB play with Barton and Hansen moving onto the NFL.  Bowen will be teamed with Francis Bernard a BYU transfer who is a decent player as well at LB.  I always like Bowen's athletic ability he showed at Penn State, and should get a great chance to do a lot of things this year on Utah for that unit.  
Stephen Sullivan SR TE/WR LSU:
I see he is listed as a TE and that would be a very interesting position change.  Love his size as a WR and if he can use that big frame as a pass catching TE he could be an interesting prospect.  Even as a WR I think he is a draftable type talent and as a TE even more so, will see if he sticks at that position this year.  Also hopefully for what Pettigrew can do at that spot as well for LSU as another big long TE.
Jaelan Phillips JR DE Miami FL: 
The former UCLA transfer is in a nice situation.  Does not have to perform with the super star Garvin and the transfer Hill on the roster already.  But if Phillips can stay healthy which he has not done his entire career in college, he could become a decent player.  Has a great build and uses his hands well for a DE.  Will be interesting to see what he can do in a new environment.  If he can play well they could develop a pretty sound defense down there in Miami.
K'Lavon Chaisson RS SOPH OLB/DE LSU:
Easy to forget about him but the kid can play and has worlds of potential.  Could provide a much needed pass rush for LSU and is part of a pretty talented and stacked group of linebackers.  Will see what he looks like off the injury, but kid could play and bend the edge early in his career, will see if he can round back to form.
Jordan Davis SOPH DT Georgia:
Really liked what he showed last season in little spurts.  Kid is a giant DT with good feet and athletic ability.  Could be a monster on the DL if he can stay healthy and stay active in the game.  Huge upside with him and got to love that frame, will see if he can break out this season for Georgia who should have a very sound defensive unit at all levels.  

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