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2020 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (+weekly prospect standouts)

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Serious question, did you only watch PAC 12 games? Seems like 75% or more of the players you named were from that conference.

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22 hours ago, badgers0821 said:

Serious question, did you only watch PAC 12 games? Seems like 75% or more of the players you named were from that conference.

It is good to have a variety and I try to not talk too much about players I have already discussed.  But I did miss a lot of the early games, was doing a restoration project on an old home.

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Week 5: Prospect Standouts

*Evan Weaver SR ILB Cal:
Love watching him play football, is just all over the field making plays.  Missed some tackles but is so consistent overall and plays with such great effort.  Thought of him originally as a 3/4 OLB but is more a 3/4 ILB or 4/3 ILB.  Is tough, smart, really reads plays well and just has a nose for the football.  Is on pace to possibly break Luke Kuechly's single season tackle record I believe.  Awesome prospect for sure 1st rounder I feel and the best ILB potentially in the up coming draft.  Is a throw back the way he plays and how much effort he puts for being a physical tough linebacker, is a joy to watch.  

*Chase Young JR DE Ohio State:
Could he play any better than he has been, I doubt it.  Has a sack or more in every game he has played.  Is no question the #1 or #2 pick in the draft I feel.  Is just dominating and is unblockable most of the time.  Great speed, great quickness and burst off the ball.  Is smart and is just a terror to deal with.  Could play 3/4 OLB or 4/3 DE, is a super star pass rushing prospect no doubt about it.  

*Jonah Jackson SR OG Ohio State:
Is arguably played as good as any guard in the country I feel.  Might move him up to being a potential 2nd round pick.  Has done so well and is a big key to that Ohio State offense in the run game and in pass pro along with the great center Myers.  He is just doing so well, never saw him play at Rutgers but he looks the part at Ohio State and if he keeps doing this well could maybe sneak into being a 1st round pick because at guard not many have played better than he has at that position.  

*Gabriel Davis JR WR UCF:
Liked him earlier this year and just keeps looking better and better.  Love his work ethic, love the hands he has catching the football.  Is a professional all the way, takes the game seriously and should be possibly a 2nd round pick if he comes out early.  Great talent and is no doubt one of the best WRs in the nation despite it being a strong draft class possibly he still would be in the conversation to be a 2nd round pick I feel with how well he has played.

*Kyle Hamilton FR S Notre Dame:
Super star talent, love his ball skills and love his size.  Kid is going to be a player and is having a great season.  Covers a lot of ground and with his wing span can make a lot of plays on the football, good instincts and kid should be a super star in a few years especially if he keeps improving as a tackler, already has great ball skills.  

*Trey Adams RS SR OT Washington:
Played great and looked great I thought.  Always has been a good athlete but he looks more thick now and strong at the point of attack.  Moves his feet well and to me he is for sure a 1st round talent and is one of the best OT prospect in the up coming draft.  Only question is his health, but he at least has shown the ability to come back off the injuries, hopefully he can stay healthy all year long and finish out his career strong.  

*Jeffrey Okudah JR CB Ohio State:
Not sure he is a high 1st round pick like the talk says but hard to argue with how well he played especially against Nebraska.  Made some great tackles in space and some awesome interceptions as well.  Has been good for a few years but never great, this year he is playing great and playing like an elite CB.  I would say 2nd round no doubt might work for him but with how well he has played could sneak into late 1st round with the CB needs around the NFL.  Awesome game by him on the road, was a big part in that dominating win.  

*Jayden Daniels FR QB Arizona State:
Is super hard to handle when Eno runs well because of his running ability in the zone read game.  Is a nice looking prospect who has lead his team to big wins this year no question about it.  Has a decent arm and is clearly a fine natural athlete.  Will be one to watch in the future, see if he can put on some muscle and weight.   Despite not having a ton of talent around him he is still playing very well and helping his teammates play better around him.  

*Justin Fields SOPH QB Ohio State:
Just keeps playing better and better, is accurate with the football, able to spread out to many different weapons and moves the chains.  Made some great throws under pretty decent pressure at times.  Amazing play by him and that Ohio State offense in general, they are a complete team no doubt and easily one of the top 4 in the nation.  I would be shocked if they do not win the Big Ten title and get to the Playoff this year.  They are playing great football and Fields is a huge reason for their success overall, great game by him on the road in a tough environment.  

*Seth Williams SOPH WR Auburn:
Played great this year, liked him a lot last year and he is easily one of the best receivers in his class.  Great strong hands, can go up and get the football, great jump ball athlete who is tough and does not mind contact.  Should do very well over the next two years with Nix as the QB as well.

*Julian Okwara SR DE Notre Dame:
Awesome game by him, nice to see him productive getting to the QB after a slow start to the season.  Had him as a mid round pick to start to season and he for sure is that if not potentially higher if he keeps playing well.  Good build, provides a good push and could be a fine 4/3 DE in the NFL, awesome game by him with 3 sacks and an impressive 2 forced fumbles.  

*Shea Patterson SR QB Michigan:
Been hard on him the previous weeks but this is what he should have looked like all season.  Athletic, nimble in the pocket and accurate throwing the football down field.  Able to get away from pressure and make key throws down field using the many weapons he has, and he did that in this game.  Is a next level prospect no doubt but needs to keep playing this way, confident as a passer and able to make plays and put the ball in the hands of his playmakers.  

*Baron Browning JR ILB Ohio State:
As a ILB he is looking great, so athletic and strong at the point of attack.  Can move very well and is big improvement over Tuf Borland I feel for Ohio State at ILB.  Browing is an elite prospect and one of the better looking ILBs in the country who is coming into his own as a prospect

*Cheyenne O'Grady RS SR TE Arkansas:
I need to watch him more but looks like a very smooth pass catching TE with some nice ability.  Good hands, runs good routes and is basically a WR who is a little bigger and can play some stretch TE, plays in the slot a lot and can come down with the football in traffic.  Interesting talent for sure and one to watch come draft time as a potential sleeper.  

*Devonta Smith JR WR Alabama:
Easy to forget about him but wow he played great, showed he also has some speed to burn and is a good jump ball WR who can run after the catch.  Not sure he will be a early entry guy this year or not, if he returns as a senior he will do more of this potentially with increased opportunities.  Fine looking player and with Ruggs out possibly for a little he will get more and more chances to shine.  Is 5th in the nation now in receiving yards by a WR after this dominating game by him.  

*Isaiah Simmons RS JR OLB/S Clemson:
Have brought him up a ton and the kid just looks different out there compared to other linebackers, especially as a OLB with range and coverage abilities.  Such a fine athlete and can do so many things, would be very surprised to not see him as a top 15 pick, is the clear star on that Clemson defense and their best player.  

*Chuba Hubbard RS SOPH RB Ok State:
Liked him last year and he is dominating this season with his speed and big play ability as a back.  Once he gets the football he makes plays and big runs consistently.  Does not go up against great defense all the time but hard to not be impressed with how he has played this year leading the nation in rushing yards so far.  In five games has almost a 300 yard lead on the closest RB to his total for the season, and that was with a game where he only had 44 yards, super impressive play by him.

*Camryn Bynum RS JR CB Cal:
Fine looking talent, liked him last year and have been even more impressed with him this season.  Knows the game, studies the game and is a sound CB who could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick no doubt.  Good tackling game for him, tough and physical play even in a tough loss.  Good looking talent and I expect him to come out early as a RS JR.

*Eno Benjamin JR RB Arizona State:
Good to see him run hard and get a lot of action in the run game.  Love his physical style, has great feet and nice power inbetween the tackles.  Underrated athlete, as a 2nd or 3rd round pick he could be a steal, has potential to be just as good as some other backs that might be drafted ahead of him.

*Bo Nix FR QB Auburn:
Off that great early game, he is looking better and better.   Nice smooth release, is a good athlete, good competitor and is playing great football I feel.  Will have some huge expectations this year and next especially if they keep playing this well at Auburn and continue to win.  Nix is a nice looking player though and could be the best FR QB this season but will see how the rest of it all goes this season.  

*Rasheed Walker RS FR OT Penn State:
Need to watch him a lot more but looks like a potential star OT, good feet and is strong.  Stout OT who could become a player in the near future, arguably is the most impressive offensive lineman on the team in terms of being a next level prospect.  

*Zach Baun RS SR OLB Wisconsin:
Did have some off side penalties in this game but got to love the pressure he is consistently getting off the edge as a 3/4 OLB.  Playing the best of his career no doubt and looks super quick off the ball and is active all game long.  Good solid athlete and as a 3/4 OLB prospect could be a nice mid round pick I feel.  Helping provide much more of a pass rush than what they had last year on Wisconsin and it is helped the defense overall a great deal.

*Jalen Reagor JR WR TCU:
Did not have a great game as a receiver but showed how great he can be as a return man with an amazing return.  Super quick and agile, would be nice to see him get the ball more as a receiver but the kid can play and make big runs after the catch.  I do not think he is a 1st round talent in the middle rounds he could be a steal especially with his return skills.  

*Chris Orr RS SR ILB Wisconsin:
Amazing game by him, liked him late last year and thought he had potential and he showed a lot of that in this game, especially as a pass rusher.  Like his size as a inside linebacker and is a good looking athlete, compact and strong.  As a 3/4 ILB he has a chance no question at the next level, should be a solid mid to late round pick potentially.  

Noah Burks RS JR OLB Wisconsin:
I need to watch him a lot more but showed up big time in this game with that big interception return and a few nice QB pressures.  Still has a lot to improve on but looks like a decent 3/4 OLB prospect and could be a UDFA potentially.  Great play though on the INT no doubt about that, showed a lot of athletic ability.  

*Charlie Heck RS SR OT UNC:
I need to watch him more but kid looks the part and could be a late round pick or a UDFA.  Love his size and strength, is a big key to that fine UNC run game this season.  Promising player with a decent amount of upside, played solid against a good Clemson front I thought.  

*Hunter Bryant JR TE Washington:
Never have been a huge fan of his because of his small size for a TE, really he is just a big WR playing HB honestly.  But does make plays and gets things done, and in a few offenses in the NFL he could fit very well similar to Trey Burton as a TE/HB type who is more physical than a WR but is quicker than most TEs and can be a matchup problem.  Nice game by him and he is benefiting from the improved QB play at Washington for sure.  

*Jacob Eason RS JR QB Washington:
Looks very good on Washington and had a fine game.  Talent wise he could possibly have the best arm talent in the up coming draft in terms of QBs.  Has just a cannon and throws the ball so easily and has great velocity and spin on his passes.  Is a big kid, showed some decent ball handling ability in this game as well in terms of fakes and pitches.  Does not have amazing WRs to throw to but does what he can and is playing well for his home team where he grew up.  Would not be surprised to see him be a 1st rounder just on arm talent and upside alone.  

*Nevelle Clarke RS SR CB UCF:
Moved well in this game and made some big plays.  I have liked him for awhile because physically he is a very big and long corner but has a little twitch to him athletically where he can make some plays in the passing game.  As a some what project CB in the middle rounds he could be a very nice pickup I feel in the draft.

*McTelvin Agim SR DT/DE Arkansas:
Good game by him and beat the guard a few times nicely with good hand usage and quickness off the ball.  Could play 3/4 DE or 4/3 DT, is an interesting player and will get a shot at the next level, finally seeming to put it together as a senior and becoming more of a productive player on the field.

*Myles Bryant SR CB Washington:
As a slot CB, is not like Byron Murphy but as a potential mid round draft pick is really interesting because of his slot CB potential.  Is quick, agile, can run well and stick with receivers.  Has ability to blitz off the edge and can tackle despite being a pretty small CB.  

*Greg Newsome II SOPH CB Northwestern:
Love the toughness he showed in this game, I need to watch him a lot more but competed aggressively and made some big plays for them.  Fought hard as a CB and was very physical despite not being a huge athletic corner, is one to watch as the year goes on.  

*Salvon Ahmed JR RB Washington:
Liked him last year and he had a dominating game against USC, has such blazing speed in the open field, finds the hole and can just explode for big plays down field.  Like his feet, like his quickness and has good hands out of the backfield.  Is a nice looking player and should get a shot at the next level, especially because of his game breaking speed in the open field.  

*Stephen Carr JR RB USC:
Wish he ran like this every game, never noticed by his is a very physical runner and apparently breaks as many tackles as any RB in the nation and did that last season.  Can take contact and run through it that is for sure, could be the weak Washington front 7 though did not hurt.  Will see if Carr can finally become that elite back he should be for USC and that offense.  

*Jordan Tucker RS SOPH OT UNC:
The guy is a house out there, love his size and strength.  Will be one to watch with a surprisingly tough and physical UNC offense.  That run game is helped by Carter and some others who are fine backs, but this OL especially at the OT spots is solid and tough, able to move people and gain yards.  Tucker is a big part of that and a nice looking prospect.  

*Chazz Surratt RS JR OLB UNC:
I need to watch him more, looks like a safety but is apparently a LB in that defense.  Kid was all over the field though attacking the QB, getting pressure and making plays and getting his hands on the football in the passing game.  Had just a great game and was all over the place.  Need to watch him more again but kid was a pure playmaker in this game and a key part to the near victory for UNC.  

*Adrian Killins Jr SR RB UCF:
Is easy to forget about him but kid is an electric talent as a runner.  Super speed in the open field, can just blow away from defenders.  Surprised he has been kind of out performed by his teammate McCrae who has more inside run ability despite being a small back as well.   But Killins can play and has been good for a long time on UCF, in the right system could do well at the next level.  My guess is he has a blazing 40 time come the combine which will help his stock also.  




Others who impressed:

Josh Myers RS SOPH C Ohio State
Austin Mack SR WR Ohio State

JK Dobbins JR RB Ohio State  
Tevin Paul RS JR OLB Cal
Christopher Brown Jr SOPH RB Cal 
Sean Clifford RS SOPH QB Penn State  
Jacob Harris RS SR WR UCF  
Marquel Harrell RS SR OG Auburn
Brian Robinson Jr JR RB Alabama  
Robert Landers SR DT Ohio State
JR Pace JR S Northwestern

Quartney Davis JR WR Texas A&M





AJ Terrell JR CB Clemson - Disappointed by his play, got beat by a WR he should not get beat by more than once.  Is a super talent and a fine athlete but this was not his day today.  Will see if he can turn it around along with that entire Clemson defense which was disappointing in that game. 


Adrian Martinez SOPH QB Nebraska - Is not a big time NFL prospect but he disappointed in this game if you take out his running ability.  Expected much more progression and development out of him this year.  Looks like he is really missing some of those Nebraska WRs especially Morgan, they did little to nothing in the passing game.  It is almost like they do not even have receivers with how poorly they threw the football outside of small screen passes.  Will see if Martinez can improve at all as the year goes on and stop turning the football over most importantly.  Nebraska went more I formation and option offense which honestly fits Martinez better because of his limitations as a passer right now.   


Trevor Lawrence SOPH QB Clemson - Hard to not be a little disappointed by his play this season, they still got the win and he made some plays but is not playing as well as last year with arguably more talent around him this season at WR.  But that OL has not helped him and he has been under big time pressure and has made some mistakes no doubt.  Still is an amazing talent and will be interesting how he works through all of this and handles the adversity.  

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13 hours ago, Ozzy said:

Week 5: Prospect Standouts

*Myles Bryant SR CB Washington:
As a slot CB, is not like Byron Murphy but as a potential mid round draft pick is really interesting because of his slot CB potential.  Is quick, agile, can run well and stick with receivers.  Has ability to blitz off the edge and can tackle despite being a pretty small CB.  


Teams are going to fall in love with this guy. Has played inside, and on the boundary, but this year made the switch to safety. Can play single high, but spends a lot of his time in the box. Dude is tenacious, and a fantastic tackler, regardless of his size, makes a ton of plays at and behind the LOS. 

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the amount of talent UW has been churning out in the secondary...

First you have Desmond Trufant and Marcus Peters.

Then in 2017 Sidney Jones, Kevin King, Budda Baker

Then in 2019 Byron Murphy, Taylor Rapp, Jordan Miller

2020 is going to be the down year, with just Myles

2021 might see Keith Taylor and Elijah Molden

2022 Trent McDuffie, Kyler Gordon, and Cameron Williams (all Freshman, essentially starting) are draft eligible [All three played really well helping shut down USC's WRs)


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5 hours ago, animaltested said:

Teams are going to fall in love with this guy. Has played inside, and on the boundary, but this year made the switch to safety. Can play single high, but spends a lot of his time in the box. Dude is tenacious, and a fantastic tackler, regardless of his size, makes a ton of plays at and behind the LOS. 

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the amount of talent UW has been churning out in the secondary...

First you have Desmond Trufant and Marcus Peters.

Then in 2017 Sidney Jones, Kevin King, Budda Baker

Then in 2019 Byron Murphy, Taylor Rapp, Jordan Miller

2020 is going to be the down year, with just Myles

2021 might see Keith Taylor and Elijah Molden

2022 Trent McDuffie, Kyler Gordon, and Cameron Williams (all Freshman, essentially starting) are draft eligible [All three played really well helping shut down USC's WRs)


Myles Bryant is good but no where close the same talent Murphy was last year I feel, but his versatility makes him really interesting but he will not be a high draft pick either.  Taylor Rapp I loved and no surprise he getting some time early on the Rams.  There was talk in the game Bryant was playing a similar position to Budda Baker but there is no comparison between those two, Budda was a much better tackle I feel and better behind the line of scrimmage, is impressive the amount of positions Bryant can play though no doubt. 

I agree Washington in the secondary is great and Lake as a coach should really be hired by someone else, he is a fine coach and could easily be a head coach and really should be.  Totally agree their secondary is always solid, this year that front 7 is pretty weak on D but it almost does not even matter because the secondary is solid and makes it hard on the QB with the coverage and consistency.  If I was playing Washington I would run the ball a ton because that is where they can get hurt defensively and worn down I feel, do not have near the LB or DL talent they have had the past few seasons.

I expected more out of Tryon this year especially as a pass rusher, and Molden did play great against USC with that key interception.  



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Week 6: Prospect Standouts
*Tristian Wirfs JR OT Iowa:
Love how he blocked, just crushed guys at times and took them down to the ground.  Is super athletic and so quick and agile, his upside is just gigantic.  Originally had to see him more before I put him up there as a 1st rounder but with how he is playing he is for sure a 1st round pick if he comes out early.  Amazing athlete that is putting it together on the field and not just in the weight room.  Did get beat a few times late in that game but overall he handled himself well against a motivated and consistent Michigan pass rush that rotated guys in and out.  He was the only Iowa OL that did well overall when the others got beat pretty consistently I thought and struggled like Jackson his teammate especially in pass pro as well as the interior guards.  
*Derek Stingley Jr FR CB LSU:
Had one amazing INT in that game that really showed his talents as a corner.  Is already arguably not only one of the best FR corners in the nation but is arguably one of the best corners in the nation regardless of class.  Is a super star all the way, I thought he would be the best CB on that team and sure looks like it early this season.  Awesome fundamental play by him and super impressive he is a return man as well.  Super star in the making no doubt about it and once Delpit leaves for the NFL Stingley will take his place as the next boss DB on LSU.   
*Derrick Brown SR NT Auburn:
Great game by him again, really dominating out there and making big time plays attacking the QB and going after the football.  I know not many teams want a big NT like him but the kid is legit and sure he might drop like Lawrence did last year out of Clemson but some team will love him when they bring him in.  Huge size, gets an awesome pocket push right up the middle and is surprisingly athletic for his size.  Could be a pro for a very long time if he can stay healthy and is easily the best DL on a super talented Auburn D-line.  
*Kyle Pitts SOPH TE Florida:
Awesome TE prospect based on his size and athletic ability, super long and very quick for his size and athletic.  Really interesting talent and is having a breakout season, should be a promising JR TE next year in 2020 and should be one of the best in the country, has a lot of upside and potential based on his size and athletic ability.
*Justin Jefferson JR WR LSU:
Kid just looks better and better each week, has been good for a few years but this year he has taken his play to another level.  Shows great hands catching the football, competitive player who can make big plays and contested catches despite his smaller size.  Good route runner who can play a little in the slot as well.  Is rising as a junior, not sure he will come out early because of the deep WR class but if he does he will be drafted but might not be till the middle rounds.  Could be a steal though, is doing great in this new LSU passing system.  

*Shaka Toney RS JR DE Penn State:
Awesome game by him, super productive getting to the QB.  Very quick off the edge and athletic.  Need to watch him more for sure. Has been productive for awhile but never really stood out I feel, will see if he can finally take his play to another level this year and based on the start he has been a more productive player this season and possibly rounding into his own.

*Jordan Love RS JR QB Utah State:
The kid lost a ton of weapons off last years team and that is really hurting his play especially in this game.  Got intercepted a few times and two were by some really great defensive backs that made great plays on the football.  Love did have some super impressive throws in very tight windows deep down field.  But also made some mistakes.  Hard to remember but he is just a RS JR, as a RS SOPH I thought he was an early entry guy all the way but he could easily come back again for another year.  Just imagine if he graduates from Utah State and enters the transfer portal similar to what Hurts did and goes to a big time program with talent around him next year.  Will be interesting what he does, has the talent to be drafted, might not be a 1st rounder this year but for sure would be a 2nd rounder just based on his pure upside and talent I feel.  
*Rodney Smith RS SR RB Minnesota:
Awesome game by him, showed his consistent running style and ability to gain yards with his good vision and patience.  Finally got some holes and some blocking from that OL and they dominating on the ground.  Will see if they can keep it up, I expected that type of tandem RB production out of them earlier in the season with the depth they have at the position and the power they have on the OL.  
*Josiah Scott JR CB Michigan State:
Great game by him I thought, was all over the field and loved how aggressive and tough he tackled.  Showed fine toughness and strength, is solid in coverage as well and as a all around corner he is one of the better ones in the country.  I think he could come out early as a JR this year and be a mid round draft pick if not maybe late 2nd round, kid is a good player.
*Ambry Thomas JR CB Michigan:
I need to watch him more but he has impressed a little at times especially in this game.  Competitive kid, gets after it and just needs some more time to develop I feel.  Already a JR which is a problem but as a starter he has looked good in an improving Michigan secondary I feel.
*Jonathan Greenard SR OLB/DE Florida:
Another fine game by him, he has really increased his stock this year from being a relatively unknown player coming into the year.  Fine 3/4 OLB rush end, good quickness off the ball and can provide good consistent pressure.  Hard to get a handle on and is slippery quick on the edge, should be a nice mid to late round pickup come draft time.  
*Brevyn Spann-Ford RS FR TE Minnesota:
Need to see him more but kid fits the bill in terms of size, is just a gigantic TE with huge height, length and weight to him.  If he can develop some more as a pass catcher he could really be something.  Physically he is worth following his career as a prospect just on that alone.  
*Jacob Breeland RS SR TE Oregon:
Another very good game by him showing his extremely solid athletic ability for a TE.  Big and strong kid who can run well, his stock is increasing a lot this year and he will easily be one of the best TE prospects in the up coming draft.  Great game by him and he continues to impress I feel.
*Binjimen Victor SR WR Ohio State:
Played well, showed his big time athletic ability and open field speed.  Did have some drops but as an athlete and as a taller receiver he is super impressive.  Flashed big time as a younger prospect in spring games, has taken awhile to get a chance and be the guy at receuver, this is his year and he is taking advantage of it.  Nice looking talent and should be an easy 2nd or 3rd round pick I feel especially if he times as well as I think he could.  
*Daxton Hill FR S Michigan:
Need to watch him more but kid moves very well on the field as a safety.  Is a super highly rated recruit and looks the part as a coverage safety for sure.  Will see if he can continue to get more time and make more plays for Michigan.  That secondary in generally was pretty impressive I thought and did some great things against Iowa completely shutting down that passing game at times.  Hill made some great plays in coverage reacting to the football in the air.  
*Darrell Stewart Jr RS SR WR Michigan State:
Kid has some awful drops in this game that really cost his team and could have been big plays.  But hard to not like his production this season, has not done a ton outside of this year but looks like a strong physical receiver who can make plays.  If he can consistently catch the ball he could be a nice late round prospect possibly at WR.  Has been impressive this year on a Michigan State offense that needs playmakers for sure.
*Caleb Farley RS SOPH CB Virginia Tech:
Had a good game with some big INTs no doubt.  That defense has been crazy disappointing especially being coach Foster's last season.  But Farley looked good in this game, I liked him last year as a RS FR and he is very talented as a press man cover corner who can play the slot as well.  They did get a win, gave up some big plays but nice to see him doing some ball hawking out there and making things happen.  
Chauncey Golston RS JR DE Iowa:
Good game by him, was arguably the best DL on Iowa in that game and got consistent pressure and push off the edge.  Never noticed him much in previous season but is getting his chance to shine this year and is doing quite well.  I like his size and athletic ability, if he keeps this up next year and continues to improve he will no question be a NFL talent potentially.  I do not think he should come out as a RS JR this year he still needs to improve more and grow as a prospect.  
*Lavert Hill SR CB Michigan:
Did get beat early but came back strong later and make some great plays on the football in coverage.  Has been around for a long time and is a consistent cover man for sure.  Wish he did a little more in terms of tackling but as a pure cover corner he is interesting and should be a nice mid round prospect 2nd tear corner with some upside.  Smooth in coverage for sure and knows how to play the position.  
*Brian Lewerke RS SR QB Michigan State:
Did not have a great game but did make some crazy impressive throws in very tight windows under pretty big time pressure.  His receivers dropped the ball a lot in that game but he did play well I thought.  Had a really hard season last year, did not do well and was not the starter for many of the games but good to see him back healthy and the starter.  Is not a top line draft pick but could easily become a late round pick if he continues to pass the ball in tight windows and make good decisions with the football.  His mobility is interesting as well as is his leadership potential as a QB.
Others who impressed:
Jevon Hollard SOPH S Oregon
Vincent Gray SOPH CB Michigan
Benjamin St-Juste RS SOPH CB/S Minnesota  
Brad Hawkins JR S Michigan  
Shannon Brooks RS SR RB Minnesota  
Ja'Marr Chase SOPH WR LSU  
Nathan Stanley SR QB Iowa - Not a good game by him for sure, was a statue back there and got beat up badly.  Not totally his fault and his receiver weapons are nothing great but still, for a SR QB he did not look the part and did not lead his team to victory and a lot of it was because his lack of mobility in the pocket.  And honestly I feel his arm talent is a little over rated, people love his size but outside of that there are a lot of issues with his game I feel.
Jared Pinkney RS SR TE Vandy - For being a pretty hyped player coming into this season he has disappointed in terms of the lack of numbers he has put up.  Thought he would do much more, sure his QB is nothing great but they got a pro level RB and WR so he should have some opportunities with those guys around him taking coverage and attention.  Does not seem the same as he was last year which was a real big breakout season for him, will see if he can up his production as this year goes on into the SEC.

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Week 7: Prospect Standouts

*Israel Mukuamu SOPH CB South Carolina:
Amazing game by him that totally put him on the map as a prospect I feel.  Great length as a corner, massive 6-4 height and made some outstanding interceptions in that game and multiple ones.  Will have to watch him more but looks the part and was a massive reason for the victory on the road at Georgia for South Carolina.  

*Robert Windsor RS SR DT Penn State:
Just crushed the pocket multiple times in that game, could be just poor interior OL play by Iowa but Windsor dominated at times with his ability to get such a push in the middle.  Is a decent looking athlete, did not notice him a ton last year but was productive and if he can keep this kind of production up against the meat of their schedule he could be an interesting late round pick come draft time, kind of a late bloomer but better late than never.

*CeeDee Lamb JR WR Oklahoma:
Physically dominating game by him, is not a super thick guy but played physical and was able to break and or run away from tackles and made some huge plays I thought down field.  Awesome game by him and he should be easily a top 15 pick in the draft with his speed, quickness and hands.  Fluid route runner who is a big play waiting to happen.  Huge game on a huge stage, big time receiving weapon.

*Javon Kinlaw SR DT South Carolina:
I liked him a ton earlier in this year and even preseason, kid is showing up in a big way and did again in this game.  Is such a massive tall dude, great length and strength and really held his own against a fine Georgia offensive line.  Can get pressure, can play a 3/4 DE or 4/3 DT spot, I think he could easily be a 2nd round pick and possibly late 1st round if he keeps playing this well.  Is one of the best run stopping defensive lineman in the up coming draft no doubt. 

*Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU:
Another great game by him, granted the Florida D is a little overrated, Henderson played poorly and is not on the same level as corners they have had in the past, and the pass rush was hurt big time because Greenard was out most of the game.  Still Burrow was confident in the pocket, surprisingly athletic when he could get out and run and accurate with the football.  Kid looks like a 1st round pick and his stock just continues to rise week after week.

*Kenneth Murray JR OLB Oklahoma:
Great game by him, is underrated as a OLB but with his athletic ability and speed he could possibly come out early for the draft and be a late 1st or 2nd round pick with the need for OLB in the league.  Kid can run and is a playmaker no question especially in space.  Good looking player and had a great game on a big stage, just needs to be a little more consistent in his reads and overall production on the field.

*Cole Kmet JR TE Notre Dame:
Have brought him up before, kid is a super star and to me is the best TE prospect in the nation.  Runs so well in the open field, is very smooth and natural as a pass catcher not to mention he is massive as a dude.  Very tall and has big hands and a nice base. I think he has 1st round potential as a TE no doubt about it, will see if he can keep playing well this year.  Was great against USC and made some big plays and nice catches which is not a surprise.  

*Chris Orr RS SR ILB Wisconsin:
Is playing amazing football as a 3/4 ILB and making plays all over the field.  Stock is rising no doubt about it, flashed a little late last season but did not do much before that, but this year he is amazing and really playing well.  Could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick and I am sure many 3/4 defensive teams would love him as a ILB especially his intelligence and ability to blitz up the middle with his speed and strength.  

*Erik Swenson RS SOPH OT Oklahoma:
Super impressed with him and really that entire Oklahoma OL.  Reloaded after losing a ton of talent off last years team.  Swenson was a guard last year I believe and now looks the part as a tackle.  Is quick and athletic and seems to be able to handle himself quite well.  Promising looking young player as a RS SOPH and could be a big time prospect if he returns for another year at OU, is much improved off last year especially playing tackle instead of guard.

*Neville Gallimore RS SR DT Oklahoma:
Awesome game by him as a pass rusher, really got after it and got consistent pressure in the backfield.  Liked him for awhile and this year he is really playing well.  Really big dude that can move, could be one of the more promising defensive tackles in the up coming draft especially as a potential 3/4 NT at his size with his ability to get a push.

*Jaylen Waddle SOPH WR Alabama:
Guy played out of his mind in the return game, was going up against a great punter on A&M that gave him a lot of room to work as a punt returner and he really stood out.  Was making plays and big runs constantly in that game, had over 100 yards in punt returns alone and also had some nice catches in that game as a receiver.  Easy to forget about him with the three super stars ahead of him but this game made everyone remember just how good he is as well.  Is already going to be a possible star return man at the next level for years but also has some game as a receiver as well.

*Jalen Wydermyer FR TE Texas A&M:
Could be a super star player for them at a need position.  Is just a massive TE that is huge with huge hands, kid could become a player in the future and will be one to watch down the road.  Big strong TE who can go up and get the football.

*Denzel Mims SR WR Baylor:
Did have that one big drop that could have been a winning TD but kid made some sick catches in that football game especially late.  Really showed some outstanding hands and athletic ability, should be a drafted receiver most likely mid to late rounds.  Is part of a up start Baylor program that has really improved.  

*Joseph Ossai SOPH OLB Texas:
Was one of the few that showed up on that Texas defense.  Was all over the field making plays, he does need to get stronger at the point of attack but kid is a great athlete and has good size.  Could be a super star prospect, will see if he can get a little stronger and a little more physical as a linebacker, he already obviously has the speed and athletic ability.

*Antonie Winfield Jr RS SOPH S Minnesota:
Great game by him, is such a consistent tackler in the open field, is smart and in position and is a fine athlete.  One of the better safety prospects in the nation, will be curious if he comes out for the draft or not as a RS SOPH.  Has had some really bad injury history of late, will see if he can finally play an entire season.  He is a prospect no doubt and really interesting as a safety with his range and tackling ability.

*Isaiah Simmons RS JR OLB/S Clemson:
Say his name almost every week, kid is a super star and probably need to move him up in the draft game.  Is just so athletic and fast, his upside is massive and his versatility is super rare.  Out of this world prospect and probably now a top 5 or top 10 pick.

*Marvin Wilson JR DT Florida State:
I need to watch him more but kid looks decent inside.  Not sure if he should come out early or not but has a motor and gets a good push as a big guy.  Needs to be more consistent and has not really flashed much before this season, but is one of the few dangerous players on that Florida State DL and that is odd to say.  

*Liam Eichenberg RS JR OT Notre Dame:
Kid can play, is a good strong athlete who is a good run blocking and pass protector.  Will have a choice to make if he comes out early or not but is part of one of the best offensive lines in the nation no question.  Eichenberg is a big reason for that, probably the best tackle on the team and is a solid and talented all around player.

*K'Lavon Chaisson RS SOPH OLB/DE LSU:
Finally played well in a big game, was key to that defense and provides a much needed pass rush off the edge.  A little disappointed by his play overall this year, has not been as dominating as I thought he might be but he is one of the few who can get to the QB on that defense and is very important.  With how he has played this year though coming back for another season would be a smart move for him.

*Cole Van Lanen RS JR OT Wisconsin:
Did get beat for that one sack late in the 1st half but overall I thought played really well and has impressed all season long.  Very solid at the point of attack and when he gets his hands on you he can control the defender well.  Awesome run blocker of course and solid in pass pro.  Will be an interesting OT talent in the up coming draft and might be a 1st rounder but for sure could be a 2nd round pick.  Is one of the best tackle prospects in the country.

*TJ Brunson SR OLB South Carolina:
Great game by Brunson and the move off of ILB seems to have really opened him up to make more plays especially in space.  Good solid LB prospect who should be a nice late round pick with his ability to play ILB in 3/4 or OLB in a 4/3.  Good game by him no doubt along with that entire South Carolina unit.    

*Tamorrion Terry RS SOPH WR Florida State:
Made that one super impressive catch and run, kid is a big time athlete and will have a choice to make.  Might not want to stay around with that FSU unit as a RS SOPH and could easily come out for the draft.  Could be in the conversation to be a 1st rounder in 2020 but this year if he comes out might last to the 2nd or more likely the 3rd or 4th round.  Still as an athlete at his size, kid can run and if surrounded by more talented he could be a super star potentially.  

*Jack Plummer RS FR QB Purdue:
Another great game by him and Purdue looks to have their QB for the future that is for sure.  Looked like a big problem when the starter went out but Plummer looks better than the starter did and he is younger and they can build around him.  Big tall athletic kid with a decent arm, no relation to Jake the Snake but still the kid can play and is a promising player for the future.  

*Penei Sewell SOPH OT Oregon:
Very promising talent for his size and athletic ability.  Looked very good in this game and really has all season.  Strong tackle with great size and strength, has huge upside and could be quite a prospect in 2020 as a OT, one of the best in the nation no doubt and part of a solid Oregon offensive line overall.

*Van Jefferson RS SR WR Florida:
Great game by him and made some big time catches in the end zone I thought.  Showed great hands and agility.  Sometimes gets lost in the shuffle at Florida with so many weapons to pass the ball to but Jefferson is an interesting prospect and could be a late round pick or a UDFA.  

*Reggie Pearson RS FR S Wisconsin:
I like his speed as a safety, is a little small but kid is all over the place and covers up a lot of ground.  Really interesting talent that has helped that defense a great deal I feel. Nice looking player who will be one to watch in the future especially with how much range he has at the position.  

*Clyde Edwards-Helaire JR RB LSU:
Great game by him, really broke out and made some huge long runs.  Love his physical style and leg drive, good strong build and is hard to bring to the ground.  Wish they ran the ball more with him but hard to do with that great passing game.  He will be key the rest of the season especially if they can run the ball this well, I think part of it was a weak Florida LB core and interior DL but still, great game by him.

*Kyle Trask RS JR QB Florida:
Is not a great prospect but really hard not to like how he manages the game.  Is effective in what he does, gets the ball in the right place and moves the chains.  Great leader put into a hard situation and is better than Franks was honestly as a QB.  Better leader and better managing the game and moving the chains.  Nice player with good size and has really taken to this offense, probably just a college QB but with his size and intelligence some team might give him a shot as a UDFA especially if he comes back next year and is the starter again, who knows could become a drafted player if he plays that well.

*Jack Coan JR QB Wisconsin:
Would be hard to play better than he did in this game as a passer, very accurate and on time and did not make mistakes.  Never have been a big fan of his at all and thought Mertz would take the starting job quickly and soon.  But he has played well and this game he dominated and despite not a dominating game by Taylor running that passing game was on point making plays all the time.  If they can keep that up they will be hell to beat especially with how the D has played and how well they run the ball.

*JaCoby Stevens JR S LSU:
I like him a lot honestly and he is a hell of a hit man back there at safety.  Is around the football and makes plays, is better in coverage than people think and is a force back there as a tackler with speed and range.  Is not great reacting to the football but got to love his physical style of play and strength.  Might even be a convert OLB possibly in the right system.  Has played well this season and more often than not is more physical than his teammate Delpit and that is kind of a surprise to see.  

*Landon Dickerson SR C Alabama:
They made a nice switch making him the center and he really stood out and played great I thought.  Active blocking and moved well, with Brown at guard and Dickerson as the center they looked much improved as a unit overall.  And if they get that run game going with an already dominating pass game watch out, they will be hell to stop.

*Jack Sanborn SOPH ILB Wisconsin:
Is another potential star linebacker for Wisconsin, should be the star next year once Orr is out.  Sanborn is active in the backfield and is very aggressive blitzing.  Has good range and quickness, nice looking player who should only get better in time.

*Markese Stepp RS FR RB USC:
Big physical kid and drove the pile a few times in that Notre Dame game.  Love his size and physical leg power, they need to get this kid the ball a lot more offensively.  Looked great in this game as a young power back, will see if he can keep that up.

*Curtis Dunlap Jr RS FR OG Minnesota:
Great game by him and that Minnesota offensive line again, even without Faalele in there at tackle.  Dunlap looks a lot better than last season where he did not see a ton of time and did RS that year.  Big kid who moves well and is a force inside, part of another dominating run game by Minnesota where they just took over the football game. He is one to watch as a young RS FR guard, one of the better young guards in the country with a decent amount of upside.

*Tony Jones Jr RS JR RB Notre Dame:
Kid is a big dude who can move, is helped by that amazing OL blocking but he had a great game obviously running the football.  Is an interesting talent with his size and speed, Notre Dame seems to always have backs like him, and Jones has another year so he could continue to develop potentially next season.  

*Jake Paulson RS SOPH TE Minnesota:
As a blocking TE he is one to watch no doubt about it, impressed at times last year but this season he has really become a force as a crack back blocker.  In motion guys are totally left alone and he cleans them up in motion on the crack back.  Very physical and tough TE, nice size and strength.  Is not much of a pass catching threat at all but if he can consistently block he could find a place in the league after developing more in another year or two.


Others who impressed:

Ja'Marr Chase SOPH WR LSU  
Bryan Edwards SR WR South Carolina
Kyle Pitts SOPH TE Florida
Tua Tagovailoa JR QB Alabama
Sam Schlueter RS JR OT Minnesota  

Tyler Shelvin RS SOPH NT LSU
Josh Imatorbhebhe JR WR Illinois
Sam Renner RS SR DT Minnesota  
Antjuan Simmons JR OLB Michigan State
AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa
Blaise Andries RS SOPH OT Minnesota  
Jammie Robinson FR CB South Carolina
Jake Ferguson RS SOPH TE Wisconsin
Ernest Jones SOPH ILB South Carolina
Charleston Rambo RS SOPH WR Oklahoma
Aidan Hutchinson SOPH DE Michigan

Devonta Smith JR WR Alabama
DJ Wonnum SR DE South Carolina
Collin Johnson SR WR Texas
Isaiahh Loudermilk RS JR DE Wisconsin
Brian Robinson Jr JR RB Alabama






Jake Fromm JR QB Georgia - 
Really bad game by him and the fact his record when he has thrown over 30 passes is so bad is not good.  Shows that without a dominating run game and or a lead he struggles and did in this game especially in terms of throwing interceptions.  He did lead the team to that late score to tie it up, and as a leader there is a lot to like how under control he is and not emotionally fragile.  But he threw some bad looking balls in this game for sure, does not have the best WR core in the nation but has a heck of a run game and OL.   Without that help and if the game is put in his hands to throw and win he did not do that in this game or many other games.  

BJ Foster SOPH S Texas - 
Really bad game by him especially as a tackler, not sure if it was the injury or what but he did not look very fast or physical.  Was hurt early in the game so possibly that is why but did not play well when they were short handed in the secondary and he did not back up the talk he said during the week because Jalen Hurts ran up and down them on the field.  

Rashard Lawrence SR DT/DE LSU - 
Did not play well in this game and really all season.  Was a force as a JR and stopped the run, this year he does not do much of that and does not get after the QB that well either.  Is still a next level prospect but has not been near as good as I thought he could be.  Honestly that entire LSU defense has disappointed from the LB and DL levels, even the secondary outside of the stars in Stingley and Delpit have not looked great.  

James Blackman JR QB Florida State -
He had a very bad game and showed he is pretty erratic passing and in terms of his personality.  Passionate maybe but more like out of control.  Big arm and good looking athlete but does not have the fundamental play down and struggled big time as a leader and as a passer.  Disappointing play by him but sure does not help with once again a really bad OL blocking for him.

Joe Bachie SR ILB Michigan State -
Did not play awful but was in the hole a few times and could make a big tackle or play and did not, missed the tackle and was ran through.   Did not make big impact plays either, they did hold down Taylor to under 100 yards but I think the D overall was demoralized by the lack of offensive success.  Bachie is usually one of those emotional leaders but did not look like that today and was not strong at the point of attack and seemed to lack some physicality.  

Kristian Fulton SR CB LSU - 
Another LSU defender who I thought played pretty poorly and has not been all that great this season.  Is hyped as being this awesome cover man, I do not get it.  He is not that good and got beat a few times in this game, has a bad injury history as well and not sure he would be a great next level player.  Is not even the best CB on his own team and his ball skills are lacking same with his tackling at times.  That D overall has disappointed big time, not sure if they just do not care because the offense is so good or what but they are not up to par for LSU no way, at all levels.  

Jalen Hurts SR QB Oklahoma-
They won the game, he ran the ball great but as a QB that is not that impressive.  Did turn the ball over, did fumble and at times looked pretty awkward throwing the football.  Sure great as a runner but that is not impressive to me, everyone knows he can do that.  As a passer he was helped by CeeDee Lamb who was the real story in that game not how Hurts threw the ball.  Big win but that was against a injured Texas secondary but was a big stage and at least he did perform well overall and got the W.

CJ Henderson JR CB Florida- 
Thought of him as one of the better corners in the nation but not impressed with his lack of tackling and physical play in this game.  Is not as good as former #1 corners they have had in the past.  Is a hyped secondary that is obviously not as good as last year and Henderson is not quite the player some thought he was.  Still decent prospect with good mobility but he has to get stronger and more physical out there, not just a cover man only.  

Kenny Willekes RS SR DE Michigan State - 
Another MSU defender that seemed to lack playing with passion and emotion in this game.  Sure the offense was a huge reason for that and their lack of success but usually Willekes is more into the game than he was.  Did not knife or get into the backfield much and with the competition level increasing his play has not increased.  Looked pretty average out there and did not make much happen.  Thought of him as a 1st round pick coming into the season but against a solid OL did not look the part and might need to move him out of that conversation.  Will see if he can get back to form next week along with that entire program that took a punch in the gut in this one.






How long will it be till Jim Leonhard is a head coach in college football?  Heck he might be the next Wisconsin coach in waiting because I bet tons of teams will come calling for him especially after how great this defense has played, they might have to make a deal like that for him in order for him to stick around.  Dave Aranda was great as the DC there, but Leonhard has been better arguably and the improvement this D has made after losing a lot of talent off last years team is impressive.  They got back to the wicked pass rush and solid coverage.  The development of Orr and Baun is outstanding along with the development of the secondary.  

Also how long will it be till Willie Taggart is fired?  They have looked bad this year at times especially in this loss.  Talent wise they are pretty lacking regardless of how highly ranked them might have been coming out of high school.  Rough start and they just looked like a mess, could have been a super motivated Clemson team as well that people doubted taking it out on Florida State.  Not sure he sticks around much more, especially with the lack of fan support for the team after what they used to be.

Will be updating the 7 round mock draft ranking possibly late this week, are going to make a few changes to not for sure.


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Good stuff as always, I've been really busy this season so these posts help a lot in keeping up with things.

For Purdue, WR David Bell and DE George Karlaftis are two true freshmen you should keep your eye on.  Jeff Brohm is bringing in so much talent I don't know what to do with myself.  Too bad injuries have derailed this season.

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6 hours ago, bananabucket said:

Good stuff as always, I've been really busy this season so these posts help a lot in keeping up with things.

For Purdue, WR David Bell and DE George Karlaftis are two true freshmen you should keep your eye on.  Jeff Brohm is bringing in so much talent I don't know what to do with myself.  Too bad injuries have derailed this season.

I was going to bring up Bell as well but forgot, he has looked good especially with Moore being out.  King Doerue is a tank of a RB, nice build and toughness and he is a freshman as well.  With Bailey being out who is absolutely key to the defense they have impressed and are improving on D also.  Should be a decent team next year especially with all the experience they are getting this season playing the younger guys.  

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Week 8: Prospect Standouts

*Kenneth Gainwell RS FR RB Memphis:
What a performance by him catching the football and running the football, I believe he had over 200 yards receiving and 100 rushing.   Is not a big physical back but has great foot speed and quickness, knows how to find the hole and makes big time plays for that offense.  Amazing pass catching performance by him though with huge catches down field for big gains against a decent Tulane defense.  Great play by him and he is one to watch as one of the best young backs in the country.  

*Jake Hansen RS JR ILB Illinois:
Super impressive game by him, was around the action often and is part of a surprisingly fast and athletic group of Illinois LBs.  Hansen is smart, reads plays well and can find the football and finish the play as a tackler.  With another year as a RS JR he could be something next season in terms of a next level prospect.  Smart and instinctive and should great toughness and drive to the football, great center piece to that Illinois defense that performed big time in a huge win for the program.
*David Bell FR WR Purdue:
Brought him up a few times but wow, the kid can really catch the football and is a very natural and smooth receiver.  Great hands, good speed and has been a heck of a weapon for a surprisingly solid Purdue offense missing their starting QB and best overall player on the team in Moore.  They will be quite a WR tandem when Moore comes back.  Bell can play and should be a super star down the road for them and arguably already is a star player for the team, has some great hands and good speed.
*David Bailey SOPH RB Boston College:
Wow what a freak show RB, talk about having another one just like Dillon. they do in Bailey.  A very big and strong back, heavy kid who can motor and has some good speed to him in the open field.  Physical runner and should take the place no doubt if Dillon leaves to the NFL.  Fine looking player and will be one to watch this year and next because of his physical size and strength.
*Javon Kinlaw SR DT South Carolina:
Another amazing game by him, is just so effective holding his own and making things happen.  Is double teamed constantly but it does not matter, he still impacts the game, holds the point of attack and is able to get off blocks and make plays.  Dude is simply that, a dude and looks more and more like a 1st round pick to me.  A 3/4 defense would love him or a 4/3 defense would love him, kid can do a variety of things very well and is a classic tough guy on the DL.
*Trey Smith JR OG Tennessee:
Played great I thought and is great to see him out there and healthy.  Is a big time mover as a guard, strong at the point and very aggressive and nasty.  Was solid in pass pro also and is really getting back to form.  His health issues scare me though, honestly I would want him to play another season and see if he can make it through that as well with no issues.  Is a 1st round talent all the way and one of the best guards in the nation and could even play RT as well.  But that health issues has to be cleared first and for most, on the field though is doing great in terms of play.
*AJ Dillon JR RB Boston College:
Awesome game by him, nice to see him being able to run the football and the kid is just so big and so strong.  Very impressive back that gets over looked a lot but he is one of the best in the country and has been doing it since his true freshman season.    Sure some teams will not like the fact he is not a super great pass catcher  and is a little stiff in the open field but he is better than most think I feel.  And just having a big physical horse who can carry the rock and get hard yards and take contact, he can do that no question about it.  Most likely will be a 2nd or 3rd round pick but could be a steal and a great fit for the right type of run system.

*Brandon Peters RS JR QB Illinois:
Did not have an amazing game but in big time moments he made difficult on time passes in tight windows.  Love his pocket awareness and footwork overall.  Thought he had a ton of potential on Michigan but never got the chance once Patterson came along.  Made a good choice to switch schools and is a big time leader for Illinois.  With another season on Illinois he could become a pretty decent player I think, is calm and collected and clearly has very good pocket awareness and basic fundamentals.  
*Amik Robertson JR CB Louisiana Tech:
Great game by him with a 3 INT performance, he has such good ball skills and reaction time.  I liked him before the start of the season, thought he could become a big time player and has this year.  But honestly he has been very good for a very long time, former LSU recruit can play the football and intercept passes really well.  Tough for a small corner, should workout really well with a good 40 time and vertical.  Kid can play and should be a great 2nd or 3rd round pick and could be an amazing slot corner or even outside corner with his quickness and anticipation ability.  
*Dele Harding RS SR OLB Illinois:
Played inspired football and is one of the emotional leaders of the team no question.  Again is part of the very solid and tough LB core for Illinois.  Harding has some nice speed, hits hard and plays tough aggressive football, is a tackling machine at times out there.  I will have to watch him more but potentially could be a late round draft pick I feel with his athletic ability and striking potential at LB.  He hits hard and tackles aggressively like that entire Illinois defense in that game.
*Jaycee Horn SOPH CB South Carolina:
Did have some questionable calls on him late and got beat a few times but showed a lot of ability in coverage.  Nice natural corner who has improved a lot off last season and is part of a surprisingly solid SC defensive unit.  Should continue to get better and improve with time, nice looking prospect and when SC gets Dickerson back at safety next season they could really be something as a unit because I believe almost everyone will return and are mostly all SOPHs.
*George Karlaftis FR DE Purdue:
Seems to have a ton of upside and potential, love his motor and effort.  Good size as a defensive end with room to grow, and being a true freshman player he is really advanced for his age.  Could be a super star and one of the best pass rushers they have had in awhile.  Have not had a solid book end DE to rush the passer like they did back 10-15 years ago, this guy could be the next one similar to the other great edge rushers to come out of Purdue.
*KJ Hamler SOPH WR Penn State:
Showed some really awesome speed in this game in the open field.  Big time threat down field, did not get a ton of action but on a few plays he did really impress I thought.  Is a 1st round talent potential in 2020 no question and one of the best receivers in a very talented SOPH WR class.  Has big time open field speed and great quickness.
*Jelani Woods RS SOPH TE Ok State:
Wow that kid is a giant kid, just a huge massive TE and that is odd to see in a Ok State offense because recently they have not used the TE much, but the kid has skills catching the football and they used him well in this game.  Hopefully they expand his role because the kid is a gigantic player with long arms and big hands, could be a heck of a weapon and looks like a decent athlete as well, nice looking prospect down the road.
*Jacob Eason RS JR QB Washington:
Had a great game I thought, was able to get out of pressure and made some big time throws in tight windows.  Despite not having the best receiver core in the nation he brought his team a long ways offensively and they were almost able to pull it out.  Will have a choice on what to do, would love to see him come back to school again but with his arm talent and likelihood he will be a 1st round pick most likely he will leave early.  Great release, good accuracy and is a better athlete than given credit for especially for his size, like his ball handling ability as well.
*Calvin Taylor Jr RS SR DT Kentucky:
I need to watch him more but kid is just simply huge out there and is really playing well.  Have not noticed him much before this season but kid is 6-9 I believe and around 300 pounds.  Physically he is getting a good push and is a force inside, could be a nice developmental 3/4 DE or DT in a 4/3 or 3/4 NT.  Wish his career was more consistently productive but at least he is turning it on at the right time, might get a shot at the league will see.
*Shea Patterson SR QB Michigan:
Great game by him and they almost pulled off the win in a hostile environment.  Was able to get away from pressure and throw on the move accurately down field.  Love how quickly he can get the football out of his hands to the playmakers and he is playing much better than in the beginning of the season.  His mobility and accuracy on the move is what I like most about him and come draft time in the middle rounds he could be a nice pickup as a potential backup QB in the NFL.  Good under pressure in this game as well against a dominant Penn State front 7.
*Lynn Bowden Jr JR WR Kentucky:
Did not have a great game but his willingness to play QB for that team is very impressive I say.  Did have some good open field scrambles and is so quick and agile.  Big time points on his end though for taking it for the team and playing a position they need at QB because of the injuries.  Shows a lot of heart and leadership doing what he did making that switch, especially for such a skilled receiver like him.
*Zion Johnson JR OG Boston College:
Was one of the impressive OL on Boston College in that game, good athletic ability at guard and toughness.  Had some key blocks and clearly did quite well as did that entire BC OL with that absolutely dominating run game performance they put on a decent NC State defense that was once #1 in the ACC in rush defense, that is no more.
*Micah Parsons SOPH OLB Penn State:
All over the field making plays, is such a great looking athlete and has such big time speed.  No doubt 1st round pick in 2020 potentially.  Like I said before needs to get a little strong but against Michigan at times he was just simply all over the field making impact plays and tackles showing his great speed and burst to the football.
*Bryan Edwards SR WR South Carolina:
Just keeps impressing in terms of his speed down field and how good he is at one on one situations.  Can beat defenders and shows surprising speed and hands as a pure receiver and in the return game.  Love his physical size and his stock has increased greatly to now he will for sure be a 2nd or 3rd round pick I feel, kid is legit and is having a great season.
*Rashod Bateman SOPH WR Minnesota:
His jump ball ability just continues to impress game after game.  Has the open field speed to break plays deep and beat corners and has the vertical and hand eye coordinator to make some outstanding grabs in the air.  Big time player and with the run game going better for Minnesota recently he should get even more of an opportunity to make big plays down the field.  Mind you, like I have said before the football throws he is getting more often than not are wobbly and not always accurate but he makes up for that usually with great ball awareness and hands.
*Nick Harris SR C Washington:
I might have underrated him a little, wish he was bigger and longer and at times he can get completely pushed over and ran back.  But he is tough and consistently and has been playing pretty decent football since he was a FR at Washington.  Was a OG at times but is more natural as a C, tough and could be a nice mid to late round pick who could be a developmental backup center in the league.  
*Sydney Brown SOPH S Illinois:
Covered the back end very well in that game and made some nice physical tackles as well.  Obviously a tough gutty performance by the overall Illinois defense, but that safety play did help and Brown was a big part of that.  Will have to watch him play some more but seems like he could be a solid player down the road potentially.
Others who impressed:
Nate Hobbs JR CB Illinois  
Chuba Hubbard SOPH RB Ok State
Josh Imatorbhebhe JR WR Illinois  
Antonie Winfield Jr RS SOPH S Minnesota  
Bryce Thompson SOPH CB Tennessee  
Mycah Pittman FR WR Oregon  
RJ Roderick SOPH S South Carolina  
Cole Van Lanen RS JR OT Wisconsin - Got beat badly on sacks and pressures few times in that game and gave up a big time pressure late in the game as well.  Thought very highly of him early in the season but might have been a little too high on him, struggled in this game and might not have the foot speed or athletic ability to handle speed edge rushers, especially if they get him off balance.  That entire Badger line struggled and got out played at times, even the center got pushed back surprisingly and beat a few times by a Illinois DL, and it was a DL that did not even have their best player for most of the game.  
Jake Fromm JR QB Georgia - Sure it was raining and it was hard to pass the football but not impossible.  I can understand Bowden on Kentucky not passing the ball well because he is not a QB and is a WR playing QB.  Fromm does not have that excuse, he should have been able to pass the ball some what in the game, lucky for him Swift had a great game running the ball and he did not have to do anything.  Did struggle big time in that weather though and he should have been able to preform a little better in those conditions regardless.
Jonathan Taylor JR RB Wisconsin - Did not have an awful game by did have that massive fumble that was huge to them in losing that football game I thought.  Sure other things happened after that but I thought he had that fumble thing taken care of, has been his only one lost this year but was a huge one.  Yes did get yards but his lack of being able to break tackles and make defenders miss in the open field is a little troubling.  He fumbles partly because guys surround him and he is not very slippery as a back to make them miss and not physical enough to break through the tackles it seems.  If he cannot break away and make defenders miss in college really well, he will definitely not be able to do that in the NFL.  Will be really curious how he does against Ohio State who will be the best defense he has played all year, as the team leader will be interesting how he plays no question about it going forward.



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Week 10: Prospect standouts
*Jamie Newman RS JR QB Wake Forest:
Great game by him, love his arm talent and liked him last year and he is even better this season.  Big kid, good frame and is a solid athlete that is just ripping teams apart in the ACC.  Throws a really fast football, great arm strength and has made Wake Forest into one of the most dangerous passing teams in the nation.  Never though of him as a early entry guy but he could totally come out early and possibly be a 2nd to 3rd round pick.  Love his potential and overall upside, had an awesome game and will love to see him against Clemson in two weeks.  
*Brady White RS JR QB Memphis:
Have never though of him as this great QB but he sure makes some outstanding throws in tight windows in this game.  Is a good game manager, can get away from trouble, stands well in the pocket and makes big plays down field putting the ball where it needs to be.  Played great in a big game and spread the ball around, they did not run well like usual with the backs but he was able to take them apart in the passing game.  Nice looking player and with potentially another season of college football he could be a decent next level prospect in the later rounds potentially.  
*James Proche RS SR WR SMU:
Love his feet and his quickness in the open field.  Could be a monster slot receiver and a good value in the mid to late rounds of the draft.  Having another great season and has breakaway speed and good hands, but his footwork and route running is what makes him potentially pretty special.  With a good workout and 40 time he could be a mid round pick if not a little higher possibly.
*Juwan Johnson RS SR WR Oregon:
Great game by him and he has rounded into form the past few weeks.  Is such a great looking athlete and always was on Penn State, just underachieved at times.  But he looked great in this game, using his big frame and making plays down field for a solid Oregon football team.  Helps to have that type of QB play for sure, will be interesting how he does near the end of the season and possibly in the Pac-12 title game and maybe Playoffs.  He has shown up recently for sure and he is obviously a huge receiving target who is a talented athlete.
*Payton Wilson RS FR OLB NC State:
Was one of the few players on the NC State defense that made an impact, he had some great tackles for loss and aggressive hits in that game.  Long and athletic kid and still very young, could be a super star linebacker in the future I feel.  Is a real standout and hits like a truck, very aggressive and strong football player.  He will be one to watch develop on that NC State team in the future.
*Shane Buechele RS JR SMU:
Love to see him doing well, former Texas star that left because of playing time.  Always threw a good deep ball and this year he has really shown that.  Awesome touch on his deep passes, good natural arm motion and arm talent in general.  Has a good history of making big plays passing the football and that is on full display this year.  I believe he is a RS JR because of the injury last year but I might be wrong.  Still could come out for this years draft and be a decent mid to late round pick I feel especially after such a fine season but hopefully he can come back another season at SMU as a transfer.  
*Damonte Coxie RS JR WR Memphis:
Liked him a lot last year and looks better this season.  Good frame and length as a receiver, nice catch radius and has big time speed and hands.  Can make plays after the catch and is good on contested balls in the air also.  Fine looking player, I think he comes out as a RS JR this year and is a nice mid round pick, part of a very impressive Memphis offense that looks pretty solid.
*Josh Uche SR OLB Michigan:
Love the play by him, was able to just push that pocket backwards and was super impressive despite not being a really big edge rusher.  Shows big time potential as a 3/4 OLB I feel with his ability to rush the passer.  How bad he made a few tackles look on Maryland will impressive a lot of people come draft time, was able to just rock them backward and just push them right back and win the play.  Good looking player and should be one of the better edge rushers in the up coming draft especially if he keeps playing this well.
*Chuba Hubbard RS SOPH RB Ok State:
Another great game by him, never thought of him as a early entry guy but who knows with how great he has been playing this year as a RS SOPH.  Big time open field speed, just glides as a runner and that big play ability might make him very interesting.  Thought McFarland on Maryland as a RS SOPH might declare but he has not had a great year, but maybe Hubbard will take his place and come out as a big play back.  Probably not a 1st rounder but could be picked 2nd round possibly with how productive and dominating he has been this season.
*Essang Bassey SR CB Wake Forest:
Liked him a lot last year, have not noticed him a ton this year but he made some really nice tackles in this game.  Loved that about him last season, so tough and aggressive, good athlete in space who is physical and tackles well.  Could be a fine slot corner and should be a 2nd to 3rd round pick come draft time if he works out well.  Might not run the best but regardless he is a solid football player and consistent cover man and tackler in the open field.
*Antonio Gibson SR WR Memphis:
Have not noticed him a ton but this game he was something running the football and catching the ball as a receiver.  Love his physical size and strength, is good in space and can make things happen.  Will be one to watch on this solid and impressive Memphis offense, huge win for them and the program and Gibson was a big part of it.  
*Amari Henderson RS SR CB Wake Forest:
Have not noticed him much but this season he has played pretty well and this game arguably was the best of his career.  A few INTs and showed great anticipation and aggression getting after the football and making plays on the ball.  Jumped a few routes and showed good ability, is a late round prospect I feel or a UDFA but he showed up and looked great in this game no question.
*Josh Jones RS SR OT Houston: 
Brought him up earlier in the year, just on physical size alone he is very interesting as a player.  Just a massive dude and moves pretty well, at times gets huge talk of 1st round but I do not see that.  But as a mid round prospect he could be very interesting come draft time.  The size one has to love and is a good athlete for his size with a good wing span.  Potentially a nice developmental OT prospect down the road. 
 *Hassan Haskins SOPH RB Michigan:
Has had two good weeks for Michigan, providing them with another tough physical runner who can break tackles and make big plays down field.  Was shocked early in the year when they did not have a dude at RB, now they have a few to pick from and Haskins is one of them.  Good solid athlete with nice ability to break tackles and run aggressively downhill.  
*Tru Wilson SR RB Michigan:
Does not get a ton of playing time, and wish he had more time at Michigan to develop.  Is a tough little back, good quickness and surprisingly good power and leg drive for a back his size.  Is a super long shot for the NFL but might get a chance as a UDFA and see how he looks but even that is a stretch.  Has played well this year and with his toughness as a runner there is something to like.  He is a passionate runner who runs hard and is not easy to bring down.
*Christian Trahan SOPH TE Houston:
Need to see a lot more of him but made some plays as a pass catcher in this game, nothing amazing but might be something in a few years will have to wait and see.
Need to update the mock 7 round ranking and will try to do that later in the week but might have to wait till next week.

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Week 11: Prospect Standouts

*Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU:
Great game by him obviously and he was calm in the pocket and showed big time leadership as a QB.  Surprisingly tough as a runner, wish he would slide more but can clearly take a hit and move around in the pocket and get away from pressure.  Throws accurate passes that are on time and kid has made himself a lot of money potentially this year with four wins against top 10 ranked teams just this season alone and it is not over yet.  Huge win no doubt and is the Heisman front runner now no question and a potential top 10 pick.  Love his competitiveness and fearlessness in the pocket, and plays in a pro system already and looks great.

*Antonie Winfield Jr RS SOPH S Minnesota:
Great game by him, could argue no safety in the nation has been playing better.  Showed awesome anticipation getting those two interceptions, and as a tackler was lights out.  On one play he leveled Freiermuth and knocked him off his feet and to the ground which is crazy considering his size.  Showed that tackling ability his daddy had back in the day.  Great to see him healthy and if he keeps playing well could easily come out this year and be a 2nd round pick or even late 1st with how solid he has looked this year.  Only real question is his health because he did miss basically two years previous to this one so will see if he can finally stay healthy because when he is he is a great player.

*Clyde Edwards-Helaire JR RB LSU:
Put himself on the map as a prospect, liked him before but this game was arguably the best of his career.  Was all over the field catching the football and making plays running and blocking.  Showed big time versatility as a player and will have a choice in what he does come draft time in a very deep RB group potentially this year.  Awesome game though that really showcased his versatility on a big time stage, kind of surprised at his short height because on the field kid is a tank out there and does not look small or even short honestly but at RB that clearly does not matter much as long as you have the leg drive he does.  

*Pat Freiermuth Prep SOPH TE Penn State:
Awesome game by him, dude is so big and strong and is such a natural pass catcher as a big body.  Love his toughness and has good combo of size, speed and good hands.  Even on bunch formations he can be a monster in space because of his blocking ability on short passes or his toughness across the middle.  Did go to prep school so I believe he is eligible for the draft this year and could be potentially the #1 TE in the draft if he comes out.  Has a lot of room to improve still sure but long term kid could be a star and had a big time game on the road this weekend.  

*CeeDee Lamb JR WR Oklahoma:
I had him the #2 WR for a long time behind Jeudy but now I think Lamb is potentially the better player with how impressive he has looked this year.  Is just so shockingly strong as a receiver, can break tackles and take a hit and bounce of making huge plays after the catch on the run.  Is more physical than Jeudy and that should help a lot at the next level.  Great after the catch and has awesome hands, should be a top 5 pick no doubt about it I feel and having a great season making Hurts look very good with all the YAC he gets.

*Davon Hamilton RS SR DT Ohio State:
Have not noticed him a ton before this but without Young in there, Hamilton was pretty impressive and got two sacks in this game.  Is obviously very well put together and is a space eater out there, if he keeps up this level of play without Young in the lineup that will be even more impressive.  Honestly I thought some of the talk around him was because Young was in the lineup and all teams focused completely on him and opened up others on the DL, but with him playing this well without Young should help him a great deal come draft time.  Hamilton physically is impressive and could be a sleeper DT prospect, will be curious how he does the rest of the season.  

*Jedrick Willis JR OT Alabama:
I have been hard on him this year but in this game he played tough and very aggressive.  Especially second half he was able to get after it as a blocker and plow the way more than once.  Loved the passion he played with, wish he played like that more often.  Still in an issue at times in pass protection but as a tough guy and a mover out there he can be very effective in the run game and was in a big way this game.  That Bama OL got after it blocking in the 2nd half, see if they get back to more of that as the season goes on.

*Thaddeus Moss RS SOPH TE LSU:
Played probably the best game of his career, especially with that one huge catch on the sidelines showing great agility and hand eye coordinator.  Kid looked the part as a pass catching TE no question, was a force out there.  Just on name alone he is a prospect but now is starting to show up and produce in a fine passing game for LSU.  Good stretch TE with fine athletic ability and hands.

*Denzel Mims SR WR Baylor:
Love his ability, mentioned him a few times already but his catch radius is super impressive and he made some big time plays and touchdowns in this game.  Huge upside with his long wingspan and ability to high point the football.  Is rising up draft boards with that acrobatic catch radius he has and ability to score touchdowns.  

*K'Lavon Chaisson RS SOPH OLB LSU:
Great game by him, was all over the field making plays and getting into the backfield creating pressure.  Without Divinity he was needed big time especially as a pass rusher and really their only solid pass rush option.  He did that and played an inspired game, will be curious if he comes out for the draft this year, I think he will.  Probably will not be a super high pick but as a mid round pick with his health issues it could be smart to declare and start his NFL career as a 3/4 OLB.  Is a fine athlete who can do a lot of things on the edge and showed that athletic ability in a big way against Bama.

*Tyreke Smith SOPH DE Ohio State:
Next in line apparently at Ohio State, liked Smith and what he showed early in the year but as a consistent player in this game he does make quite an impact on the edge.  Good looking athlete with a quick burst and uses his hands well.  Could do very well with the opportunity without Young in the lineup, will see how he does against some better competition coming down the road.  

*Travis Etienne JR RB Clemson:
Easy to forget about him because he is so consistent and does not always get the ball often or even play the entire game.  But kid can fly and has such big play ability and open field speed.  Has gotten a lot stronger and has improved as a pass catcher, should be a 1st round pick most likely and is just a big play waiting to happen.  Could be very hard to handle at the next level in space.  

*John Simpson SR OG Clemson:
Love his athletic ability and is arguably one of the best pulling guards in college football.  Awesome in space and is strong at the point of attack, if he works out well and shows that athletic ability at the combine could maybe be a 2nd to 3rd round pick, but as a mid round prospect is very solid and could work really well in a zone blocking scheme at the next level.  Even scored a TD in this game which was great to see.

*Devonta Smith JR WR Alabama:
Played great in a big time game, has been awesome all season but this year he looks totally legit as a prospect.  Thought maybe he should return to school earlier in the year but with how he has looked recently and in this game he should come out honestly.  Great hands on contested catches, has sneaky speed in the open field that surprises defenders.  Kid can ball and was the one Bama receiver that really showed up in this game and made a ton of big time plays against a solid LSU secondary.

*Coney Durr RS JR CB Minnesota:
Shows very nice reaction time and skills as a corner.  Showed up a little last year but has played very well of late this season, was great last week and made some nice plays on the football in this game. Potentially might have the skill to play at the next level and could use another yet of college to develop more, as a RS SR next year he could be a decent late round prospect possibly, is a solid cover man no doubt.  

*Trevis Gipson RS SR DE Tulsa:
Mentioned him earlier in the year and the kid can play, athletic edge rusher who can get after the passer and could be a late round pick this season.  Good at knifing into the backfield, really like that part of this game, can get on that inside shoulder and get penetration.  Not sure he is athletic enough to play 3/4 OLB but possibly, depends on how he times out.

*Rashod Bateman SOPH WR Minnesota:
Have been talking about him for awhile, last year and this season and did not disappoint.  Great speed, great route runner and is very natural and smooth catching the football.  One of the best SOPH receivers in the nation and that is in a very deep and talented class.  Great game by him and put him out there on the national stage if he was not already know by most which he should be.  

*Rashard Lawrence SR DE/DT LSU:
Thought he has had a pretty disappointing season but this game he finally showed up and was a force.  Got a few huge tipped passes at the line and was solid at the point of attack a few times.  Still I thought he could be a greater player than what he has become early in his career but on a big time stage he did well and provided much needed power on that DL for LSU.

*Carter Coughlin SR DE/OLB Minnesota:
Good game by him, has not been amazing this season but is a consistent edge rusher.  Is not super athletic but could transition to a 4/3 DE I feel, might lack the elite athletic ability to be a 3/4 OLB but depends on the system.  The 1st round talk earlier in the year for him was ridiculous but as a mid round prospect he could be pretty solid in the right system.  

*Trevor Lawrence SOPH QB Clemson:
It is crazy how athletic that kid is for a big QB, so tall and strong and surprisingly quick.  Has really added that run part to his game this year, honestly wish he would not be taking that many big hits in the open field but kid is a solid athlete with that rocket arm of course.  Sure this year has been up and down a little for him and that offense but they will easily be in the Playoff this year and will see what he does against the best once more on the big stage.  

*Charlie Brewer JR QB Baylor:
Will be very interesting to watch him next week against OU.  Kid can play and has performed well in key moments, does not have a great arm or athletic ability but can move around a little and makes clutch throws in big moments.  As a SR next year he could develop himself into a decent next level prospect, will see how he finishes the rest of the season.  

*Kyler Schott RS SOPH OG Iowa:
I need to watch him more but kid made some impressive blocks down field in that game and was pretty aggressive and strong at the point.  Nice looking athlete who goes after it and gives good effort, will be one to watch the rest of this season and beyond.

*Damien Lewis SR OG LSU:
I need to watch him more but kid looks solid at the point of attack and possibly could be a late round pick this season.  Played much better inside than those tackles did outside on that OL.  Is a good run blocker and has good size and athletic ability, one to watch on that LSU OL in the weeks to come. 




Others who impressed:

Ja'Marr Chase SOPH WR LSU
Tamorrion Terry RS SOPH WR Florida State  
Malik Knowles RS FR WR Kansas State  
Jarren Williams RS FR QB Miami FL
Jordan Howden SOPH S Minnesota  
Mike Harley JR WR Miami FL 
Jan Johnson RS SR ILB Penn State
Patrick Queen JR LB LSU  
K'Vaughan Pope SOPH ILB Ohio State
Major Tennison RS SOPH TE Alabama  






Derek Stingley Jr FR CB LSU - Love him as a prospect but this was a rough day for him, got beat a few times for really long touchdowns.  Surprised it happened to him but they have the most confidence in him as a corner and did leave him alone out there and did not protect him deep with much safety help.  He will learn for this and I still say he is the best CB on the roster, but was a tough day for him that is for sure.


Raekwon Davis SR DE/DT Alabama - Disappointing he still cannot get off blocks well or make much of an impact.  Did get his first sack this year but was only a 1/2 sack.  Might be a better fit in a 4/3 possibly, and could easily be a better pro than college player but he has disappointed this year no doubt.  Needs to be able to use his hands more and develop some pass rush moves and ways to free himself up, cannot just push people back and make things happen that way, needs much more variety to his game.  


Jerry Jeudy JR WR Alabama -  Did have some big drops in this game that were very surprising.  Was outplayed greatly by his teammate Smith, but the two drops late were a huge surprise, did make up for it with a TD catch later but still.  Showed he is a little more frail than one would ideally want, tough kid but was a rough game by him with some gaps in his confidence catching the ball.


Tua Tagovailoa JR QB Alabama - For a guy limping at the end of the game and he threw for over 400 yards, hard to say he played poorly.  I did not like his body language though, looked very defeated and not very inspired in that game.  Is going through a lot especially with the injury issues and long term health of his body.  But kid showed up and did produce, but basically lost the game early with that fumble which changed the game, could have been different if they got a lead and got some confidence, and threw that one bad INT before the half as well.  Did recover second half though and will be really curious how he plays the rest of the year.  Not ready to say Burrow is the better player but he did play better in this game compared to Tua.  I believe both of his ankles have had surgery now, provides a lot of questions moving forward with long term health but hard to throw without them working well clearly, especially for a mobile QB like him.


Saahdig Charles JR OT/OG LSU - Played really bad a OT I thought and gave up some big time pressures on the edge.  Is better than their other OT though, he looked even worse but Charles does not look comfortable at OT.  I think he is more a OG in the NFL and if they had a better OT he could be moved back there but they do not, tough game for him though for sure.



Going to update the Mock 7 round ranking hopefully soon, moved Burrow to the 1st round last update now should be high 1st round potentially.

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Ozzy you don't get near the responses and credit you deserve. Just thought I'd let you know I have look forward to reading these each week. Thanks

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On 11/11/2019 at 8:39 PM, tannenballs said:

Ozzy you don't get near the responses and credit you deserve. Just thought I'd let you know I have look forward to reading these each week. Thanks

Thanks.  It is a lot of work and I have been tempted to stop because what is the point in the grand scheme of things.  Even the 7 round mock ranking that I update every few weeks, that takes a ton of time and just updated it and trying to keep it current.  

I might have to just post the players and not the write ups just based on time needed but will see.  



These are some players I have moved up in the overall rankings.  

CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma JR WR
Joe Burrow LSU RS SR QB
Tristan Wirfs Iowa JR OT
Jeffrey Okudah Ohio State JR CB
Pat Freiermuth Penn State Prep SOPH TE

Devonta Smith Alabama JR WR
Bryan Edwards South Carolina SR WR
Antonie Winfield Jr. Minnesota RS SOPH S

Shaquille Quarterman Miami FL SR ILB
Scotty Washington Wake Forest RS SR WR
John Simpson Clemson SR OG
Denzel Mims Baylor SR WR




Some other players I have included that originally I did not have in the overall 7 round list.  

Jan Johnson Penn State RS SR ILB
Trevis Gipson Tulsa RS SR DE/OLB
Cooper Edmiston Tulsa SR ILB
Nick Kaltmayer Kansas State RS SR OT
Christian Rozeboom South Dakota State SR ILB





(I moved these guys out and have them returning to school potentially)

Sam Ehlinger Texas JR QB
Cole Van Lanen Wisconsin RS JR OT
Anthony McFarland Maryland RS SOPH RB
Jake Ferguson Wisconsin RS SOPH TE
Ian Book Notre Dame RS JR QB
Jacob Phillips LSU JR LB
Joshua Kaindoh Florida State JR DE
Saahdig Charles LSU JR OT/OG
Kadarius Toney Florida JR WR
Britain Covey Utah JR WR
KJ Costello Stanford RS JR QB
Andre Anthony LSU RS JR OLB
Mark Gilbert Duke RS JR CB
Marcelino Ball Indiana RS JR S
Debione Renfro Texas A&M JR CB
John Tate IV Memphis RS JR DT
Bobby Roundtree Illinois JR DE




(These are other players I once had in and now are out)

Blaise Gammon Kansas State SR TE
Brian Lewerke Michigan State RS SR QB
Shyheim Carter Alabama SR CB
Stephen Sullivan LSU SR WR
Tyrie Cleveland Florida SR WR
Moe Neal Syracuse SR RB
Nick McCloud NC State SR CB
Thomas Barber Minnesota SR ILB
Quinn Nordin Michigan SR K
Jordyn Brooks Texas Tech SR OLB
Khalil Davis Nebraska RS SR DT
Marcus Strong Washington State SR CB
Nick Westbrook Indiana RS SR WR
Steven Wright Virginia SR DE
Elijah Sindelar Purdue RS SR QB
DaiShon Neal Nebraska RS SR DE
Matt Womack Alabama RS SR OG
Darius Anderson TCU SR RB
Joey Magnifico Memphis SR TE
Tyler Higby Michigan State RS SR OT
Shannon Brooks Minnesota RS SR RB
Jake Bentley South Carolina SR QB
Zach McCloud Miami FL SR OLB
Seth Dawkins Louisville SR WR
Troy Warner BYU SR S
Dontavious Jackson Florida State SR ILB
Scott Frantz Kansas State RS SR OT
Carlo Kemp Michigan SR DE
Jalen Julius Ole Miss SR CB
Daniel Imatorbhebhe USC SR TE
Martell Pettaway West Virginia SR RB
Chris Evans Michigan SR RB
Jonathan Ward Central Michigan SR RB
Cameron Green Northwestern RS SR TE
Caleb Kelly OU SR ILB



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Apparently Cole Kmet JR TE Notre Dame is planning on returning to school next year.  I had him as a possible 1st round pick or 2nd, awesome TE and has a massive upside with his size and athletic ability.  Could develop into a great one with another year at Notre Dame off of such a fine season he has had this year.  Also this teammate Liam Eichenberg RS JR OT is planning on returning, I had him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick and really has been quite good this season for the Irish.  


Both with another season could work their way into being 1st round caliber picks potentially.  Will see if they stick to what they said because things can change.  I made the changes and remove them from the 7 round ranking.  



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