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2020 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (+weekly prospect standouts)

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On 11/11/2019 at 9:39 PM, tannenballs said:

Ozzy you don't get near the responses and credit you deserve. Just thought I'd let you know I have look forward to reading these each week. Thanks

Seconded.  Love reading these.  They give me people to watch for in later weeks.

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I thought it was an unwritten rule not to comment in this one because it cluttered the thread. LOL 

This is one of my favs as I don't watch much but know who some of the players are and it's nice seeing them moving up/down and getting names I never would know otherwise. 

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Week 12: Prospect Standouts

*AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa:
What a game by him, I have been hard on him this year for his lack of production but this game he brought it.  Was awesome off the edge using his great burst and quickness off the ball.  Was big late with that sack to basically seal the game and it was from a inside rush position.  Curious where this has been all year but this week and last he has been playing better and getting more of an impact on the game.  Is athletic enough I think to be a 3/4 OLB in the right system, 1st round prospect all the way just a matter of where.  Still think he needs more variety to his game but athletically there is a ton to like at that massive size.

*Jalen Hurts SR QB Oklahoma:
 I have been hard on Hurts for awhile especially this year, but on a big stage and being down a ton of points he showed great leadership ability to lead that team back.  Down what 25 points, what a comeback and what mental toughness he showed.  From the neck up in terms of his mental strength and leadership ability, he is a NFL QB.  I question his arm and his footwork in the pocket though but as a possible backup QB he could do some things, if a team takes him in the 1st round as a possible franchise QB they will be disappointed, if a developmental backup in the middle rounds different story.  Real statement game by Hurts though, especially with the super star CeeDee Lamb out, for Hurts to still play this well is impressive because Lamb is probably a top 5 pick in the draft.

*Chris Miller SR S Baylor: 
By the looks of it it was his best game of the season, honestly I have not noticed him before this game or any other games, then again Baylor has not been relevant till this year recently.  But wow that kid can hit, apparently has had multiple targeting fouls this year and been kicked out of games.  Still in this game at least, when he hit the player went down hard.  Showed outstanding effort and crazy strength in his hands and the force he was able to generate.  Such a striker, I will have to watch him more because if he can hit like that consistently he will be a next level player on that ability alone even if it is only special teams.  What a game by him, part of a disappointing loss especially for that D second half, but the kid brought it physically and consistently made some of the biggest most forceful hits I have seen all season.

*Derrick Brown SR NT Auburn:
Another amazing game by him, disappointing he is getting over looked this year because Auburn is not a top 10 team despite a solid defense.  The kid is dominating out there and just throwing guys around in this game, and that is against one of the top 3 offensive lines in college football.  Gets great force up the middle and should be a next level player for years potentially.  Was great last year and is even better this season in terms of his playmaking ability.  

*Dedrick Mills JR RB Nebraska:
Looked like a Nebraska back from back in the day, thought he would run like that a lot more often this season.  Kid was a beast and ran aggressively and with great power like he did a few years back on Georgia Tech.   By far the best game of the season for him so far against a solid defensive unit.  Real standout game too bad for the program they still lost, that D is long ways away from being anything close to Black shirt quality. Mills showed up though see if he can keep it up. 

*James Lynch JR DE Baylor:
Love his play, is so strong with his hands and quick.  Could be a 3/4 DE or 4/3 DE.  Gets a good consistent edge rush and can get after the passer.  Tough guy for sure and will be one to watch especially if he returns for another year at Baylor which I hope he does.

*Najee Harris JR RB Alabama:
Another great game by him showing awesome power and agility in the open field.  Low carry rate in college so a lot of tread on the tires still.  Could be a better pro than college player no doubt but he has helped his stock greatly by showing he can catch the ball out of the backfield in recent weeks.  Good footwork in the hole and obvious size power combo, 1st round prospect and if he drops to the 2nd a team could get a huge steal with him.

*Ronnie Bell SOPH WR Michigan:
Brought him up already a few times, awesome game again by him.  Super quick and agile, great hands and overall fluid athletic ability.  Part of a upstart Michigan passing game and he is key to it and oddly enough has become arguably the best receiver prospect on the team now.  Super hand eye coordinator that is for sure.

*Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU:
Just based on his on the field persona at the moment, kid is a dude and a hell of a leader.  Is super confident and it shows by his play and by how he acts on the sidelines.  With the Tua injury Burrow will easily be the 1st QB drafted with how amazing he has played.  The hype around him will continue to grow and might get to be a little much in terms of expectations but hey he is playing great.  Probably the Heisman Trophy winner and kid is a pro in how he prepares already.  

*John Rhys Plumlee FR QB Ole Miss:
What an athlete he is, super impressed with his open field speed and toughness.  In that Rich Rod offense he could rip teams apart for the next two to three years, awesome quickness and open field speed.  Is a position change at this point till he proves he can be a solid passer but as an athlete at QB he is one of the best in the nation.  Very impressive game by him and has been solid for a few weeks now.

*Tyler Goodson FR RB Iowa:
Huge game by him, was really the reason they won the game honestly I feel.  Such a quick burst athletically and was quick to the hole.  Really promising looking athlete and will be curious if he can keep this up and become the guy for Iowa the rest of this year and beyond.  They have had a hard time keeping consistent backs who flash early to stay good for a long time, will see if Goodson can become that guy.

*Marlon Davidson SR DE/DT Auburn:
I might underrate him a little, kid could be a great 4/3 DT and has had a great season on Auburn as a DE on the edge.  Beat a great tackle in Thomas in this game for a sack and is a good consistent edge rusher with athletic ability and can get around the corner.  Big man that can move, could play himself into being a 2nd round pick and could be a monster in a 4/3 defense as a DT.  

*Tyrone Tracy Jr RS FR WR Iowa:
Great game by him and showed some awesome athletic ability and made some tough contested catches.  Will be one to watch as the season goes on, looks like a promising receiver prospect coming into his own late this season.  

*Shea Patterson SR QB Michigan:
Great game by him, he throws so well on the move and has such timing on his passes.  Big time win and is a huge part of that passing game success.  Mobility and being able to throw on the move with him is really impressive.  In terms of throwing on the run as a QB he is one of the best in the class.  Only major question is his arm strength overall down field but as a manager and guy who can create and make things happen he sure has done that the past few weeks.  

*Ronnie Perkins SOPH DE Oklahoma:
Great burst off the line and was a real factor on the edge for OU getting pressures and sacks.  Great game by him, athletic LB/DE type and is one to watch as the season goes on.  

*Jerrion Ealy FR RB Ole Miss:
Apparently is a great baseball player and wants to go do that professionally but wow, is a heck of an athlete at RB and has a great burst with big play potential.  In that Rich Rod offense he could be amazing over the next few years, might have a choice to make if he is indeed such a big play back over time.  Regardless Ole Miss fans will love him because he could be quite good on the football field if he sticks with it.   

*Tyler Johnson SR WR Minnesota:
Another great game by him, did have a few drops that were key but overall made some very tough physical catches.  Good on the inside and on the outside, very consistent and has proven himself for years as a receiver.  Should be a solid mid round prospect especially if he times out well in the 40.  But really his game is not speed, it is being able to go and get the ball, he can make tough physical catches look easy.

*Kary Vincent Jr JR S LSU:
Have never been a huge fan of his but made some very impressive plays on the football in this game and a few good tackles.  Never sold on him as a corner or safety but looked good in this game in the slot and in coverage.  Will see how he looks in the next few, easily one of the best games I have ever seen him play.

*Nathan Stanley SR QB Iowa:
I am hard on the guy but this game was big, not quite as big as his performance at home against Ohio State a few years back but it was up there.  Big time win for him and the program and he threw some nice passes and showed good toughness outside the pocket making a key run for a first down.  Probably has a better arm than I give him credit for and was super accurate in this game, is not always consistent though as a passer.  Mid round prospect though he is interesting, has good size obviously and has put together a decent career overall.  

*Bravvion Roy SR NT Baylor:
Need to watch him more but really got after it on the inside, showed great power and agility for a man his size.  Wish he was a younger player who could develop more, but is a must watch later in the year because the kid has a motor as a massive inside tackle it looks like.

*Badara Traore SR OT LSU:
I have never noticed him before, looks like he could be a replacement OT for LSU that could do some things.  Wish he was a younger player, as a SR does not have much time to improve but physically he looks the part and seems pretty solid.  Will see if he can stabilize that OL a little on the edges and if so could be a long shot for the NFL if he plays well the next few weeks.

*Tanner Morgan RS SOPH QB Minnesota:
Teams want to make him win the game and he came close to doing it again like he did against Penn State last week.  To start the year he threw some bad balls and bad interceptions.  This throws are much better later in the year and his passes are not nearly as wobbly.  Tough kid, game manager who throws very on time and accurate passes.  Sure that team needs to run the ball to win and control the clock but they are lucky Morgan can throw the football as effectively as he can, will see how he does in two more huge games the rest of this season.    


Others who impressed:

Chauncey Golston RS JR DE Iowa   
Ihmir Smith-Marsette JR WR Iowa  
Kamal Martin SR OLB Minnesota  
DJ Daniel JR CB Georgia  
Eric Stokes RS SOPH CB Georgia   




Jamie Newman RS JR QB Wake Forest -
Sure he was missing his best two receivers which was a huge loss but the kid looked like he could barely complete a forward pass.  Hyped him up a few weeks back, was looking forward to this game and he did not play well.  Thought maybe a few weeks ago he could come out early as a project QB but after this performance I doubt that happens.  But good for him, should be able to come back and develop more and learn from this hopefully this year and next.

Creed Humphrey RS SOPH C Oklahoma - 
Got beat bad a few times especially early in the game, did pick it up a little later on as did that entire OU team but yeah it was rough.  Some big dudes on Baylor really pushed him around, I did not have him as a early entry guy as a RS SOPH and based on this play I doubt he comes out early which could be a very good thing for his development.

Grant Delpit JR S LSU -
Part of a very disappointing LSU defensive unit I have brought up before.  Never really noticed it but yeah he has not been very good this year in the run game or pass game.  Had 5 INTs and 5 sacks last year, this season has 1 INT and 0 sacks.  Is not as effective blitzing, struggles tackling big time which is a surprise.  If he was this all world great top 5 pick at safety no way he should be missing tackles in the open field or even allowing such big plays to constantly happen.  Sure it is not all just him but he has not lived up to his potential this year but same could be said for many on that LSU D. Still have him as a 1st rounder maybe but not top 10 no way. 





Tua Tagovailoa JR QB Alabama:
Awful way to end his career, I thought that right after I saw the play happen, wow his Alabama career is pretty much over now.  Would be shocked if he returns to school and has one of the worst injury histories of any QB in recent memory.  Both ankles and now a hip issue.  Hopefully he can come back from it, and honestly a team could get a steal with him if he drops because of the health issues.  High character guy and physically hopefully he can still play football at a high level but so far coming out of college he is pretty broken down as a player already.  





44 minutes ago, G said:

I thought it was an unwritten rule not to comment in this one because it cluttered the thread. LOL 

This is one of my favs as I don't watch much but know who some of the players are and it's nice seeing them moving up/down and getting names I never would know otherwise. 





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34 minutes ago, Counselor said:

Give me some prospects I should have in my top 100 that I probably don’t 

I don't know who you have in your top 100, but looking at the first three rounds of my mock draft ranking gives you a good idea of who I have up there currently.  

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Week 13: Prospect standouts:

*Patrick Jones II RS JR DE Pitt:
Love his athletic ability on the edge, very long and quick off the ball.  If he comes back next year he will easily be one of the best pass rusher in the nation.  Could come out for the draft this year and has a chance as a late 2nd or 3rd round pick I feel.  Super looking athlete and is one to watch, very interesting edge rusher with great size, length and quickness.  Is having a real breakout season for sure.  

*Brycen Hopkins RS SR TE Purdue:
Really great game by him, originally I thought of him as more of a mid round pick but now if he is indeed as athletic as he showed in this game he could be a 2nd round no doubt.  Great looking athlete and very explosive after the catch.  I think he is listed as a little bigger than he actually is but still as a pass catching TE hard to find one who has played better than him this season.  Especially with rotating QBs for Purdue and inconsistent weapons around him to take pressure off the coverage he gets.  

*Kedon Slovis FR QB USC:
Wow what a game by him, really showed some amazing accuracy passing the football on a big stage in a big rival game.  Love his throwing motion, very tight and compact, good and strong in the pocket with a fine release and fundamental play.  Has had a great season and he is playing some big time football and should become a big time prospect in the future.  

*Jaylen Twyman RS SOPH DT Pitt:
Love his upside and he is one to watch at DT especially as a pass rusher.  Is a little under sized but uses his leverage and has a long wingspan and a unique build.  Has been great this season getting to the QB and if he can keep that up next year he could become quite a prospect I feel.  Really promising player along with a few other DL on that Pitt roster.  

*Austin Jackson JR OT USC:
Kid is a very good looking prospect and honestly I think maybe he could come out early for the draft and be one of the first 4 or 5 OTs taken.  Had another good game, is a fine athlete with a huge upside, could be a no doubt 1st rounder if he returns to school but even this year he could maybe be one.  Very good in pass pro and his athletic upside makes him a really interesting player.    

*Drake London FR WR USC:
Great game by him, looks like he could be the next super star receiver on that roster.  Is just a huge kid 6-5 and runs very well and is quite athletic.  Could be a monster in the future and is easily one of the best young receivers in the nation.  Has come on strong late this year and has made an already solid USC receiver core even stronger now.  

*Antonie Winfield Jr. RS SOPH S Minnesota:
Looks more and more like he should come out early for the draft.  Kid is playing out of this world and put down some massive hits in that football game.  Just crushed guys with legal clean hits, he is playing great back there and clearly has the coverage and ball skills.  Awesome looking talent and could easily make the case he is playing better than any safety in the country.  

*Lamont Wade JR S Penn State:
Awesome game by him and he is totally a next level safety prospect, has been productive for a few weeks now but this game he really stood out with his ability to tackle in space and be an aggressive safety.  Strong in the box and athletic enough in coverage.  Interesting talent that could come out early for the draft this year but could become something special I feel if he comes back to school for another season.

*Eno Benjamin JR RB Arizona State:
Awesome game by him showing his great footwork, jump cutting and ability to make defenders miss even when the blocking is not great.  He could become a great pro if put in the right situation, very solid ball carrier who has outstanding feet and will be a steal in the 2nd or 3rd round.  

*Paris Ford RS SOPH S Pitt:
I need to watch him more but the kid can hit and played really aggressive, almost too aggressive at times but got to love that ability to strike and play aggressive tough football.

*Michael Pittman Jr SR WR USC:
Kid is legit, has played big time ball this year and has been very consistent and productive.  Good leader on the team, physical and tough who can make contested catches.  A NFL team will like him a lot and he will be a great mid to high mid rough pick, very promising next level receiver with size and strength.

*Jayden Daniels FR QB Arizona State:
Great smooth passing game by him on a big time stage.   Brought him up earlier in the year, is a talented kid no question but showed in this game he might be a better passer than I originally thought.  Very smooth natural release and was able to pin point some fine passes that were deep and accurate.  

*Kyle Hamilton FR S Notre Dame:
Love the kid, long his range and his ball skills and ability to get interceptions.  If he can keep this level of play up over the next three years he could be a very high draft pick with his rare size.  Does need to improve as a tackler and get stronger but his ball skills for his age are outstanding.  

*Chase Young JR DE Ohio State:
Another amazing game by him with some huge plays and pressures on the QB.  After missing those games did not miss a beat and put himself right back into the Heisman conversation I feel.  Is the #1 pick in the draft or at least he should be, such a great athlete who is wildly consistent and productive on the field.   

*Rashod Bateman SOPH WR Minnesota:
Week after week he continues to impress, he is such a great route runner and is so smooth on the football field.  Fine looking athlete but his skills as a receiver is what makes him special in terms of his fundamental play and how he can get open just on route running.  Great game by him and that Minnesota passing offense.  

*Tanner Morgan RS SOPH QB Minnesota:
Would be hard to be more accurate than he was in this game throwing passes.  Just on time and right in the spot that it needs to be.  Threw multiple great passes in this game and he has improved his accuracy greatly this season.  Will be interesting to see how he does in a huge game next week for them.

*Rayshard Ashby JR ILB Virginia Tech:
Kid is a playmaker that plays the game with passion and intensity.  Does not really look the part but he is productive and smart and was huge in a gigantic win for the last home game for Bud Foster the famous VT DC.  Ashby on leadership and passion alone will get a shot at the next level no doubt.

*Brandon Aiyuk SR WR Arizona State:
Strong looking kid, well put together and had some huge plays and catches in this game.  Could be a sleeper prospect come draft time, has kind of came on late and not many know about him but physically he looks the part and has the speed and size to make plays as a receiver.  

*Dalton Keene JR TE Virginia Tech:
Need to watch him more but looks like a tough TE, a little small in terms of weight and size overall, usually I like bigger guys but he gives some great effort on the field.  Good stretch TE who lays out and can make some very fine catches and plays hard.  With another fine season could become a decent late round prospect potentially but has to prove he can consistently be a productive player.  

*Dorian Thompson-Robinson SOPH QB UCLA:
Never have been a huge fan of his, and maybe it was just poor defense but he looked pretty dang good in this game.  Able to run around and use his athletic ability and threw accurate controlled passes.  Great game by him and if he plays like this consistently he could get a lot more interest next year.  Was confident and aggressive in this game, will see if he can keep that type of play level up, because in this game he did look like he had some next level ability.  

*Jack Jones RS JR CB Arizona State:
Former USC transfer had some big plays showing his great ball skills and reaction time.  Also made some immature plays as well, hopefully he comes back for another season at ASU and matures a little bit more, he could become a solid player at corner if he can get his mind right.  Was a top prospect for his class when he was at USC but clearly had some trouble off the field he has to over come and improve himself as a person and hopefully is on the way to doing that.

*Rhamondre Stevenson JR RB/FB Oklahoma:
Not a ton of solid FB prospects in college but this kid could be a really good one.  Is thick and super strong, plays more RB and HB for OU, can carry the football and make things happen.  But physically he looks the part of a full back and could be very wanted when he comes out for the draft.  Not many guys fit that profile any more who do not play defense, he could be a fine player at the next level considering how strong and compact he is, not to mention fast and athletic.  

*Laviska Shenault Jr. JR WR Colorado:
Had a solid game against a big time opponent who has solid DBs back there.  Made some great catches in this game in a big win, just wish he was a little more consistent and or dominating at times honestly.  Especially in the pass happy college football of today.  Will be curious how he times out in the combine, see if he is indeed that fast and that strong because I question a little bit of both with him but will see.  

*Troy Dye SR OLB Oregon:
Great game, played with that club on his hand and did not matter to him.  Still put it all on the line and played full blast jumping into piles and jumping over guys to make tackles.  Great effort by him and he is a really interesting LB prospect because of his athletic ability combined with the toughness he plays well.  He has been a consistent productive tackler for many years now on Oregon.



Others who impressed:

Kyle Phillips RS FR WR UCLA
Carlos Davis RS SR DT Nebraska 
George Karlaftis FR DE Purdue  
Marquis Hayes RS SOPH OG Oklahoma  
Zach Harrison FR DE Ohio State  
Nook Bradford FR S TCU  
Collin Miller RS JR OLB Nebraska 
Will Levis RS FR QB Penn State  
Tyler Johnson Minnesota SR WR Minnesota  




Justin Herbert SR QB Oregon - Really bad game for him, missed a lot of open passes and was just simply not accurate.  Tons to like about him in terms of size, athletic ability and arm talent but this was not his best game.  Is surrounded by a great OL, a fine defense and a solid run game.  Does not have his best receiver on the team, the TE Breeland is out for the year so that hurts I am sure but still with the experienced OL he should be more comfortable in the pocket throwing and simply was not accurate in this game at all.  

Jevon Holland SOPH S Oregon - Did not play well in this game, got beat a few times and missed tackles he usually makes.  Was pretty surprising honestly to see him get beat as often as he did, got beat in coverage and in the open field tackling.  Still a very talented player but did not have a good game no way in this one.  

Jalen Hurts SR QB Oklahoma - More turnovers again late that almost cost them the game again.  Hard to believe really, and like the TCU defense showed OU wants to run the football and that is the case.  So kind of shows Hurts lack of overall arm talent honestly.  Great college QB, great leader but yeah he is not a top 10 pick in the draft.  The fact they focus on the run game and he is involved in the run game a ton, shows what he is best at in college.  Will see if what TCU did to them will happen with some other teams, they took some things away in the passing game that is for sure.  







One more college football Saturday, final regular season weekend this up coming Saturday.




Edited by Ozzy

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Week 14: Prospect Standouts

*JK Dobbins JR RB Ohio State:
Would be hard to play better than he did against Michigan, totally dominating running the football and even caught a few passes as well.  Kid is playing great football and could easily be in the conversation to #2 RB in the draft if not possibly #1 if he runs a good 40 time.  Amazing year for him and Ohio State who has arguably three Heisman candidates potentially.  

*Bryce Perkins SR QB Virginia:
Very unconventional QB with an odd release at times but kid was legit in this game in a huge win for the program.  Was running all over the field which is expected but threw the ball quite well also especially on deep passes down field against a very hot VT defense.  Kid has a chance to be drafted, before the year I thought of him as a UDFA but with how he has played late maybe he could sneak into the late rounds.  Will be very interesting to watch him against Clemson next week and see how he does.

*Tiawan Mullen FR CB Indiana:
Amazing football game by him against a big time freshman receiver in Bell on Purdue.  Fought him very well, uses his hands and attacks the football.  Is a good tough tackler and very confident obviously.  Kid is a winner mentally and has a chance to become an outstanding next level prospect.  Has the ball skills and athletic ability to be a great corner and best part about him is his toughness, is the brother of former Clemson CB now in the NFL Trayvon Mullen.

*Derrick Brown SR NT Auburn:
I bring him up a lot but the kid is playing great football no question about it.  Made a few very key plays in this game and some amazing tackles using his strength and power.  Should be a top 10 pick with how he has played this year but if Lawrence dropped last year at NT Brown might as well because teams want a more athletic pass rusher.  Regardless he has had a great season and deserves the attention he is getting no doubt.  

*Tamorrion Terry RS SOPH WR Florida State:
Kid can simply run and had a great game against Florida in terms of his deep ball potential.  Good size and clearly has some elite level speed as a receiver.  Could come out for the draft this year and someone could get a total steal with him, kid is a legit player no question and sure first round pick in the 2021 draft if he returns to school.

*Jaylen Waddle SOPH WR Alabama:
Do not always think of him as anything more than a return guy but showed some big time athletic ability in this game and made some huge plays catching the football.  Kid is a super star just like the other three receivers on the team with big time upside and could easily be a 1st round pick in 2021.  Not only one of the best return men in a very long time but clearly a fine receiver in general especially when he gets opportunities to make plays.

*Jamale Carothers SOPH RB Navy:
I need to watch him more but wow that kid had an amazing game against Houston.  Had 5 TDs I believe and a lot he was barely touched.  Athletically he looks the part, very strong and obviously fast, could be just very bad Houston defense but the kid is worth watching no doubt.  Is part of a solid run game with Perry who gets most of the attention but this game put Carothers on the map and he was absolutely dominating out there.  

*Noah Taylor SOPH OLB Virginia:
If Snowden leaves Taylor will take over for him no question, very similar physically, not super thick but is crazy long for a linebacker and made some huge plays in this game getting his hands in the passing lanes and getting after the QB.  A great game in general by that Virginia LB core but Taylor will be one to watch in the future with that freaky length and size for the position.

*Tyler Biadasz RS JR C Wisconsin:
Awesome game by him in space and he is such an athletic guy for being a very large and strong center.  Had some big blocks and best was in the screen game he really made some things happen.  Would be shocked if he did not come out this year for the draft and he should be a top 15 pick I feel, rare talent for the position and has been an elite level player for awhile.  

*AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa:
Another crazy good game for him, this one I will probably have to rewatch because he was just so productive in it.  Awesome to see him back to form after a slow start to the season where he was not greatly productive.  Kid should be a lock top 10 pick if he comes out with how well he has played of late.   

*Jeffrey Okudah JR CB Ohio State:
Had a good game and made some very nice plays on the football no doubt.  This clear cut #1 ranked CB I am not sure about, I buy it some what yet because honestly that entire secondary got taken apart at times when the pass rush was not able to get home.  Honestly that pass rush is a big part of that defensive backfield success.   Okudah has greatly improve his draft stock without question this year but a very high top 5 pick I am not so sure about that one, they missed Wade being out there big time and got taken apart in the slot more than once.  

*Parnell Motley SR CB Oklahoma:
Not an amazing CB but does enough in terms of making plays and getting his hands on the football to be interesting as a prospect.  Got that big fumble caused in this game, is always around the football, has gotten beat a lot especially earlier in his career but he can make plays and has the mental toughness for the position and has fought his way through some issues.  Could be a late round pick come draft time.

*Mike Horton SR OG Auburn:
I have not noticed him a ton before but in this game he was very physical and tough.  Strong at the point of attack and part of a very senior lead Auburn OL.  Might be a long shot for the league but depends on how he plays in the predraft work.  Big strong kid though and moved guys around in this game.

*Garrett Wilson FR WR Ohio State:
Already a stacked receiver core for Ohio State and add another one to it.  Had a big time game getting separation and making big catches.  Did have that one issue catching a punt but other than that he was great as a receiver making big time plays for them as a true freshman.

*Jordan Mack SR ILB Virginia:
I have liked him since the start of this season.  Is a standout ILB that could be great in a 3/4 because how good he is at blitzing the QB.  Very athletic for his size I feel and is good in space tackling.  Great mid round prospect as a linebacker and he was key along with those other LBs on Virginia to get that huge win for the program.

*Quinetz Cephus RS JR WR Wisconsin:
Has had a great season and this game was no different, awesome deep ball speed and catching ability.  Very smooth out there and has really put together a fine season.  Would be surprised if he does not come out for the draft, kid could be a very solid mid round pick if not higher if he runs well which he very well might.  

*JoJo Domann RS JR S Nebraska:  
I will have to watch him more but physically he stood out, is a big linebacker/safety who is well put together and runs well for his size.  Will be interesting how he is used next year, is a competitive kid and played hard as did that entire Nebraska defense late in the game but was too late to get the victory.  

*Ahmad Gardner FR CB Cincinnati:
I need to watch him more but has length at corner and some nice ball skills.  Still has a lot of work to do but athletically in terms of his upside in coverage he could be something down the road with his wingspan and hands.  

*Elijah Molden JR S Washington:
Good game by him, is versatile in coverage and can play the slot as a tough physical kid which is interesting.  Will be curious how he does next year, could become a high level safety prospect after coming on some strong this season.  

*Cam Taylor-Britt SOPH CB Nebraska:
Will be one to watch next year, can get his hands on the football and make plays.  Good reaction time and good size for a corner.  Will see how he looks this year and if he can continue to improve on his game, is around the football consistent and does make plays on the ball well.  

*Chamarri Conner SOPH S Virginia Tech:
Is well worth watching in the years coming up.  Had a good game with some great form tackles.  The VT defense overall disappointed but Conner impressed especially early on.  Will see if he can continue to develop next year and beyond.  

*Antonio Gibson SR WR Memphis:
Did not have a great game, his teammate Coxie was far more productive but that one run by Gibson was crazy impressive.  Showing off his crazy speed and athletic ability from the RB position.  Just as a pure athlete he is wildly interesting in the up coming draft and could do quite well at the combine.  Kid has physical skills and athletic ability, has not done a ton before this season but he is quite the athlete regardless, sleeper WR prospect no doubt.  

*Darrion Daniels SR DT Nebraska:
I have brought him up a few times this season, he had a great final game for Nebraska in this one and probably has worked himself into being a drafted player at DT.  Big strong kid, moves well and really got after it against Iowa.  Good hand usage and good looking athlete for a big man like he is.



Others who impressed:

Bradlee Anae SR OLB/DE Utah  
Dax Hollifield SOPH LB Virginia Tech    

Marlon Davidson SR DE/DT Auburn
Damon Hazelton RS JR WR Virginia Tech  
David Bell FR WR Purdue  
Zane Zandier JR ILB Virginia
Tayvion Robinson FR WR Virginia Tech  
Richie Grant JR S UCF  
Leki Fotu SR DT Utah






Anthony Gordon RS SR QB Washington State -
Looked bad in a big game against a solid Washington defense.  Was very bad when he got pressured and did not look good throwing the football on the move, was pretty awkward.  Has done very well his final year of college in that passing system at Washington State but this game mechanically he looked pretty bad.  Still might get a shot as a late round pickup but bad way to go out to end this season here.  

Rodney Smith RS SR RB Minnesota -
Had a great middle part of the season but lately he has not ran the ball well at all.  Not all his fault but as a senior one would expect a little more production in this big games for Minnesota than he has gotten.  They did lose Faalele early in the game the best run blocking on the OL but still I expected him to show up more than he has in this game and the past few weeks.  

Carter Coughlin RS SR OLB Minnesota-
Similar to Smith one would expect a little more out of him, especially in terms of a pass rush this season.  Is not very good in coverage but as a pass rusher he has kind of disappointed this year.  More attention paid on him and has not got consistent pressure on the edge.  As a 3/4 OLB prospect he has potential and could maybe play 4/3 DE but is not as high of a pick as projected to start the season.




Hoping to update the 7 round ranking after the championship games possibly if not before.

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Championship Week 15 and Week 16: Prospect Standouts

*Kayvon Thibodeau FR DE Oregon:
Great game by him with the blocked punt and multiple sacks in the game.  They really could not handle him on the edge at all.  Has flashed this year more than once, not a huge fan of how he is built physically in terms of his size and weight.  But as an athletic 3/4 OLB potentially kid could be amazing especially if put in that position.  Hopefully he gets a little thicker but his quickness off the ball and athletic ability are interesting and there is a reason why he was such a highly ranked recruit coming in.

*CeeDee Lamb JR WR Oklahoma:
Anyone questioning his ability needs to just stop all of that.  Was crazy good in this game especially after the catch, was all over the field making plays and taking shot passes and getting tons of yards after the catch.  Kid is smooth, natural and a lot more strong and athletic than people give him credit for.  To me he should be the #1 WR taken in the draft, kid can ball.

*Chris Miller SR S Baylor:
Loved him the first time he played OU and is even better the second time.  Just gives all out effort, is a very forceful tackler and good safety net back there that does not let much get by him.  Is athletic and quick in coverage but his tackling is what makes him very interesting.  Really promising player I feel and is a sleeper come draft time, might climb up to being a mid round pick, kid can play and has next level talent.

*Malcolm Perry SR QB/RB/WR Navy:
Kid had a big time game, I have been talking about him since his SOPH year and he put on a show in this Army Navy game just like he did as a SOPH.  Amazing run production by him in this game and what a way to go out in the big one for him.  Awesome speed, is absolutely going to be drafted I feel based on his athletic ability and make you miss potential in the open field. Could run a 4.3 range time in the 40, 4.4 at worst,  could be a receiver or RB at the next level, just needs to be put with the right offensive system.  Great game by him and he put on a show.  

*James Lynch JR DE/DT Baylor:
Another awesome game by him, kid is a beast and is such a tough strong pass rusher.  Could maybe play DT in a 4/3 or 3/4 DE, really has came on strong and has had a great season.  If he comes out early could be a 2nd round pick and maybe 1st round possibly if he works out well.  Plays super strong and very aggressive football, tough kid and good bookend, real up and coming DL prospect.  

*KJ Hill SR WR Ohio State:
Amazing game by him, showed off his fine route running ability and toughness as a slot receiver able to take contact and especially get yards after the catch.  Kid was a dude in this game and fir gun being the leading reception leader in Ohio State history is saying something especially with all the talent that has been around him since he has been on Ohio State.  Very nice looking player and quite underrated, has a chance to be better as a pro than he has been in college if put in the right system.  

*Bravvion Roy SR DT Baylor:
Great game by him and he beat a very good player a few times again in the middle.  Very athletic kid, huge part of that teams success.  He can run well and move, should be a mid round pick and is arguably one of the better DTs in the up coming draft.  

*Brady Breeze RS JR S Oregon:
Really stood out in this game, has not done that really all season but laid down some big time hits and showed big time closing speed for a safety in this game.  Was intense and aggressive, good hitter and played good pass coverage also getting the INT.  Put him on the map as a prospect on a big stage.  Will be interesting how he does next season he could develop into a solid safety for sure.

*Chase Young JR DE Ohio State:
Kid did not get any sacks but so what, he was dominating in that second half especially, controlled the run game and made aggressive strong tackles in the pile.  Made some good rushes also that made playing QB really uncomfortable.  Great to see him be invited to the Heisman ceremony because he deserves it.  Kid has had an awesome year and despite Joe Burrow being great as well, Young deserves to be the #1 pick on his pure talent and upside I feel.  

*Tee Higgins JR WR Clemson:
Awesome game by him, broke out and made some big time catches and helped show his speed in the open field.  Gets lost in the mix, has been good for so long but kid will be a 1st round pick and is easily one of the best receivers in the nation.  With that size and speed combo he is a threat and dominated in this game because of it.  

*Jashon Cornell RS SR DT Ohio State:
Had a great game in this one, was active getting after the passer and showed some good athletic ability.  I have not had him as a drafted player yet but might move him into that potentially, has not had a great career but has really turned it on as a senior and has been surprisingly decent.  Could maybe be a late round pick will see what happens.  

*Terrace Marshall Jr SOPH WR LSU:
Kid did have some drops but physically he is big time and is a sleeper on that offense most teams forget about.  Very big and athletic, good quickness and great speed as well.  Interesting player and is one of the more solid SOPH receivers in the nation.

*Isaiahh Loudermilk RS JR DE Wisconsin:
Big strong kid and had a fine game against a big time opponent.  Got some good pressure, kid is huge and long and if he comes back for another season he could be a very promising next level prospect.  Does need to progress a little more as a pass rusher and show he is fully healthy, has had health issues in the past where he missed a lot of games.  

*DJ Daniel JR CB Georgia:
Kid can play corner very well, like I have said before wish he was younger and had more time to develop.  But if he comes back to school for another season he could be quite a good corner I feel, has good technique, uses his hands well to play the football and is tough.  Nice looking player who with another year could become something.  

*CJ Verdell RS SOPH RB Oregon:
Awesome game by him, super quick in the hole and showed a good burst in the open field.  Very productive game, pressed the issue and is stronger than he looks, is not just a speed guy can get hard yards in the middle of the field.  Was very key to that win and will be one to watch next year.  

*Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU:
Another amazing game by him, so accurate and on time with his throws.  Awesome throwing on the move as well and made some really impressive plays there also.  Super leader, super confident and honestly could not have a better season than he has had.  Will be exciting to watch him in the Playoff, I wish they played Clemson though because OU is not much of a competition honestly but will see.  It is not even a question if he wins the Heisman he won that award arguably when he beat Alabama on the road.

*George Pickens FR WR Georgia:
Had that one amazing catch late in the game that helped show his overall talent.  Could be a great one next season, only came on late this year but kid has good speed and some amazing hands based on that one catch on the sidelines along with a few other players.  Could be a real receiving threat next year and they need him to become a star offensively.

*K'Lavon Chaisson RS SOPH OLB LSU:
Made a very good OT look pretty bad at times, got good edge rush and got pressure more than once.  Wish he would rush this well and give this effort all the time but at least he turned it on in a big game.  See how he does in the Playoffs, is the one real threat as a pass rusher on that entire roster so they will need him at his best.  

*Derek Stingley Jr FR CB LSU:
Was nice to see a great game by him in terms of getting interceptions.  Have talked about the kid a lot and did not disappoint in this one.  That defense in general has played very good recently and will see if they can keep that up in the Playoffs.  Stingley is a super star no doubt about it, like I have said before is arguably is already one of the best corners in the nation and is only a true freshman.  

*Trey Lance RS FR QB North Dakota State:  
Interesting talent for sure, did not have a great game but his duel threat nature and his age makes him pretty interesting as a prospect.  Easton Stick I was more impressed with early in his career in terms of his leadership and toughness but hard to not like the production Lance has had this season.  Will see how he looks moving forward, did not have a great game against Illinois State but will see how he does the next game and possibly beyond.  

*Tyler Huntley SR QB Utah:
Was never a huge fan of his but maybe he has some late round potential.  Good arm talent and nice accuracy, has improved of the years and clearly has ability to run the football when needed.  As a backup or project developmental QB he might have a shot.  Did not have a great game in this one though but neither did that entire Utah team on offense or defense.  He did struggle with the pressure he got but most QBs would have.  

*Dallas Warmack RS SR OG Oregon:
Thought he would not be drafted but maybe he has a chance, is a nasty guard and had some tough aggressive blocks in this game.  Never was much on Alabama but has seen the field a lot more at Oregon and has played well on that solid offensive line.  Maybe has a chance to be a late round pick but will see.  

*John Ridgeway RS SOPH DT Illinois State:
Very interesting player, and just the fact he is 6-6 320+ and has done some mixed martial arts training makes him wildly interesting as a DT prospect.  Got injured in the game which was too bad.  But with his athletic ability and size he is a very interesting player no question about it, will see how he does next year and beyond if he decides to stick with football and not attempt to get into the UFC.

*Johnny Johnson III JR WR Oregon:
Really strong game by him, is an aggressive route runner who can make things happen and attacks the football confidently.  Good at making contested catches and has nice quickness and agility.  Has been a real breakout season for him this year and hopefully he comes back again next season and he could be even better.  

*Wyatt Davis RS SOPH OG Ohio State:
Is another very talented guard on Ohio state and has time to develop because he is still a young player.  Moves well and is key to that run game, the interior part of the line blocks so well and he along with his teammates Jackson and Myers have had great seasons.  Davis will be one to watch next year in terms of the draft if he continues to improve as a guard.

*James Robinson SR RB Illinois State:  
Is a little bowling ball of a RB, very powerful legs and overall build.  Tough kid who can take contact and has had a great season.  I could see him maybe being a late round pick or a UDFA.  His strength and power make him very interesting, compact and strong back with a decent amount of upside I feel and should get a shot at the next level.  He looks the part no question physically, strong lower and upper body.

*Jackson Pittman SR DT Navy: 
Have not watched him before but hard to play better in a Army Navy game on the DL than he did.  Honestly that performance was one of the best DT performances in that specific game I have ever seen.  Could be sub par OL play on the other end but this kid looked great, got into the backfield multiple times and completely crushed the play.  Got penetration and used his strength well, is a long shot at the next level but if he played consistently like he did in this game who knows.  Seemed to have a ton of tackles and at least he went out on a super high note in the Army Navy game as a senior.


Others who impressed:

Zach Moss SR RB Utah
Francis Bernard SR ILB Utah
Kenneth Murray JR LB Oklahoma  
Jonathan Taylor JR RB Wisconsin
JK Dobbins JR RB Ohio State
Antonio Gibson SR WR Memphis  




Andrew Thomas JR OT Georgia -
Kid is still a 1st rounder but honestly has disappointed especially in this game, got beat a few times for pressures on the QB.  Was not as dominating as he should have been and really that entire Georgia OL disappointed, thought they could run the ball at will and really they did not at all.  Could be the play calling and situations with the score but still Thomas has some what disappointed especially on this big stage. Might not be quite as dominating as one originally thought heading into the season, not like many other OTs have taken that #1 spot but there are some issues with Thomas's game possibly down the road will see.  Always kind of questioned his overall build physically, seems a little light in the legs and does not have a super strong base, will see how the predraft work goes because I would be shocked if he comes back to school. 


Charles Snowden JR OLB Virginia -
I like the kid as a player but was not very effective or made much of an impact against Clemson at all.  Has not had a great season either, his pass rush ability has been disappointing and has not got in the passing lanes as much as he did last year.  He will have a choice on what to do next year, most likely he should return to school and get a little stronger honestly.  Super talented kid for sure but does need some more time to develop possibly. 



Players who could transfer based on competition level at the QB position.  It will happen a ton possibly, especially with three transfers being in the Heisman trophy presentation.  And all three it came down to competition and them not winning a job at their previous school..


*JT Daniels USC current RS FR QB and Matt Fink USC current RS JR, with Slovis being the man both of them might be out, especially Daniels.

*McKenzie Milton UCF current RS JR and Darriel Mack Jr UCF current SOPH.  Both could leave because Dillon Gabriel true FR is the man there so will be interesting especially what Milton does if he is healthy again. 

*Jack Coan current JR at Wisconsin and Graham Mertz current FR at Wisconsin but might have took a RS this year.  One of them has to go one would think, I would be very surprised if Mertz sits behind Coan another year but who knows. 

*KJ Costello Stanford current RS JR and Davis Mills Stanford current JR.  No way they both stay at Stanford one will most likely leave but will see.

*Elijah Sindelar Purdue RS SR, apparently has a 6th year potentially granted and with Plumer most likely being the guy at QB there next year, not sure he sticks around or even can.

*Joe Milton Michigan SOPH, with McCaffrey being the guy next year I would not be surprised if he moves on potentially.  

*Feleipe Franks Florida RS JR, apparently might go out of the draft but doubt he would be drafted so most likely should transfer because I doubt he would beat out Trask at QB.



Players already transferred for next year 2020-21:

*Joey Gatewood Kentucky will be a RS FR, he could blow up on that team and do great if Lynn Bowden can have as much success as he did as basically just a wild cat QB this year, a great receiver playing QB.

*Jake Bentley Utah will be a RS SR, interesting choice, good choice but he played pretty badly on SC before he got hurt and was a South Carolina kid so will be curious how he is at Utah.


I would not be surprised if Jake Fromm comes back as a SR potentially, especially with how poor he has looked of late, would be kind of foolish of him to declare but still could maybe be a 2nd or 3rd round pick.





Well college football championship regular season 2019 is now at a close....




not a fan of that...







No offense to Eli Manning of course, he was the boss on SNL and can take a joke.


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2 hours ago, SteelKing728 said:

Justin Jefferson, the LSU receiver isn't on here?

I mentioned him in week 2 and week 6.  Try not to do a player too many times unless it was something really outstanding.  He did have a great game against Georgia especially in that big catch and run.  Will be curious what he does if he declares or not, Chase is the better overall prospect and there are so many weapons around him and talent to get him the ball hard to get a read on just how good he is.  He was very good last year before this big offensive boom took place and coaching change, so that does say something.

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Bowl Season: Prospect Standouts

*Micah Parsons SOPH OLB Penn State:
Out of this world game by him, was all over the place making big time plays and showing that amazing speed.  Had a careers worth of highlights as a LB arguably in this one game.  Will potentially get Heisman talk next year if he continues to improve, sure fire top 5 pick in the 2021 draft.  Kid is a flat super star player and will be really fun to watch next year.

*Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU:
Hard to play better than he has played and is having one of the best seasons in college football history.  In the pocket he is just so comfortable and when pressured he never gets rattled, even when he gets hit.  Can get away from it and make big plays.  Mentally there is basically nothing to not like about him, he is confident, great team leader, calm, cocky, competitive.  He has it all, wish he could have went up against Ohio State because they have a more talented D than Clemson but Clemson will give a much better challenge than OU did.

*Derion Kendrick SOPH CB Clemson:
Sure he gets beat from time to time but he competes out there and love how he can run with the receiver and is so comfortable and confident in coverage.  Great looking athlete, again he can really run and is in great shape.  Still new to the position, converted WR but could be a super star next year at corner and was key to that win for Clemson in coverage.

*AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa:
Was great in that game again and has really had a dominating end to the season.  Was really active getting after the passer and now to me is the clear #2 DE in the draft and has passed over Gross-Matos arguably.  Kid is a warrior on the field and is a great pass rusher.

*K'Lavon Chaisson RS SOPH DE/OLB LSU:
Real standout game by him, dominated on the edge and played arguably as good as he has all season.  Continued off that great Georgia game with a great game against OU.  If he keeps this up against Clemson he could be a 1st rounder with his ability to bend the edge as a potential 3/4 OLB.  Really coming on strong to end the season no doubt about it and showing great leadership on that defense as well.

*Tristian Wirfs JR OT Iowa:
Great game by him that helped show his amazing athletic ability and movement as a tackle.  Kid is clearly the #1 OT now, really has come on this year and will flat out blow up the combine and workout world when he gets into that.  Awesome player and finished off an awesome season, his upside is about as good as any OT athletically in a very long time.  

*Chuba Hubbard RS SOPH RB Ok State:
Kid just glides out there as a runner, is so smooth and athletic.  Really promising prospect and will be curious what he does in this super deep RB class in 2020.  Is a sure 1st rounder in 2021 if he returns though, amazing season and a fine bowl game despite a lack of solid QB play he still found a way to gain yards and make big plays.

*Trevor Lawrence SOPH QB Clemson:
Knew he was an athlete but wow what a game by him running the football against arguably the most talented and experienced defense in college football.  He had some bad points but the toughness he showed on that hit and the leadership to bring his team back was impressive.  Tons of like about him obviously but how he has played late this season after going through so much struggles early in the year helps show his talent.  Has crazy high expectations put on him but the kid is grounded and obviously has elite level ability from the word go.  

*Talanoa Hufanga SOPH S USC:
Liked the kid earlier in the season and he was one of the few USC defenders that showed up physically and matched what Iowa brought.  Kid is a great tackler, gives amazing effort and if he can improve in the passing game and in coverage he could be a high level NFL safety no doubt.  Was fun to watch and will be fun to see how he develops next year.

*Steven Gonzalez RS SR OG Penn State:
Awesome game by him, big kid and has been around for awhile but he dominated in that game being his final one no question.  Had him as a late round prospect and might have to move him up a little bit.  Opened up some massive holes in this game and really moved defenders out of the way.  Was not a great front he was going up against but still solid outing for his last one.  

*Jeffrey Okudah JR CB Ohio State:
Awesome game by him, did miss on a tackle or two but in coverage he is very smooth and with his long arms he is really hard to throw on.  Really has broken out this season, has not played at this level all his career but with how well he has played he should be the #1 CB in the draft.  Was hesitate earlier in the year to say that but if he plays as aggressively as he did in this game he should be fine at the next level.  Was upset apparently for not winning the Jim Thorpe award, and I agree he should have won it over Delpit no doubt, hope he keeps that edge to his game.  

*Ihmir Smith-Marsette JR WR Iowa:
Hard to find a more impactful player in the bowl season, caught a TD, ran for one and returned one on special teams.  Has had a great year and was crazy explosive in this game.  Making plays all over the field and showcasing his great quickness, speed and toughness.  One of the best receiver prospects at Iowa in a long time and will have a choice to make about the draft.  

*Demani Richardson FR S Texas A&M:
Will be one to watch next year, I like the toughness and confidence he plays with.  Aggressive tackler that is not afraid to be physical, has come on really strong this year as a true freshman and has a great potential as a safety down the road next year and beyond.

*Kary Vincent Jr JR S LSU:
Has really come on the last few games and really been a factor, has corner ability and as a safety that makes him very interesting.  Made another standout interception in this one and has helped solidify that defense overall.  One to watch especially next season for LSU if he continues to improve.

*Tyree Johnson RS SOPH DE Texas A&M:
If he can play like this consistently kid could be a hell of a prospect.  Got great push in the pocket and just walked the tackle backwards more than once.  Good looking athlete will be one to watch out for next season could be a breakout star.

*Justin Jefferson JR WR LSU:
Amazing game by him no question about it.  Will have a heck of a choice to make if he comes out for the draft or not in such a deep WR class.  Could be potentially the 4th or 5th WR taken in the draft and is playing as good as anyone is on the biggest stage.  Awesome hands, great toughness and is really rising as a prospect like a lot of the LSU offensive players.

*Ezra Cleveland RS JR OT Boise State:
Not super surprised he declared for the draft, kid looks the part no doubt.  Has a good solid base, is a good athlete with nice strength.  I would have liked to see him return to school because he could have been a higher pick but as a mid round prospect he has a lot of upside and potential at OT.  

*Kedon Slovis FR QB USC:
Kid was pin point out there before that awful injury, hopefully he is ok, that looked really bad for his throwing arm.  Easily is the best true freshman QB in the nation and hopefully with a full recovery he will be even better next season.  

*Sam LaPorta FR TE Iowa:
Not a huge fan of him physically, is still very thin and not very strong.  But athletically he made some great catches in this game, natural receiver with fine hands and good feel for the position in the passing game.  With more strength he could be another great TE at Iowa, will be interesting how he does next year and beyond.

*Keith Taylor JR CB Washington:
Looks like he could be a super star especially if he returns to school this year.  Great toughness and length at corner, had a dominating game in this one and if he improves his ball skills a little could be a high level corner and in the right system could do great things.  

*Damonte Coxie RS JR WR Memphis:
Have liked him for awhile, such a nice natural athlete and he can really run.  Is in great condition and is a deep ball threat from the word go.  Should be a great mid round prospect and could make a team very happy with his big play ability.  

*Geno Stone JR S Iowa:
Is not the best in coverage but he is tough as can be at safety.  Very good hitter and is aggressive, gets a little out of position at times but he can tackle and hit.  Will be one to watch next year on that Iowa defense.  

*Tony Jones Jr RS JR RB Notre Dame:
Is one to watch next year, especially if they get back more to running the ball with that fine offensive line.  Jones is a big back and a good looking athlete, can take contact and run through it.  Could have a real breakout season next year no doubt and showed up big time in this bowl game.  

*Journey Brown RS SOPH RB Penn State:
Has stood out this year and in this bowl game he was amazing.  Followed great blocking and an over matched defense but kid was all over the place running wild.  Has had a great season and is the feature back in a totally loaded backfield in terms of youth and talent.  They should be something next year assuming he does not declare but stranger things have happened.  

*K'Von Wallace SR S Clemson:
Interesting talent, is moved around a lot as a safety and is a competitive kid.  Good in coverage, has a corner build but can tackle and cover well at safety.  Tough in the box, good blitzer, smart player who can do a variety of things.  Will be interesting where he goes in the draft, no doubt has potential as a possible late round pick.

*Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah JR OLB Notre Dame:
Brought him up earlier in the season, great looking athlete at OLB, got a ton of sacks in this game and made a ton of big plays.  Very smooth natural runner and kid can play, will be curious if he comes out for the draft or not because he could be a sleeper OLB prospect with the range he has and speed.

*Brady White RS JR QB Memphis:
Amazing QB play putting the ball in his playmakers hands in tight windows, he will have a choice to make if he comes out early for the draft or not.  Is a great leader, good competitor and has really broke out this season.  Super accurate passer and is just a solid player who could be a great backup/developmental QB at the next level.  If David Blough can have some success as a starter in the NFL, White can no question about it.

*Christian Watson SOPH WR NDSU:
Kid can really run and had a great game to bring them to the National Title once again.  Really impressed by his athletic ability in the open field, had a good day catching the football and getting yards after the catch as well as running the football.  Will be one to watch develop along with his standout FR QB teammate Lance.  

*Chris Robison RS SOPH QB FAU:
Need to watch him more but kid is a tough competitor and has nice mobility in the pocket.  He can make some things happen for sure and is a confident QB.  Will be interesting how he does next year without Kiffin, but even how they performed as a team in the bowl game was impressive and a lot of that had to do with the QB play.  




Others who impressed:

Kenny Willekes RS SR DE Michigan State 
Amen Ogbongbemiga RS JR ILB Ok State
Amon-Ra St. Brown SOPH WR USC  
Palaie Gaoteote IV SOPH LB USC  
Thaddeus Moss RS JR TE LSU   
Jaquan Brisker JR S Penn State
Terrace Marshall Jr SOPH WR LSU  
Joe Tryon RS SOPH DE Washington 
LD Brown RS JR RB Ok State
Riley Patterson JR K Memphis
Noah Cain FR RB Penn State
Obinna Eza RS SOPH OT Memphis  
Braydon Johnson RS SOPH WR Ok State
Victor Curne RS FR OT Washington  
Tommy Tremble SOPH FB Notre Dame
CJ Thorpe RS SOPH OG Penn State
James Proche RS SR WR SMU   




Austin Jackson JR OT USC - 
Did not look good against AJ, got beat up front a lot and out of position a few times.  Got over powered and knocked off balance more than once.  Really good prospect but this was not his day and based on how he looked out there maybe it would be best for him to return to school and improve his strength a little.  

Jalen Hurts SR QB Oklahoma -
Not a huge surprise but did not look good passing the football in this game.  Take away the run option and the power run game with him and that offense they struggled big time.  Said it multiple times, if a team takes him 2nd to 3rd round as a backup and developmental QB they will be happy, if they take him high 1st as a franchise QB they will be greatly disappointed.  High character guy who you want on your football team, but is just not that great of a passer regardless of the improvement he has made this year.

Justyn Ross SOPH WR Clemson -
Compared to what he did last year Playoff time he was off in this game.  Looked very hurt and injured multiple times, not aggressive and athletic making big plays jumping up to get the ball or breaking tackles.  Maybe it was just the injury but has not looked as dominating physically as he did last season especially in this game.






This is what Kenny Willekes said about if he should sit the bowl game and he literally broke his leg last year in the bowl game.  

“It’s not really setting a tone, it’s more just my teammates, my brothers voted me a captain, they voted me a leader,” Willekes said. “They wanted me to lead them so I’m not going to abandon them for one last game. “I want to be out there. I want to play.”


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Bowl Season: Prospect Standouts

*Tamorrion Terry RS SOPH WR Florida State:
Showed off that same big play ability he has shown all season.  Had a rough end to the game but his reaction shows just how much he cares about football and cares about winning.  Kid has legit speed and a feel for making big plays, if he can keep this up next year he could easily be a top 10 pick in the draft.  Really does show a lot of character him returning to try and build something more at Florida State and bring them back to becoming a winning program.  Super impressive what he does with poor QB play and a bad OL blocking, think what he could do on a stable offense with a more accurate passer.  His size and speed combo is pretty hard to come across, especially with how aggressive he plays and how he can take contact and get YAC. 

*Joseph Ossai SOPH OLB Texas:
The guy was a freak show out there, I liked him earlier in the season but this game he was out of this world good.  Great athlete, can really run and made some massive plays in the backfield in this game.  Awesome prospect and potentially a top 20 pick in the draft if he keeps improving.  Hard to play better at linebacker than he played in this game and that includes Parsons on Penn State and the great bowl game he had.  If Ossai plays with his aggression and passion every game watch out.  

*Lynn Bowden Jr JR WR Kentucky:
Love him as a player and his stock is skyrocketing up in my book, probably will be a 2nd rounder but could easily got 1st round.  Love his toughness, leadership, competitiveness and he can really make defenders miss in the open field.  His willingness to switch to QB this year is wildly impressive and how he runs with the football is just awesome.  Tough and aggressive WR, good in the return game and a team is going to love him as a player.  Similar to Hines Ward in terms of his toughness and leadership arguably, but Bowden is more athletic and better on special teams than Ward was.  

*Brady Breeze RS JR S Oregon:
Brought him up late at the end of this season and he just continues to show out and impress.  What a game by him, was a forceful tackler again, making big plays and really showing fine ball skills and agility in the open field.  Shows great range and that combined with his toughness make him a wildly interesting safety prospect at the next level.  

*Jerry Jeudy JR WR Alabama:
Has not looked like this all season but this is easily probably the best game he played all year.  Showed that big play ability and blazing speed.  Got open on some crossing routes and deep balls and really made a ton of big plays in this game.  Awesome showing by him and it did improve his stock after having a so so regular season, he looked back to form in this game which was good to see.

*Thomas Graham Jr JR CB Oregon:
Played big time in this game, really fought hard and got his hands on a lot of footballs.  Showed good toughness tackling and confidence overall, he was a fighter out there.  Could be a nice 2nd or 3rd round pick if he comes out but if not he could easily be one of the best corners in the country next year.  Great athlete who has fine coverage skills and toughness for the position.  

 *Tutu Atwell SOPH WR Louisville:
Dynamic athlete with the ball in his hands, blazing speed and really showcased his big play ability in this game.  Great in the open field and as a slot receiver or deep ball threat he is one to watch, really hard to handle and hard to cover.  Should be one of the best receivers in the nation next year a very solid next level prospect.  

*Tyler Johnson SR WR Minnesota:
Another awesome game by him, really put the team on his back and made some massive catches in that game in traffic and contested.  Has been playing great all season, great leader, tough kid and cares about the game.  Is not going to blow by anyone but has underrated speed and if he keeps improving his hands and ability to make contested catches he could be a very good pro for a long time.

*Robert Cooper SOPH NT Florida State:
Need to watch him more but kid looks pretty legit, is just a massive dude inside that is a decent athlete and can get some good pressure up the middle.  Will be quite a force with him and Wilson back in the middle at DT next year for Florida State.  Cooper will be one to watch at that size and how athletic he is.  

*Logan Stenberg RS SR OG Kentucky:
Mentioned him earlier in the season but kid can play, had some bad penalties in this game and was a little too aggressive but hard to not like that in a OG.  He is strong, nasty and really gets after it on the football field.  He could easily be a 2nd rounder but for sure will be gone 3rd round I think.  One of the better run blocking guards in the draft no question and has been a huge part to a dominating run game for UK this year.  

*Asante Samuel Jr SOPH CB Florida State:
Could be a star corner next year, really comfortable in coverage and natural back there.  Good fundamentals and should be one of the best cover corners in college next season potentially.

*Mohamed Ibrahim RS SOPH RB Minnesota:
Has had kind of a down year but dominated in this game.  Ran with such strength and toughness, showing great leg drive.  Had to split time with other senior backs this season but he really controlled this game from a power run standpoint and got a majority of the action.  Good vision, good balance, great power, is a very promising RB prospect no doubt about it.

*Jevon Holland SOPH S Oregon:
Played a tough physical game, will easily be one of the best safeties in the draft come 2021 and kid can ball.  Good in coverage and showed that toughness as a tackler more than once in this game, made that one great tackle in space that was very impressive and showed he can handle players much larger than he is in coverage also.  

*George Pickens FR WR Georgia:
Brought him up in that SEC title game and he really broke out in this one.  Showed legit big play ability and speed, great aggressive play by him and next year he could really become something especially if Fromm returns to school for another year.  Good hands, nice quickness and should be a star in the future.

*Darian Kinnard SOPH OT Kentucky:
Will be one to watch next year, kid is a massive dude and looks to be a pretty solid athlete.  Key to that run game on the edge and he can really move people, one to watch out for no question.  

*Curtis Dunlap Jr RS FR OG Minnesota:
Stood out against that solid Auburn DL, more than held hims own against Brown and Davidson at times.  Has really played good football this year after not seeing much action as a freshman last year and did RS that season.  Promising player and was part of a very impressive OL performance by that Minnesota team.  Very impressive how they ran the football on such a solid front seven for Auburn.  Did it even without Faalele who is arguably their most talented OL as well, Dunlap played great though no question. 

*Najee Harris JR RB Alabama:
Was a horse out there, really showed some big time power late in that game.  I like him and think he should easily be a 1st rounder, but if not talk about a steal to get a back like him in the 2nd round.  He is quick, agile, has good feet and has really done well this season now that he is the man on that Bama backfield.  For a big back there is not much to dislike about him, he can catch the ball, run with power or break it out for long runs down field.  

*Malcolm Perry SR QB/RB/WR Navy:
Kid is a jet out there, will be curious what he runs at the combine.  Has had a historic season for a QB running the football, just dominating out there and was once again against K-State in the bowl.  Super quick, great change of direction and open field speed.  Just is hard to tackle and as a RB/WR or wild cat QB he will have a place in the NFL as an offensive weapon.  Great player and finished off a really great year.  

*Keaontay Ingram SOPH RB Texas:
Showed some standout athletic ability in that game, really came out aggressively and ran the ball really well.  Will be one to watch next year especially if Ehlinger returns at QB for them.  Big win for the program and impressive game by Ingram no doubt.

*Calvin Taylor Jr RS SR DT  Kentucky:
He will be one to watch come draft time, has really had a breakout season this year.  Just a massive dude, 6-9 DT who could play 3/4 DE potentially as well in the right system.  Lot of upside, has not done much in his career overall but this year he really stood out and had a good solid bowl game performance in a big win for the program.

*Monty Rice JR ILB Georgia:
Is a very impressive athlete at inside linebacker that is for sure.  Moves very well, is quick and agile.  Will be curious what he does with the draft, could be a pretty high pick potentially if he returns to school but with his agility and athletic ability could be a solid mid rounder or higher this year in a some what weak ILB class.

*Bryce Perkins SR QB Virginia:
Kid is a great leader and a fine QB.  Really has improved as a pass this season and I think he will easily be drafted late round of the 2020 draft.  Was one of the few things working on that Virginia team in this game offensively but kid can lead and as a potential backup in the NFL he would be a very interesting player to have around.  They took away his run game for the most part but he showed up as a passer and made more than a few impressive throws under pressure in this game.

*Christopher Brown SOPH RB Jr Cal:
Liked the kid earlier in the season and he really showed up in this bowl game.  Great power back who is strong and hard to bring down.  Can take contact and keep going, tough kid and will be an interesting to watch next year, is a very physical strong runner.

*Kaiir Elam FR CB Florida:
Will be one to watch next year, smooth in coverage and when he gets more time as the starter next season he should do quite well.  Very smooth coverage skills and could be the next great for that Gators secondary.  

*Trey Smith JR OG Tennessee:
Played a good tough game like he has most of the season.  Did get a little off balance at times and a little out of control blocking but hard not to like his aggressiveness and willingness as a run blocker.  Really gets after it and attacks, will be curious what he does draft wise with his health issues he has had in the past.

*Drake Jackson RS JR C Kentucky:
Hopefully he comes back to school because he will be one to watch for next year.  Very interesting center prospect, is tough at the point of attack and athletic.  Really gets after it in that wildly impressive UK run game.  Nice looking player and with some more time he could become something.  


Others who impressed:

Jordan Wright RS SOPH DE Kentucky  
Devin Duvernay SR WR Texas 
Joe Reed SR WR Virginia  
Quinetz Cephus RS JR WR Wisconsin  
Jermayne Lole SOPH DT Arizona State 
Peyton Ramsey RS JR QB Indiana 
Daniel Barker SOPH TE Illinois
Sam Ehlinger JR QB Texas
Dele Harding Illinois RS SR OLB
Lamical Perine SR RB Florida 
Khaylan Kearse-Thomas RS SR OLB Arizona State
John Michael Schmitz RS SOPH C Minnesota
Giles Jackson FR WR Michigan
Noah Igbinoghene JR CB Auburn
Jermayne Lole SOPH DT Arizona State  
Tiawan Mullen FR CB Indiana





Evan Weaver SR ILB Cal - I have had him as a 1st rounder since the end of last season.  I still like him a lot in terms of his hand strength and toughness tackling but he just looked out of sorts in this game.  Was not downhill aggressive going after the ball and looked lost in space.  I still think he could be an interesting 3/4 OLB if asked to rush the passer more.  Great leader, fine competitor and even if he drops in the draft because of his lack of great coverage skills or agility he will make a 3/4 defense really happy.  Kid can play and loves the game but might not be the 1st rounder I thought but will see how he works out at the combine.

James Blackman RS SOPH QB Florida State - His body language is awful and really needs to change, on the mic he seems like a controlled kid that is confident and smart.  On the field he just loses it at times in terms of his fundamental play and making good choices with the football.  Really has to work on what he does when he gets pressure, awful OL play does not help but he made some bad throws in this game and really has for a few years now.  Will see if he can finally get it together and perform at a high level next year. 

Tyler Huntley SR QB Utah - For a senior in his last game he did not do well but was not much he could do with that OL blocking for him.  Was under attack all game long and did not look good at all.  Has greatly improved as a senior this year in terms of being a passer but disappointing showing for him and many of the offensive seniors on that Utah roster.





Did edit the Mock 7 round ranking and included a few players who have declared for the draft that I did not have in there before.  The big guys recently not declaring are Alex Leatherwood and apparently even Alaric Jackson and Tylan Wallace.  Was not surprised to see Dylan Moses return and even with this stuff and his dad and the insurance policy, I think he still returns to Alabama.





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Justin Jefferson has vanished in this.  Where do you see him going, or do you see him returning?  

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Just now, INbengalfan said:

Justin Jefferson has vanished in this.  Where do you see him going, or do you see him returning?  

I posted about him 2nd to last post on this threat.  I have him right now as a 2nd rounded in my mock draft, by maybe could sneak into the late 1st round of course.  Deep WR group so it will be hard but kid can play, right now I am a little more high on Bowden Jr than Jefferson honestly because of Bowden's leadership he showed, toughness and his versatility, and he is harder to tackle and get an hand on and could be a super star return man.  

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Ozzy said:

I posted about him 2nd to last post on this threat.  I have him right now as a 2nd rounded in my mock draft, by maybe could sneak into the late 1st round of course.  Deep WR group so it will be hard but kid can play, right now I am a little more high on Bowden Jr than Jefferson honestly because of Bowden's leadership he showed, toughness and his versatility, and he is harder to tackle and get an hand on and could be a super star return man.  

I mean in the overall prospect rankings from the  revised OP.  I've been reading these weekly and have seen the couple of times you wrote about him.  


I should have been more specific on where he was missing from.

Edited by INbengalfan

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