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Andrew Hawkins Movie

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So I saw on the interwebs that they are making a biopic film about former Browns WR Andrew Hawkins. Thought it would be fun for us to cast the movie. Actors can be living or dead, funnier the better.

Hawkins- Kevin Hart

Roger Goodell- Gary Busey

Jimmy Haslam- candidly, It's Larry the Cable Guy

See Haslam- Martha Stewart

Ray Farmer- Al Roker

Sashi Brown- Jaleel White (Urkel)

Mike Pettine- Danny Devito

Hue Jackson- Gary Coleman

Marvin Lewis- Bill Cosby

Michael Irvin- Wesley Snipes

Josh Gordon- Snoop Dogg

Dwayne Bowe- JB Smoove

Joe Thomas- Seth Rogan

Johnny Manziel- tie between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

Bonus: Ray Romano as Tony Grossi and Betty White as Mary Kay Cabot.


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19 minutes ago, Fatgerman said:


Hawkins- Emmanuel Lewis

Roger Goodell- Jeffrey Jones

Jimmy Haslam- Carter Pewterschmidt

Dee Haslam- Rue Mcclanahan

Ray Farmer- Andre Brauger

Sashi Brown- Barack Obama

Mike Pettine- Bill Goldberg

Hue Jackson- A less cartoony Cleveland Brown

Marvin Lewis- Reggie Jackson

Michael Irvin- Sterling K Brown

Josh Gordon- Idris Elba

Dwayne Bowe- Harold Russell

Joe Thomas- George McFarland

Johnny Manziel- The Situation

Bonus: Omar Epps as Mike Tomlin.



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