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On 3/6/2019 at 12:51 AM, lomaxgrUK said:

I watched my first half of 2018 College Football yesterday xD I decided to watch Michigan - Ohio State, as I figured these two schools seem to have a lot of players that have declared for the draft this year.

The stat line was great, but not overly impressed with Haskins thus far. He's missed some throws and cost a fair bit of YAC with some of the ones he has completed. I imagine that is about to change given the final score ... I actually thought Shea Patterson played better. He got really let down by his receivers with drops (including Gentry the TE who's declared this year), but he made some really nice plays within the pocket and on NFL style, play action passing plays.

The guy who really stood out was the speedy WR, Campbell from Ohio State. That guy is FAST. He had a couple of drag routes that I imagine he'd get lit up running in the NFL but he looks so explosive.

Obviously it's one half of football so can't take much from it. Still, I like watching the game with no clue what the narrative on these players is for a change.

Campbell is definitely an interesting prospect but he is incredibly raw. His route running needs A LOT of work. I wouldn't take him before our 3rd round pick and ideally with our 4th rounder but not sure he lasts that long. He does have special athleticism though.

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