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Looking for fresh perspective on Manuel

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If you didn't know, the Bengals have widened their search for defensive Coordinator.  One of the new names being tossed around is former Bengal's player and Falcon's DC Marquand Manuel.


I know injuries took a huge toll on your defense last year.  In fact, by our week 4 game, both teams were missing key contributors when our offense faced your defense.

My question is this:  How do you think he did in his first year as DC when he had a much healthier roster to employ?  I'm just trying to get a feel of how capable he is as a DC.


Thanks in advance.

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On 2/15/2019 at 1:32 PM, scar988 said:

Manuel isn't a bad coordinator. He just wasn't the right guy for this defense.

Thanks.  You are still playing 4-3 under, correct?

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