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Saints DT David Onyemata cited for possession of marijuana, suspended one game

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1 hour ago, Shanedorf said:

As noted by others, he didn't get popped via the NFL testing system, but rather by the police. In those cases, the players get a 1 game suspension, but they also are entered into The Program and are subject to more frequent testing. IF they get popped by NFL pee tests, the first 2 events lead to fines only and their own teams are not notified. By the time they get to a suspension via the NFL system, they've been caught 3 or more times and that's why its a 4 game vacation instead of just 1.

3rd time is game checks and 4th time is actual suspension IIRC. I just don't know if there is actually a rule for a 1 game after a player admits it was personal use. Seems more like a conduct penalty. I think LeVeon got 4 games for the possession and DUI which was reduced to 3 so essentially a 1 game suspension since DUI is automatic 2 but it's a weird way to do things. You either use and it is known to the NFL or it isn't. Should either be no suspension or 4 imo based on his history. The bad look explains a 1 game ban for conduct but otherwise it shouldn't be more harsh than a positive test, either scenario shows he participates.

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