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Who gets in Hall of Fame 1st of 2004 QB Class?


Hall of Fame QBs  

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  1. 1. Who gets in 1st?

    • Eli Manning
    • Ben Roethlisberger
    • Philip Rivers

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Pretty interesting and I'd like to see people rank the 3 in terms of their legacies.

Eli and Rivers are a year older than Big Ben at 37 while Ben is 36.

Eli Manning

2 Super Bowl MVPs
4 Pro Bowls
3 seasons Top 5 TDs
3 seasons Top 5 Yards
360-239 TD/INT
116-114 reg season record

Ben Roethlisberger

Member of 2 Super Bowl Champions
1 All-Pro
6 Pro Bowls
2 league leads in Yards, additional Top 5
2 seasons Top 5 TDs
363-190 TD/INT
144-69-1 reg season record

Philip Rivers

2 All-Pros
8 Pro Bowls
1 league lead in Yards, additional 5 Top 5
1 league lead in TDs, additional 4 Top 5
373-178 TD/INT
118-90 reg season record


I think the additional individual performance and wins will vault Roethlisberger to the top. If Rivers doesn't win a title he's unfortunately 3rd. In terms of who gets in 1st I think Eli Manning by virtue of his retirement and have a feeling about the class. Despite his play Roethlisberger has gotten better in later years and now seems to be scheduling for 3-4 more while I think Eli will be done within 2 seasons. That'll give him 2 years up plus I think Rodgers and Brady will block Roethlisberger for a year or two. The NY media will push for Eli to get in earlier than later and outside Drew Brees he'll probably not have any QB outside of him so he'll sneak in.

Consequently I think Rivers will take a while. After the probable backlog in front of him he'll probably have a few longer waits get voted in before him. Just think it'll be 6-7th ballot for him.


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34 minutes ago, Malik said:

Ben is the only one I'm sure will get in 1st ballot so unless there's a significant gap between when they all retire it will likely be Ben

Lot of good players. I think Brady and Rodgers would block out any other QBs for their years of enshrinement (unless they retire same time). Just the way the Hall works with how they dealt with the backlog of receivers Carter-Reed-Brown-Harrison then Owens and Moss in 2018 after a lot thought Owens was snubbed in 2017.

The worst case scenario for Roethlisberger is if he retires same year as Brady and then Rodgers goes after him. Not that 3rd ballot is bad but that alone could create a backlog at other positions. Fran Tarkenton had to wait a bunch of years I think 7.

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6 hours ago, JustAnotherFan said:

How I think it will probably go in order: Ben-Eli-Rivers.....in that order.

How I think it should go: Ben and that's it. MAYBE Rivers years later.

Eli should not get in, but will. Ben should. Rivers, I'm on the fence about.

Eli will because of his 2 rings.  He wouldn't be the first SB winning QB to get in that really shouldn't have (Namath is one that comes to mind immediately).  Rivers has to really come on in these last years of his career to have a shot IMO.

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I doubt any go first ballot. They have so many logjams at other positions and none of these guys are good enough to jump the line the way their peers will. 

Ben is the closest and I think he’s more of a second or third ballot guy. 

Eli will get in next but will likely wait awhile because his career has several negatives that will be a big deal (he led the league in INT 3 times, will likely retire with a losing record, and was largely mediocre his whole career)

Rivers isnt getting in. Text book Hall of Very Good. He needs a ring or MVP to have a chance imo 

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