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Preseason - Jets vs Giants

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I want to see who starts on the offensive line especially at RT where it seems that Qvale is playing over Shell. In all honesty if Shell doesn't win the job either the coaching staff is clueless (a good possibility since we didn't even draft an OLineman this year, or Shell is not the player I hoped he would be.

Same thing on the defensive center line with MecLendon starting over Simon. Mc Clendon at 32 doesn't fit in with the youth movement so if he wins the starting job and Simon doesn't get significant reps, maybe all Simon is is a 7th round draft pick with backup potential. My opinion at the beginning of camp was that Simon would win the job outright and that McClendon would be cut. Since this game is a tune up for the start of the year how much Simon plays tonight will be indicative of how Nunn feels about him.

Not sure what to think about the QB situation since as of yesterday both Hack and Petty were supposed to get the most playing time. Neither has played good enough to say they won the QB job, hopefully that changes tonight. If McCown doesn't play tonight he would start the season having only throw  4 passes in preseason (unless they decide to play him next week with all the players fighting for jobs)

also I still don't know who will be our starting WRs or OLBs other than Anderson and Jenkins. I hope McDougle continues playing well

Again the NFL Network won't be showing this game until 4PM Monday. I had hoped because Florida is filled with ex New Yorkers that they would show it live and I wouldn't have to wait two days to see it.



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18 minutes ago, Abe56 said:

Hack gonna seal his fate

Eh I don't think he's tied to Hack, 2nd round picks aren't the end of the world. Man Hack really hurts to watch. He can sling the ball and then just leave you scratching your head. I wish they'd just let him throw it and cut out all the garbage dump off plays.

For me Hack's worst trait thus far is his play clock/timeout management. I can give him a break on some sacks because of our line but man this team is going to be so bad this year. Really going hard for that #1 pick.

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39 minutes ago, KBS756 said:

what is there to look forward to this season ... 

I'd be shocked if I make it through a single complete Jets game this season.

I'm just going to go through the schedule each week and watch the best looking games. Somehow I doubt any of those will involve us.

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After three full off seasons this is the team Macc wants to start the season with. We all know Macc is a idiot, but I am a bigger Idiot because I bought the Season ticket from Direct TV so I can watch all 16 games of this nightmare. 

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