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Breaking Bad Movie: Netflix, then AMC.


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Deadline is reporting that Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad movie is headed to AMC and Netflix. The outlet notes that the feature could air first on Netflix and then on AMC in a network role-reversal.


The Emmy Award-winning series aired on AMC before seasons were later made available on Netflix. Gilligan credited the streamer for its contribution to the show’s success in his 2013 Emmy acceptance speech, saying that he thinks Netflix helped keep the show on the air.

Whether this film will be a prequel involving Bryan Cranston’s deceased Walter White or Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman (who was kidnapped by Jack Welker’s white supremacist gang in the final season) remains unclear. It could also be focused on Jesse rebuilding his life in the wake of White’s death and being freed from the cartels.


If this isn't Walter White surviving and featuring him in prison, navigating people who want to kill him and him plotting his escape, I'm not interested. 

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One of the things I loved about the series is they knew when to end it. They didn’t tarnish it by dragging it out for 3-4 more seasons, letting it slowly drift into the pit of misery.

Im cautiously optimistic that they won’t screw this up.

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