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It's Always Sunny Mafia: Game Over, Cults Win


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Dome won't let me play his game, so I'm making my own Mafia game,  with blackjack, and hookers.

People think I'll make other people cry and never play again, which is slanderous nonsense.  I am nothing more than a joy and treasure to play with, so as punishment for the slander, I'm hosting.  You hurtful a-holes.

You can sign up, or don't.  I'll tag people and get an OP up tomorrow.  The rules will be different because I'm going to try something different with the voting mechanics.

It's not going to be as convoluted as my previous game.

Player List:

1.  Touch

2.  Orca:  Dennis, The Watcher, The Waitress-Aligned(D5 Lynch)

3.  Rick: Unknown, Charred Remains. (D2 Lynch; Ignited Barrel Explosion)

4.  Ron:  Schmitty, The Redirector, The Waitress-Aligned.  (D6 Lynch)

5.  James

6.  gopher

7.  tk3:  Rex, The Protector, Sweet Dee-Aligned.  (D4 Lynch)

8.  Squire:  Duncan & Z, Double Vote, The Gang-Aligned. (D7 Lynch)

9.  amac:  Mac, The Sheriff of Paddy's, The Gang-Aligned. (N7 Kill)

10.  Whicker: Rickety Cricket, The Diseased Street Urchin, The Gang-Aligned. (D1 Lynch)

11.  bcb:  The Lawyer, Alignment Cop, The Gang-Aligned.  (N5 Death, Duel)

12.  RandyMossIsBoss:  Unknown, Dismembered.  (N1 Kill)

13.  Dome: Unknown, Disappeared. (D3 Lynch)

ALT:  Nazgul

Game Log:

Phase 0. Game Start

Phase 1. You guys actually did something.

Phase 2. No one died at night?!

Phase 3: No one died at night, again!

Phase 4: Oh okay, so that happened.

Phase 5: Oh look, it happened.

Phase 6: Oh, look, kill attempts.

Phase 7: Game Over.

Role List

Night Log

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Rules, General Game Mechanics, Structure:  I highly recommend you read these.  Many of the rules are standard, but several are unique to this game.

1.  Each day phase you may lynch a player by bolding his or her name.  You may also vote No Lynch, which will result in no player being lynched.  You may unvote by bolding unvote or Unlynch [Player].

2.   Lynches operate under a hybrid-hammer scheme.  The day phase will end if a player reaches a vote total equivalent to 50%.

3.  Day phases will typically have a 24-hour duration unless the hybrid-hammer requirement is met, which I reserve the right to extend dependent upon circumstances.

- Day 1 has no time limit.  Have fun trying to reach a simple majority.

4.  You must specify both your ability and target in any night action PM.  (E.g., “Track SwAg,” “Kill SwAg,” “Invest SwAg,” etc.). 

o   Failure to specify your action will result in you being treated as though you did not send in an action.

o   Only you can send in your night action, unless otherwise specified in your Role PM.

o   You may send night actions in early, but otherwise there will be a 30-minute finalization period following the conclusion of each day phase.

5.  Do not edit or delete posts.

6.  Do not communicate outside the thread unless permitted by your Role PM.

7.  You may post at night, but if you reveal information from that night phase prior to the write-up, you will be modkilled. 

8.  Do not post any private communication between you and I.  You are permitted to paraphrase any interaction, but you may neither directly quote nor screenshot.

9.  If you die, you are permitted one farewell post.  This post may not contain any game-related information.  Feel free to freak out on me in PMs, though.  In fact, I encourage it.

10.  Not every rule violation is equivalent.  I reserve the right to determine an appropriate consequence for any violation.  However, do not test me with the expectation of leniency.

11.  Yada yada bull****, if you do something that is obviously a typical rule violation or otherwise pisses me off and ruins my game I will ******* kill you.

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Okay, you don't get an OP until I close sign ups because all the games I came up with require x-amount of people.

Otherwise, I'll randomly tag people who come to mind: @Ragnarok, @bcb1213, @TedLavie, @Whicker, @Dome, @squire12, @Nazgul, @Tk3, @amac, @DingoLadd, @Matts4313, @Woz, @KOTN-93, and @Malfatron you're last so that you know you're the last thing on my mind, *****.

Tag other people, or don't.  I'll make it a mini if there are not many sign ups.

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