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2 hours ago, lumberjackchris said:

Chip Kelly?

Kelly is the perfect fit for us. We've built a team in his mold of football. A guy like Kubiak would come in and find success because we have a solid offensive line that will return everyone next season. We also have a potential 2x 1,000 yard back who will be returning. Nick Starkel also strikes as a Kubiak type QB. Mond is definitely a Kelly QB. The guy has a heck of an arm but his accuracy was terrible in his first playing time. We've got the young talent at WR to run Kelly's spread. 


Defense se will continue to be a problem and honestly it has to be a Sumlin issue. Jon Chavis has been great everywhere and he can't build a top 50 defense with all the talent the Aggies have gotten. The problems must run deeper on that side of the ball than D Cord. 


Kelly is a potential long term answer where as Kubiak would be a solid 4-5 year guy that could bring some discipline to a team that lacks it like crazy. 


Les miles just doesn't seem like he would fit here. QB is the problem at AM and has been. Miles has never produced a good QB. 

The Aggies could go for a Lane Kiffin or Bobby Petrino. They have to money, recruiting and facility to steal a coach that's not at an annual top 10 program. 

Kellt just makes a lot of sense. He's a guy who runs the same kind of system and has a more proven track record. I vote Kelly 


part if me feela bad for Sumlin. There were so many plays that win that game last night.

The tip of a finger on the FG kick that would have sealed it

the INT that goes right threw the hands of the CB that would have sealed it

the TD that wasn't even reviewed that looks like he didn't have control when his foot touched in bounce

mond stepping an inch out of bounce on a TD run

2 deep passes in the 4th to an open Kirk that could have sealed it.  

Mond 1/2 yard shy of a 1st down to end the game. 


So many freak things happened in that game. It was almost a years worth of misfortune all in the 4th but when you are on the hot seat already and you blow a 34 point 2nd half lead. You are finished. He has to go 6-2 in the SEC to have a job. Period. 

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