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The Amazing Race Game Thread

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33 minutes ago, Woz said:

So, I'll come at this from the perspective not so much a player but as my son's intelligence officer/strategist.

First off, my son chooses to play Fortnite on his tablet. I've tried to convince him that switching to the X-Box would make more sense (for build battles), but he likes the tablet. To his credit, he's actually pretty solid at building quickly even without the bindings.

What makes Fortnite interesting to me is the regularly evolving storyline and the effects that has on the map. At the end of season 7 (February), earthquakes started rattling the island and cracks formed in the NE quadrant, leading to the creation of a volcano and jungle biome. They had dimension warps back in season 4, which "brought" part of California into the game creating a desert biome (and for a nice touch, scattered a bunch of props from the game in a California desert). The game evolves the story and the story evolves the game. The LTM modes can be goofy ("Green for St. Paddy's Day"? (all uncommon ("green") weapons) really?) or fun (I <3 Disco Domination ... don't @ me).

If you're looking for a realistic shooter with accurate representations of weapons, then Fortnite isn't for you. It's cartoony and comical. But that's part of where it's enjoyment comes from.

I wonder if high ground isn't so much the issue as knowing how to control the vertical aspect of the game. If you've built up vertically, that's great, but I (or more accurately, my son) can use explosives or regular weapons to tear down your tower and watch you tumble to the ground. Yes, high ground is important, but it also becomes a crutch for some players (watch them tower, then gopher their heads looking for a snipe ... oops, now they're trapped by the storm). Building and controlling the resulting build (especially with multiple players) is more where the game is at.

Again, not your cup of tea? That's fine.

I didn't really read this as a contradiction of my criticism.  The shooting is fundamentally flawed, which is a large problem in the shooting genre.  The skill cap of Fortnite lies in the secondary aspects of the game, rather than the shooting.  I haven't played eSports competitively in about five years, but the competitive tendency remains, and I lose interest in shooters where there is too much RNG.

I understand the appeal to the changing map, but that feature is hardly unique to Fortnite, or really the battle royal genre.  I have streamed Rust lately, so it is the most apparent example of this feature.  In Rust the map is procedurally generated, which means it is an entirely new map generated upon each server reset.  Each map is unique in the very sense of the word: you will never play the same map more than once.  Each map retains x-amount of features, as in monuments and biomes that contain their own environmental challenges, dependent upon its size.  These areas have varying levels of radiation, which slowly kill you.  There is also a battle royal mode, for the storm mechanic.  So, in my view, you described an affinity for a general game mechanic rather than Fortnite.

I fundamentally disagree on the portion about the high-ground / vertical control.  It might not be something you're familiar with, but on PC there is essentially a four-button rotation while strafing and doing mouse spins that functions as a de facto macro for a tower build race.  No one is simply going to destroy it out from underneath you because if you get 2 rotation sequences, it basically takes the destruction of 6-9 placed structures (dependent upon your location) to collapse it.  In practice, if you cannot react to that, you probably were not able to build the master structure fast enough for it to work to begin with.  Thus, in theory it could be a vertical control issue rather than a high-point issue, but in practice the PC skill cap basically renders the issue moot.

I understand you like the game, and that is great, but my criticism is well-founded.

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Didn't necessarily intend it as a contradiction, but another viewpoint, from a non-PC angle.

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1 hour ago, Malfatron said:

Its a lock that Duke is losing the first round matchup.

Zion gonna dunk all over these mortals....


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6 hours ago, gopherwrestler said:

1 round of wrestling is on ESPNU at noon est tomorrow......

glad to see they will have one viewer.

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