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Favorite play of 2018 season


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I loved Baker to higgins vs the falcons. 

Two man route on a play action

Landry is open to bakers left, he can't get it there due to pressure in his face, rolls right, eyes down field.

The run is open for a few yards a head of him. 

Higgins beats his man crossing on the field deep, Baker spins, Higgins makes a contested catch. 

It demonstrated so many team strengths. Play design from freddie, juice was wide open. 

Bakers mobility and able to keep eye down field, arm strength, accuracy and the balls and trust in higgins to pull the trigger. 

Higgins beats his man and showed good hand strength and leaping to make the td.

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Landry's run against the Panthers was sweet too. Wards pick against Rapistberger in the right corner of the red zone week 1. Bakers bomb to Landry against the Panthers.

So many good ones. It's weird, because I could probably count on 1 finger the amount of awesome plays we made in 2017. Hue Jackson should be sentenced to death for what he did to us.

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