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Jets Mock Offseason V.1


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Hey everyone. Wanted to do a mock off season, see how it goes.

Cuts/Don't Resign

Brian Winters: Very down year, bring in better OG talent

James Carpenter: See above

Buster Skrine: Mr. Penalty is officially gone

Kelvin Beachum: Play has been subpar. OT will be addressed this offseason

Josh McCown: Better options for backup QB

Morris Claiborne: Better options at CB

Henry Anderson: REALLY like him, but he is better suited for the 3-4.

Jermaine Kearse: Lackluster performance this pass season, complained a bit too much as well

Bilal Powell: Maybe on a short term deal, but can see the Jets letting him walk

Guys like Pierre-Louis, Pennell, & Brooks are already gone.


Robby Anderson: For a while I wanted him gone, but I think the Jets give him another chance on a two year deal to get back to how he was in '17.

Andre Roberts: Brought back on a 1yr deal, keeps the return game strong

Jason Myers: 2yr deal. Had a very strong season

Deontay Burnett: Want to see more of him next season. Could be a good slot guy for Darnold.

Smaller name guys get 1yr deals as well, don't feel like naming them.

Free Agency


Tevin Coleman (RB): I think Bell ends up in Indy, but this is a solid get. Coleman is solid out of the backfield & is also a decent runner as well (3yrs).

Matt Paradis (C): Best C available, helps sure up the offensive line & the C position which the Jets haven't had since Mangold (4yrs).

Roger Saffold (OG): Another solid pickup for the O-Line. Helps hold down the middle for a few years. Gets the run game back to solid (3yrs).

Adam Humphries (WR): Very underrated player. Has gotten better each year he has been in the league. Can man the slot which allows Enunwa to move around (4yrs).

Ryan Tannehill (QB): Backup to Darnold, helps Jets groom Webb for another season (1yr)


Anthony Barr (LB): This is the Jets BIG free agency get. Barr can start at the SLB position & help the transition to the Williams 4-3 defense go much smoother (4yrs).

Dante Fowler Jr.(DE): I know people wants Flowers, but I think he ends up elsewhere. Fowler does have a solid skill set & can provide a solid rush from the edge (3yrs).

Robert Quinn (DE): Again another solid pas rusher who has played for Adam Gase. Helps shape up the Jets D-Line (2yrs).

Brian Poole (CB): Being let go by Atlanta, him & Mayes have been talking on social media. Nice upgrade for the slot CB position (2yrs).


Jordan Jenkins to Tampa Bay for a 5th round pick: Jenkins is a 3-4 edge rusher, does not have a true fit in the 4-3. Gets reunited with Bowles.

Jets trade #3 to Jacksonville for #7 & Jalen Ramsey: This is the BIG trade splash. I've ready that the Jets want a pick & a proven player if they are to move down from #3. The Jags are in need of a QB & seem to be done with Ramsey. Ramsey gets a fresh start with NY & makes the defensive backfield MUCH better. Adams is still the defensive leader which will help Ramsey out big time.


        Trade: Jets send #7 to Tampa Bay for #14, 2nd, 3rd, 4th: Tampa moves up for a DL or maybe even a QB. Jets recoup some picks it lost in the Indy trade & now allows them to be players in the draft.

#14: Jonah Williams-OT-Alabama: Is the starter at LT for the next decade. Strong player who will also greatly improve the O-Line.

      Trade: Jets send 2nd, 3rd, 4th round picks to Philadelphia for #25. Jets see a chance to jump back into the 1st round & use the extra picks to do so.

#25: A.J. Brown-WR-Ole Miss: Steadily moving up draft boards. Solid WR who can eventually turn into a #1 for the Jets.

       Trade: Jets send 3rd, 5th, & '20 3rd rounder to Atlanta for #45.: Another trade for the Jets. Get back in the 2nd round to grab a player they have their eye on.

#45: Elgton Jenkins-OG/C-Mississippi St.: Had a solid career at Miss. St. Can play both OG & C but will start right away at OG. If Paradis gets hurt or doesn't pan out, Jenkins can take over the C position.

#70: Joe Jackson-DE-Miami: This is a deep draft class for edge rushers, so Jackson falls a bit due to this. I'm a Hurricanes fan & say him play a lot & he is a force off the edge. Can be a situational pass rusher his rookie season & can take over for Quinn in year 2.

#98: Amani Hooker-S/LB/CB-Alabama: A do it all player that can play multiple positions. Mayes has the injury prone label so Hooker is solid insurance. Being able to play multiple positions also helps Williams mix things up on defense.

#134: David Edwards-OT-Wisconsin: BIG OT from a school that produces solid linemen. This pick can help not rush Brandon Shell back or it can be his replacement if it doesn't work out.

7th Rd: Travis Homer-RB-Miami: Had a solid career for the Hurricanes, but was never really the lead back. Good runner & very strong in pass protection. Replacement for Powell.

Depth Chart


QB: Darnold, Tannehill, Webb

RB: Coleman, Homer, Canoon

WR: Enunwa, Brown

WR: Anderson

Slot: Humphries, Burnett

TE: Herndon, Leggett

OT: Williams

OG: Jenkins

C: Paradis

OG: Saffold

OT: Shell, Edwards


DE: Fowler

DT: Williams

DT: Sheppard

DE: Quinn, Jackson

OLB: Barr

MLB: Williamson

OLB: Lee

CB: Ramsey

CB: Johsnon

Slot: Poole, Nickerson

FS: Mayes, Hooker

SS: Adams

K: Myers


Returner: Roberts

Obviously the roster isn't filled out, but have no clue who is/isn't getting released/resigned by other teams. Could see the Jets adding more to DT/CB after cuts. With Free Agency, I think it helps the O/D-Line & they get solid players at both RB/OLB. The Jags trade is a big one, but I think Jets fans may see something like this actually happen. With the draft, it helps solidify the O-Line even more, making it one of the stronger units in the NFL. Truly think Brown can be a #1 & Jackson can turn into a dominate edge rusher. Let me know what you all think!


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Don't think we have the cap space for all of this. But the end roster is great.

Ramsey carries a 7mill cap figure, guys like Paradis, Saffold, Barr and Fowler are going to command some bigger cap hits. Guys like Coleman, Humphries, Tannehill, Quinn and Poole aren't going to be cheap either. Also resigning our own will take a hit as well and we will still need 7mill for the draft. I think a couple of these players cant sign with us for it to be realistic.

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I like the initial 2 trades, and i am fine with FA which is becoming somewhat standard with small deviations from mock to mock.

If Jonah is there at 14 I'd be pretty into that pick.  You lose me, however, with the 2nd pick.  That is a lot to trade up to get AJ Brown, especially in such a deep WR class.  Quite frankly there are WR's who i like better who will be available in the 2nd round.  I really don't think AJ Brown has the attributes to be a number 1 WR, he isn't all that fast, has no idea how to beat press or really even play on the outside.  He accrued numbers due to 2 things.  Being good after the catch, and having tons of plays designed to get him open to help a QB that wanted to get the ball out of his hands fast, which DK and Lodge drew coverage down field.  

The WR's I'd take over him that might be available with that 2nd rounder are in no particular order.  Riley Ridley, Deebo, Hollywood(might make it there since he is out of the combine and is tiny), Kelvin Harmon (but he might be off the board even before that #25 pick), N'Keal Harry, and Hakeem Butler.  JJ Arcega Whitesides I'm on the fence with.... depends on his touches.  

I am fine with the trade of for Elgton.  We need to be aggressive with O line.  Though with Macc drafting we need to preserve as many draft picks as possible to give him more swings at the plate.  

One last small thing is I'd like to get a 2nd RB earlier than the 7th.  Mostly because i have 0 faith in McGuire or Cannon. 

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8 hours ago, barnaby8787 said:

This looks great.  I don't see the Ramsey trade happening personally, but everything else looks really good.  One thing of note, on the DC, Saffold should be the LG.

It's not going to happen.  The difference between the 3rd and 7th pick is worth roughly the 26th pick.  Do you think the Jaguars value Jalen Ramsey as a late FRP?  Absolutely not.  I'd argue the Jaguars would probably do something like 3 for Ramsey/38, which the Jets clearly wouldn't do.

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8 hours ago, CWood21 said:

It's not going to happen.  The difference between the 3rd and 7th pick is worth roughly the 26th pick.  Do you think the Jaguars value Jalen Ramsey as a late FRP?  Absolutely not.  I'd argue the Jaguars would probably do something like 3 for Ramsey/38, which the Jets clearly wouldn't do.

A lot of this mock won’t happen. We don’t have enough cap space for all of this. Ya we have 100mill. But with all this, it will cost more than that.

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